I received my kua in the mail today! ✌️✌️

Which means that my tragic love affair in search of the perfect Kua has ended…

Phew, and with 14 days to spare! Not bad not bad.

Omg my post on the traditional Kua was A YEAR AGO


That means I've spent 1 year looking for my perfect Kua 😢 through this, I've tried 3 Kuas in total and looked through like maybe a gazillion of them. And I hope my experience will help any #dayrebrides out there who take their Kua more seriously than their wedding dress 😅

The colour

Most of you are thinking…what colour is there to choose from since 99% of Kuas are red…right?


From the beginning I knew I didn't want a fire engine red kua (which is what most are) so I kept a lookout for maroonish looking ones instead.

Something like the colour of Liu Shi Shi's husband (dk his name lol) is wearing!

But of course, it almost doesn't exist in the Taobao sphere la. Most maroon kuas were reserved for men and not for women.

So ok, I compromised and decided. Not maroon also nevermind la! As long as it is not too bright. I also knew that I wanted some blue embroidery instead of gold which is usually what kuas have.

With the ideal maroon shade in mind, I carted out Daniel's Kua before mine WHICH IS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE I MADE.

TBH it was damn easy choosing his kua because maroon + the blue wave like embroidery was a total no brainer for me.

The only thing I keep asking myself was…why didn't I just cart out the matching Kua from the same shop and went to look at kuas from other places????????

I also don't know. I feel like I was sleep shopping during this entire kua shopping episode 😅

I had initially wanted him to try a cuter coloured Kua like this pastel yellow (and pastel blue inner wear which you cannot see here) combo but then I didn't want to risk it. 😅 Later very ugly shade of yellow then ded.

I ALSO DON'T KNOW WHAT POSSESSED ME BUT I SPENT SG$100+ ON HIS KUA which is so unlike me because I know he won't even wear it for very long.

So seriously, I don't know what was wrong with my brain then.

Btw, when Daniel's Kua came I was damn impressed because the material was so so soft and the embroidery was simple but very nice and classic. 😍

Some more instead of just a top and skirt, he has a full inner wear which just adds to the proper traditional costume kind of feel. 😅

In my mind I kept thinking. Ok. So Daniel's Kua is red and blue red and blue.

I also need to get red and blue.

End up….

In the end.

This was what I got.

Wtf?? I don't understand what was going on in my brain when I chose this. Because even tho it is red and blue. It definitely isn't Daniel's red and blue.

Plus I actually requested for Chinese buttons to be sewn on top of the zip in the middle but they didn't do it -_-

Plus the zip was silver which was super annoying -_-

I can't even show you the original listing because I think the seller stopped selling this 😅😅😅

And it's not even cheap ok! It was like $100 😢

Anyway, I got my dad to ferry this back to China and send it back to the seller for a refund because they usually have a 7 day no questions asked return policy. ✌️

After this, I proceeded to scroll through another 1000 listings on Taobao and carted out my second kua, which brings me to the next point you should take note of when choosing kuas…

The buttons/neckline

This was the next Kua i carted out! 😍😍

I was won over by this image specifically and I thought the kua looked very very traditional and very gorgeous.

By this time I had completely forgotten what Daniel's Kua looked like because we had left it hidden in the cupboards.

My second kua was completely gold and red.

It actually fit quite well! And the embroidery is super duper intense kind 👍

But if you look closely, the buttons and design for this Kua is very different from the first one!

Instead of a vertical row of buttons, this one has a more cheongsam kind.

It was quite nice also! I especially liked the double layered sleeves (which was also present in my first Kua) and the embroidery all around the dress.

Hehe the fully embroidered sleeves also made me go 😍😍

Because of the heavy gold and silver embroidery, the Kua was a little bit stiff and heavy, but I think that gave it the signature look.

However, it came only with those traditional knot buttons which made the closures a little flimsy. I had Daniel's helper help me with adding some concealed tack buttons and they sit so much better!

Check out the peony in the inner sleeve! So cute.

Btw I had already decided that ok la! This is THE Kua for me. When during the final fitting (😅😅 my own final fitting at Daniel's place) and I put on my kua and Daniel put on his kua, did I realise that.

We don't match at all.


