Thank you for all your well wishes yesterday guys!

Whether for the wedding or the EP (which btw, thanks @blog. You found me a little late, but I guess true love is worth the wait 😂)

To the brides who were able to immediately scoot off for your honeymoon after your wedding, you deserve a standing ovation.

All I could do after the wedding was to sleep. For about 12 hours ✨

I don't have many friends…

Hahaha, I'm not saying this in a way that is very…self-pitying hor…

I am saying it as a matter of fact 😅 and I am ok with it!

Daniel and I had a combined total of 16 friends that attended our wedding and we squeezed them all into one big table of 16 people. 🙃

I mean…we can all find excuses and say that it's cos we are young and don't have colleagues (cos we work from home/run a small business)

But truth it, I'm just a very picky person when it comes to friends 🤣

Not many people can tolerate my quirks (lol) because I'm sometimes damn straightfoward and too logical.

And I also go for a very specific type of people…that…when you look at my friends, you can immediately identify their type 🙃

So when it came to choosing my bridesmaids…it was damn easy and straightforward la 😂 it's just those few people lor. 😂 #nofight

So…to my dearest bridesmaids, this one is for you. ✨

I may have known you girls at different points of my life and for different lengths of time (lol @tshihhwee) but sometimes I believe in fate (and of course…frequency) and I am thankful that we put this kick ass team together ❤️👍

Hehe while I might have been a very easygoing bride (which is also why I have very easygoing bridesmaids) these are the few things I'd like to thank you guys for 🙃

For not always saying yes to the bride

When I put on this gown (and sent over photos) you girls instantly said no.

Ok la not really like NO CHOW NO but in a more subtle and "hmm I prefer the other one leh!" Kind of way.

Which kind of saved my day. I'm not sure when being a bridesmaid I'd have the courage to say the same thing to my btb friend, but now I know that I should. 🙃

Thank you for saying no to me. And helping me to make the best choices.

For knowing me better than myself. And for wanting only the best for me ❤️

(and also stopping me for a multitude of other things like not having a march in. In fact. The march in that you girls forced me to do was one of the favourite parts of my nights.

Something I would have never known I missed and something I would have never done if not for your threats.

So thank you. )

For walking the talk. And just…walking.

Some people like to say and say and say and not do anything.


But coming home to well packed overnight bag filled with all the toiletries and necessities I'd need for a night at the new place, I really felt super loved and well taken care of.

So for the things you girls did when I asked. And for the things you did even though I didn't.

👍👍👍👍 Thank you x a million

For putting me first.

As women ah…we are almost incapable of putting someone else before ourselves (until we become a mother lol) but aiyo…

I really felt like a princess around all of you yesterday. 😢

Thank you for waking up early, wiping my sweat, fixing my make up and keeping me sane throughout everything.

Every time I felt lost, flustered or tired. All I had to do was look for one of your faces in the crowd and I knew that it's ok. I am safe.

Even if my fake eyelash fell off, you girls will fix it.

At some points in the wedding, I felt like you girls were happier than I was (lol special mention to Fawn 🙃). For example when you gushed with me when I was receiving my gold HAHAHAHAH.

I also sometimes felt that you girls were more tired than I was (because bride can apply for leave a few days before to get ready for the wedding but bridesmaids cannot). And this @chenshiqi duapisai kept saying that she's a maid. 🤣

But I truly appreciate you girls. And you are all blessings in my life.

I promise to fulfil my bridesmaids duties when you girls get married, and also secretly hope that you can be as chill as I am.

I also promise to let you know if you ever transform into an overbearing bridezilla (lol) and will smack sense into you.

Please don't get married too late because I am worried that by then…I won't be able to fit into your bridesmaids dresses. 🙃


Thanks for also cleaning away my eyeshit 🙃

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