Remember the gown I was pining for in the mail?

It reached me today!

And as much as I'm both happy and relieved to know that to won't have to turn up at my wedding in my old solemnization gown, you can probably already tell from the tone of my voice, that I am not as excited or happy as I thought I would feel. πŸ˜‚

Link to the shop is here tho!

It is not the fault of the gown, because it turned out pretty well actually.

When I first received the parcel, I already knew this would definitely hit all my poofy soft spots because the parcel was so huge!

After I pulled out the dress, the amount of tulle sort of exploded πŸ˜‚ and for a split second I thought about how difficult it would be to put the dress back in it's bag but after awhile I gave up even entertaining the idea.

"Ahhh, like that then look like wedding gown what!"

My mother is the most pleased person in the room, she was distraught when I previously decided to make a 2 piece dress (cos it's not formal enough to be a gown) and when she saw me try it she was like NONONONONO Hahahaha.

So I think the poof and the sparkles in this one really made her happy.

The embroidery on this one btw is stellar I feel. The flowers are cloth and quite….rustic.

I put on the gown and hey! It actually fits pretty well and quite roomy, I had intentionally increased my measurements by a little so I could breathe. But I wonder if the excess fabric made me look a little…wider?

I did however, really really really like how they managed to layer the lace, mesh and embroidery to create the bodice. Most dresses either have the lace or the mesh or the embroidery.

I loved how it looked like from the side.

Sadly though, while telling other #dayrebrides to avoid shops in Taobao that make wedding dresses with obvious padding inserts, my own wedding dress turned out like a Madonna outfit gone bridal πŸ˜‚

Wts really! The two round circles on my boobs could not be more obvious.

So I did what any self respecting bride would do and armed with my sewing scissors, I cut out the padding (plz don't learn from me. Don't destroy your gowns)

The DIY session left a small hole on the inside mesh of my wedding dress but uh, it's ok, nobody can see it.

After that, I put on a white bralette and tried on the dress again, ok…not too bad.

I think we might be getting there?

But there's just something about it…I'm not sure what, that I cannot pinpoint, that is missing.

I adjourn to the room for more mirror selfies.

Bent on finding out what is missing on this dress. How it's different from the reference picture I had it made from and why I'm not as excited as I am supposed to be.

I look at the embroidery close up…it's ok leh. Quite well done. I especially love the little cloth flowers. I play with them a little. And remove a tiny bit of lint from the corners.

My favourite view of this gown is so far…the side view.

I especially like how my skin colour makes the gown look more…rustic and less…typical.

The tulle though, makes it really hard to move about. It's everywhere. Even though I already had it shortened because I'm not wearing heels.

I think the view from the back is not bad too.

Except that the zip curls and I kind of wish I had those buttons that go on these mesh back dresses.

Our room is a huge mess, and check out that neon yellow towel my mum bought for Daniel.

Oh and our travel pillows just chillin on the wall

I decide to adjourn this session and change out of the dress.

I will wait for the Fatty to come home so we can both examine the dress in detail. To see why I'm not as excited when I received my 2 piece solemnization gown even though the last time I got it, I had the same round pad problem and a shitty camisole.

When he comes home, I change into the gown and force him to take pictures of me from every angle possible.

From the front!

From the back!

In this room!

Maybe in that!



He almost sighs in frustration as he looks at me knowingly.

There is nothing wrong with this dress.

It is exactly the way it should be.

It looks exactly the way I wanted it to look.

And then, while sitting on the floor in weird calmness, I realise that, this dress is perfect, just not perfect for me.

I like the 2 piece gowns with the weird boho vibe, with the weird lace fabric and that matches my old gladiator sandals.

I also like the huge floral crowns that are too big for my head and hanging Christmas flower wreaths on my bridal car.

I like being me, being weird, being a little bit outside the box.

And I think somehow, when I put on this gown, I realised this is not what I really want, but kind of who I need to be.

Which is why even though this dress is beautiful in all it's different ways, I still think that something is missing.

I don't want to think that I'm doing this just for the sake of doing it, but sometimes it really feels that way.

And I'm not sure why, but today, this ultra poofy dress extravaganza blew those emotions out of proportion and threw me out of my game.