I had completely forgotten that his maroon kua had almost no gold emboridery and was very different from my own 😢

Most normal humans would have stopped here and just be like…nvm la…don't match then don't match lor.


I refused to give up 😅 and since at that time I was helping my MIL find her gown (which has arrived and is frigin well made) I also went back to the shop where I bought Husband Ng's Kua…hell bent on finding the matching one.

TBH one of the reasons why I went back to the shop was because….


After trying on 2 kuas already, and then coming back to feel Husband Ng's, I realised that there's a reason why his normal, not alot of gold embroidery and embellishment design costs SG100+++ and my super bling crystal studded kua 1, gold thread Kua 2 costs less.

It's because of the material they used. I'm not saying that Kua 1 and 2 used a shitty material. No la, I mean for $80+ the material is thick and heavy, definitely worth the money.

But if you touch Daniel's Kua, it's just different

It is silky smooth and moderately thick, but sits well and is not stiff. Instead it is very soft and comfortable to wear.

Which is one of the main reasons I decided to purchase my kua from the same shop in the end.

(Another not so main reason is cos then I can find the matching red-maroon Kua with the save wave like embroidery pattern)

Lo and behold. The design was staring me in the face all along.

Remember this picture?

The matching design is her Kua 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

And it never ever struck me that I wanted this design, because all this while I kept thinking that it's too simple looking and plain.

In the end, after all the effort and trouble and trying and buying and returning and trying.

It is this Kua I saw in the beginning -_-

I even posted about it one year ago 😅

If you go to the shop (link below), they even put the girl and guy version next to each other so I must have been super blind when I shopped for Daniel's Kua.


Tbh, I have been extremely stressed out lately what with the year end festivities and wedding just around the corner. And I've been very very distracted in my wedding planning attempts.

I realised a lot of times I'm doing things with the mentality of getting over and done with it.

Which is tragic considering how this is one of the most important events in my life.

I'm lucky my husband somehow shares the same sentiments as I do and we are both just very very laid-back and have not much expectations of how we want the wedding to play out except that we want our families to be happy.

Most of the time when I'm deciding on the Kua, or the dress, or the food or the invites or anything, I'm thinking of the easiest way out.

Which obviously backfired for me when first, my dress was not chosen properly and then second, my kua also anyhow choose 😅

I would have saved myself ALLLL the trouble if I had not been so bloody distracted all the time. Distracted by what? I also don't know. I just have about 60 thousand things to think about at the same time. 😢

But anyhow, this beautiful beautiful thing reached me this morning and it is every thing I would have wanted in a Kua.

Funny how I never saw it that way in the beginning.

I tried it on briefly and it zipped up perfectly, and even without it's double layered sleeves, I am happy.

I haven't had the chance to try it on properly and take photos, but its arrival is one good thing. And I'm pretty sure that many more good things are to come.

Trying on the kua

Finally got the time to try out the Kua properly! 😅

1111 is chaos! I hope you girls managed to grab something during the sale cos it was def worth it!

We spent the entire weekend packing and even with help (all hands on deck!) It was tiring 😅

But now that that is done, and my guodali is done (YAS!!) I can finally get back to frivolous gown trying 😅✌️

This Kua is definitely much more fitting (ahem tight) than the other one I have (gold embroidery) but I think it doesn't make me feel suffocated so I can still deal with it.

I'm surprised that the arms are the tighter areas (I usually have most problems with my hips and chest) hehe but maybe also because the cloth is very stiff so when I try to bend my arms I feel like a tin man.

Btw yes that is my mini washing machine on the floor 😅

Hehe brighter under sunlight. But ok la I can deal with it ✌️

My only gripe is I feel very inflexible in it. Cannot scratch my back cos the sleeves too tight. 😅

Otherwise I think it's quite perfect!


Also tried kneeling down to make sure I can kneel during the tea ceremony 😅

Anyway, this means that I have a Kua to spare! So if anyone is interested in getting a Kua for PWS or tea ceremony, I'll be letting go of mine! ✌️

I listed this on the budget brides FB group but like nobody reply me 😅 so poor thing. Maybe I need to pass this down to my daughter liao 😅

Actually I will be selling most of my wedding stuff after 25 Nov 😅 Just comment or send me an email ok!

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