I just washed my hair because I wanted to get the colour out a little because to my horror yesterday I discovered that my neck was blue 🙃

And then this morning when I woke up, the collar of the white t-shirt I wear to sleep was also blue.

My pillow case was also blue 🙃

So I got fed up and tried washing some colour out in hopes that my gown doesn't get stained blue on Saturday. 😢

Destroyed my shirt. 🙃

While washing my hair, the blue dye also stained my nails 😢 GAH so they are slightly darker and purplish than before.

Very easy to compare cos my pinky wasn't affected 😅

I'm really really really mad and annoyed now because I messed up the timings for our sound check at the venue and my bridal trial.

So now they both clash and it seems like my bridesmaids + Daniel will have to go in my place. 😢

I'm also horrifyingly stressed because we were supposed to film our intro video for the wedding last weekend and we postponed it because I fell sick.

And now I only have 1 day to film and edit before our sound check tomorrow. 🙃

10 things I am thankful for

Back when I was younger and more insecure about myself, I was taught to count the 10 little good things that happen in my life every day.

I had a little notebook filled with pages and pages of "blessings" I would write down every day to cope with my neverending feelings of weariness.

I was particularly unstable (I would use the word depressed but I don't want to 🙃) during my secondary days. And fell back into my rut when I started law school.

I would cry while studying at 5am in the morning, cry for no reason at all and mark my wrists to distract myself.

Then I would remember to list out 10 things that have been great in my day. Sometimes I don't reach 10, sometimes I feel better before 8.

I haven't been counting these blessings recently, maybe because life has been great to me (in which itself is a huge blessing! 😅)

But today, while feeling less than invincible, I have decided I want to do it again. 🙃


1. I am blessed to have lovely, kind people who comment to let me know how I can avoid having blue necks and nails. 😅

Even when I come across as whiney, frustrated and absolutely…bimbotic 🙃

2. I am blessed to have my husband, who will do all my dirty work without complaint and shield me from the socialising I don't want to do.

Sometimes I wonder if he's only this nice when I'm sick. Then I realise I only open my mouth to ask for help when I really need it.

Which is why he is only extra helpful in times of need. Nonetheless, I am blessed 😢

3. I am thankful for having friends who will make me order Tom Yam Cream Pasta even when I'm sick and coughing. 🙃 @chenshiqi

But also thankful that I even have friends at all. Our friends are all little blessings in our lives. Considering how they tolerate all our little bullshits 🙃

4. I am blessed to have my mum who although annoys the shit out of me by scheming to have my hair cut way too short.

But who also loves me with every fibre of her being and has been cooking soupy food for me every day since I've fallen sick.

And also making me drink super weird herbal drinks.


5. LOL sorry I got rudely interrupted by this super cute dude while trying to say my blessings.

I am thankful for this little human whom I didn't know could change my life (??!?!!?)

It's not like I became a mum but who knew becoming an gugu could be life changing as well?

Every day I look at him (even when he is sweaty af in the photo and there is evidence of him being super greedy and eating from Daniel's bowl, hence rice on face) my heart bursts with so much joy and happiness.

Wonder if this is about 0.0001% of what it's like to be a mum. Because at this moment. Sometimes when I look at him, I already feel as though my heart would legit burst ❤️🙃

6. I am blessed by all the wedding woes I am facing. Because it means that I actually have a wedding to plan and someone who is worth planning a wedding for.

7. I am thankful for a great bridal party! Who even tho don't meet up very often, are always supportive and neverending in ❤️

8. I am thankful that at number 8, I'm already feeling much better.

Sometimes it is all about perspective. And taking the time to see all the good you have in life helps insert some yellows to combat the blues. ❤️

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