Finally back home and showered and lying on my fake king sized bed (that is actually 2 single beds combined) and strangely, I'm not as exhausted as I envisioned myself to be?

We've had a series of super strange events today that made it a really weird day, so let me just start recounting


Repositioning the aircon

Eh, so first task of the day was to get the Aircon in our master bedroom shifted out to the living room 🙃

So this task was planned, but #dayrehomes owners who are considering not putting an Aircon unit in your living room, uh, maybe you want to think again? 😂

Initially I thought I didn't need an aircon in the living room cos Daniel's house has no Aircon in the living room and my family has a unit but never turns it on.

So we, under persuasion by our Aircon contractor, we decided to put 2 units in our oversized MBR.


Bad move cos even when hosting small groups, we noticed the groups moving into the small hosting area in our MBR instead of staying in the living room due to the lack of Aircon 😒

And then when we reached, the Aircon contractors realised that we needed to "cut" or hack away part of our L box to fit the Aircon on the other side of our living room 😢

Which means that a simple shifting now involves bringing someone else in to plaster and conceal the L box 🙃

But we're ok with it la cos he could arrange for someone to come down the same day and it was affordable also.

So after planning they decided to go for lunch before coming back to work and Daniel and I would use the small slot while they were having lunch to start on our wedding video 🙃

Which we were supposed to have finished last week 🙃


Filming the wedding video

This screengrab from our attempts accurately depicts our relationship 🙃

Daniel was super cute in the morning when I asked him

"Can I don't wear red."

And also

"I got no nice clothes to wear. Can we just wear our Kua"

Hahaha so he said let's just wear matching flannel to which I said YASSSSS.

Yas to comfy clothes always!

But we are DONE ok.

I think?

With the video filming?

I just need to edit it now but I think we have enough footage la. I think. I don't want to jinx it but I think we do 😂

Took us awhile but ultimately, we nailed it.

Boom 👊

Another screengrab cos I think I married a clown 😂

But anyway we wrapped up and the contractors came back and we were like BYE GUYS

We gonna have our lunch now cos don't want to hear you guys drilling and hacking 🙃

So we crossed the road to East Point for lunch and then I was queueing for my Mee Pok Fishball Noodles

When my brother called 🙃 and said

"Oi are you at home. Cos mum said baby fell and bleeding."

So of course we abandoned delicious meepok and went home 😢

Poor BB nephew

Turns out thanks to sleep training (ok la not exactly) he silly fellow decided to climb out of his bed (which we actually properly barricaded with proper child safety bed guards) and somehow fell la.

Think cos the guard not super sturdy also. But poor kid busted his lip cos he has too many teeth too young 😂 and scared the shit out of grandma 😂

When we got home he already wasn't crying but of course grandma damn frantic want to go A&E and clinic 😂

So 24/7 on duty gugu has to drive BB to the clinic still open during lunch time to get examined.

Btw haha how we know baby is normal…I offered him Wang Wang to see his reaction and he still wants it.

So badly.

That when we didn't wanna give it to him he still can fake cry and squrim around. Give him little pieces he can still eat despite the busted lip 😂 seriously a chow family greedy baby.

Check out the poor little busted lip.

I abit cannot recognise cos lip swollen then eyes also swollen from crying aiyo so kelian!

I kept asking to carry him. Then he didn't want me to carry so ok la 😂 He associates me with sleep monster cos I'm always the one who puts him down for his naps on weekdays cos my mum doesn't want to hear him cry. So be abit insecure with me 😂

But after that he let me carry him. And guess what. One second later he vomited all over my shoulder and back.

Really is fuck me sia. 🙃

Like 1 second only. Literally just carried him and he projectile merlioned all over me 🙃🙃🙃🙃

I could still stay calm and while my flannel shirt absorbed all the milk and Wang Wang I was still like.


When inside I'm like…not cool at all 😒

But nevermind. So I wiped down with wet tissue and went in for the consultation with Grandma.

Ok la. Happy to annouce that although poor BB is poor thing he is largely ok except for the swollen lip.

Still eating and drinking like a freaking champ when I left tho!

Btw we wolfed down a lunch (and I showered and change la of course) and then went back to our house to continue with the Aircon issue 😂

Bridal make up trial

We were also quite rushed cos I was supposed to have my bridal trial today but then cos of the MBR being in a dusty state LOL we moved it to the guest rooms instead.

And also, Aircon not working for the first 1 hour so I had to bring in additional fans in case I sweat like crazy 🙃

I was initially quite worried cos uh, I have very difficult eyes and jaws to work with haha. And not everyone can manage my face.

And also cos my hair is like…a disaster.

I couldn't do like normal let down hairstyles cos if I sweat my neck will turn blue LOL 😒🙃 thanks to the dye bleeding.

So like updo for the day la. And I generally don't like updos cos…??? I just don't.

But hahaha I felt damn happy during the trial. Cos I really for the first time felt like a bride???????