Now I know what it feels like to be the asshole that says

"No dear, it's not you…. it's me"

Because I truly feel that way. There's no problem with the dress, the problem lies with me πŸ€”

In search of THE ONE

I haven't put on the dress since yesterday, but I'm thinking that having a bad day + putting on a gown that I had chosen in a haste might not have been the best pairing πŸ˜…

Thing is, I think I knew exactly what I was looking for and wanted for my solemnization and set out looking for a dress I already pictured in my head.

So when I was looking for a gown for my banquet this time, I kind of still had the same picture in my head. But couldn't choose the same gown anymore. 😒

This morning, the sweetest @sweetpea also dropped a message (while on vacation some more) about the post and I can safely say that to a lot of brides out there, a wedding is built on a lot of compromises and work.

My family and Daniel's family has been nothing but wonderful, which makes wanting to have a banquet for them and a banquet they love much much easier.

I just think that as someone who doesn't like all the symbolic moments in life, planning a wedding kind of takes a toll on me. πŸ˜…

But anyway, life is too short for doubts.

And despite knowing that I already own my perfect gown (my solemnization two piece), I still scroll and scroll and scroll in search of THE ONE. πŸ˜…

Which is why, yesterday, after Daniel's multiple attempts at making me laugh and feel better,

I carted out another gown ✌️

This will be my THIRD attempt at looking for THE ONE for this banquet (not inclusive of my perfect 2 piece wtf)

But I console myself by saying that I have not even hit the minimum price to rent a gown locally. Husband Ng has also been nothing but understanding and lenient towards my gown shopping spree. 😒

I am not usually such a shopaholic so I'm not sure what got into my this time (???!!!)

I blame it on my lack of focus towards wedding planning this time round. #myfault

Btw, if you were wondering, this was my initial gown for the banquet πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

I really liked it!!! When it came I was like HNNNNGGG. I love it. Maybe the slit looks a tiny bit odd and could be a tad higher but generally I think quite nice what!!!!

But! My mum seldom ever asks me for anything for the banquet so when she said this is a little bit too casual, I immediately went to search for another gown because.. ya la it is abit casual la.

Hehehe this is really so much more me πŸ˜…

I finally feel much better realising that haha it's not the gown and it's me πŸ˜… wts my brain has a problem πŸ˜…

Anyway! So the latest gown I carted out is from a plus sized gown shop on Taobao, which I miraculously found after I scrolled through about a million gown listings.

Most gown shops will cater up to XXL, but rarely is there an entire shop dedicated to plus sized bridal gowns/event gowns. AND uses plus sized mannequins and models!

So I was obviously very interested la since I'm a PPG. And I took a peek and turns out I quite liked 2 gowns!

I quite liked this one because of the embroidery and the sleeves and I think the sweetheart neckline!

Plus, check out the plus sized mannequin so cute!

The embroidery tho was abit sparse ah πŸ˜… But still this gown was quite the looker!

I asked for a photo of the dress being modelled cos the mannequin very stiff πŸ˜… and made the dress look very stiff also.

But the staff say they only have sneaks cos this is a new design and they are saving it for 1111 to boomz so they only have 1 modelled photo which they put up on their shop home page.

The gown is on the right. Not bad la!

Link here >>

This was my other choice!

I know it doesn't look like much here πŸ˜… but I actually liked this piece more than the other one because this dress has lace details on the skirt body, while the other one had only tulle.

But the result is that this dress has a very much less poofy skirt la! Which made it look less grand

The lace and embroidery tho??????

I seriously couldn't get this out of my head. I am a sucker for cool lace πŸ˜…

Hehe I like it.

In the end, when deciding, I realised that the only thing stopping me from choosing this gown over the first one is that this gown isn't as grand and as poofy.


So I said fuck it and ordered this one instead. At most I just have to express ship it back to China for a refund if I don't like it lor πŸ˜…

Here's a very shitty picture of it being modelled.

The SA told me they have no modelled pics for this but I found it myself. HAHA SA YOU LOSE I WIN.

Anyway, I like it la. I hope it turns out to be the one πŸ˜… if not then I also don't know liao!

I will let you guys know how this gown adventure turns out after I receive this in the mail 4-5 days later.

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