Lol our guest room got no place to hang clothes yet so I had to hang my kua on my (curtainless) windows 😂😂😂😂

Btw this was before she did my hair but make up was done.

Initially I was like urrrrr ok I'm not sure if I like it. Cos usually I try to elongate my eyes instead of making them look bigger (cos no hope)

But Reyna focused on making them look round and big and…

Omg? It worked???

I look freakish in this picture cos I anyhow crop 🙃😒

And also my eyeliner smudged and my lip is feathering (is that the term you #dayrebeauty junkies use????)

But the case in point is????? Guys??? My eyes look HUGE and I didn't even like open until damn big.

It looks damn weird and unnatural and like I MTXX-ed it but I didn't. It's just ???? Impossible.

I am also capable of smiling nicely and looking less crazy with a normal crop 😂

But ahya you get what I'm saying? It's just good make up.

In case you #dayrebrides are wondering, my MUA is Reyna and her IG handle is @reyna_hearts

I found her by fate and chance and also a little bit of chapalang. I was feeling abit kanchiong one day and decided to chopchop currypok decide on my MUA!

I am the worst bride to deal with. If you're my MUA uh I apologize cos half the time I was making potato faces.

And half the time I was trying to show how horrid my hair was by combing it centre parting and calling myself Professor Snape.

And then half the time I'm talking about how I want to recommend her nubras and also about how I look fabulous after make up 🙃

I am a nightmare

I don't have a lot of nice photos cos I am shitty bride that refuses to sit still and smile. 🙃

Lucky Fawn was there to help me take photos. If not I'll be like….so pretty but nobody help me take photos. #diesinternally

Actually throughout the whole makeup trial I was like. Ok I look fantastic and gorgeous wow.

But when she put on the veil for me. WAH IN THAT MOMENT IT WAS LIKE


Wait. I think I sang it.




Please don't ask me how, in my ugly checkered ah peh shirt from Uniqlo, I could feel like a bride.

But no joke.

In that moment. With the veil and the make up.

And the white floral headband.


💯% felt like a 👰

🙃 Is it signing papers is less important than wearing a veil?

Hahahaha. But ya. If every bride has a defining moment. Mine is not when my husband says. I DO.

It is when.

My MUA pins up my veil ❤️


I didn't want to try on my gown at first cos…so mafan. 😂

But LOL after the defining moment aka pinning up the veil I went…



But ya. I am happy hehe. Even tho I am not a typical bride. I AM A BRIDE.

And everyone who doesn't think so can SUCK ITTTTTTT. 🙃

Lol people keep their wedding gown a secret until the actual wedding day.

But I just post up my entire look. Make up, gown and veil. 🙃

Only thing missing is my wedding shoes. Which I may or may not be wearing under my gown. No one knows.

Maybe I will wear my egg haivanas slippers.


You will never know.

"I know I'm beautiful. Pls stop taking photos of me 🙃"

Hahaha. Anyway, I'm so thankful everything just fell into place even without much mulling or planning for my hairstyles or whatever.

Plan also no use la, cos after that all chop off 😂

If anyone is still looking for a MUA, I'd highly recommend Reyna la! Pls let her know Chow sent you.

Cos you know, I need to prove my worth to my new friends 😂 #notsponsored 👊

Haha. I'm very facinated by how many layers of tulle there is. 😂

Have I also mentioned how much I appreciate the zip closure cos I can put on the dress myself and in under 5 minutes? 😂

Also, Fawn kept wanting to help with my dress but I kept lifting if knee high and running around like a waddling frog 🐸 😂 #independence

That evening, I also realised that because the blue dye seeped into the layer of my nail, one part of it chipped off 😢

And it was tragic. I am like cursed with like chipped manicures one I swear. I think it's also cos I'm damn CHORLOR.

But @Lebrowniec was damn nice to squeeze me in (lucky I live damn near 😂) and help me salvage this. THANK YOU FIONA YOU ARE A LIVING GODDESS! ❤️

She also asked if my nails were stained very badly.

To which I sent her this photo and replied…a little bit. 😂


Haha I was trying to play it cool. Also it didn't look so obvious until I took a picture lor! But ya she also helped to clean some of the blue stains off 😢😢 so touched.

And so…that almost ends my freaking hectic day of idk rushing to doing what but end up doing a lot of things 😂

I'm just happy I got the wedding video squeezed out today 😂 and we can go for the sound check tomorrow! Except that the video hasn't actually been exported 😂

Btw to the beta testers, the chicken cutlets are here with me already! I'm just finalizing the first version of the user guides and then we can mail them out soon!

The beta versions won't have custom packaging, hence the heavily discounted price.

But the official launch ones will come with guides and some other goodies and a reusable packaging. Don't want to tell you guys if it is a pouch or a box or a magic thing yet. 😂

But yes!! Can't wait to hear what you guys have to say about it. Meanwhile, I will continue to test another secret stick on bra which I wore under my wedding gown 😂 not bad right, can't tell at all 👊

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