Never been so excited to welcome Monday because with the wedding past us, I can finally get down to doing some proper work without being distracted! ✨✨

Anyway, lol. I'm damn excited to be doing Taobao shopping!!!! #taobao

I've been on a self imposed ban before the wedding (cos already buying so many things for the wedding) but now……


Who is this crazy person on my feed? 🙄

Hahaha, I'm sure a lot of you are wondering how I became the chosen one because…

I'm not a #/dayrebeauty contributor 🙃

I'm not a #/dayremum 🙃

I don't live in an exciting overseas country 🙃

And I don't travel 🙃

And after my wedding on Sat, I'm effectively no longer a #dayrebride 👍

So @blog why did you choose this siao potato? ✨

LOL. I also dunno.

But anyway, true love is very often…devoid of logic. So I shall accept this offer of ❤️ and embrace it.

Even if it makes me……..slightly uncomfortable to know that now, everyone knows I walked barefeet throughout the second half of my banquet.

And that I married Daniel for the golden pig. 🐖

(Kidding Daniel Mummy 😂 just a joke ya)

Btw, my MIL reads my dayre which is why I'm always on my best behaviour here 🙃

Or at least I try to be la. ✨ 🙃

If you really need to know something about me…it is that I really really really love to #taobao.


No shame here. I've been Taobao-ing since I was in Primary 6, which is about 12 years old and that means I've been scrolling through the app for almost 13 years now.

13 years leh. That's longer than my relationship with Husband Ng.

Hehe our solemnization last July was also featured on The Wedding Scoop for being…so…Taobao 😂

I always believe that if you know where to look and if you look hard enough, you'll always be able to find things that are affordable, beautiful and amazingly worth it on Taobao.

Afterall, China is the world's factory. If you can't find it on Taobao…then where?

You can read more about my solemnization here: @braintango:051116 ✨

I also almost bought my entire house off Taobao 😂 save for the yellow coffee table in the picture which we hurriedly got from IKEA!

But most of the heavy furniture like our dining table, chairs, TV console, sofas, bed frames, study tables, bed side tables…all came from Taobao.

It just made sense for me to do so because back when I had my exchange in Shanghai, I also Taobao-ed most of our furniture. So I was super excited to do so again!

@braintango:100817 ✨ brief home tour post here!


Oh ya, all the lights in my house + this super cool scissors style according window girlles are also from Taobao!! 🙃

Nowadays when people come to my house, they say it is a Taobao showroom 😂

Please pay entrance fee pls. 🙃

Another one of my pride and glory ✨😢 <— tearing from happiness LOL

My vanity set from Taobao ❤️

I got 2 for both my toilets but a bigger one for the MBR and I love them so much. There is ample storage space even behind the mirror.

And the wide sink top allows me to put my stuff everywhere. So yay!

I feel like I can talk about my fav buys from Taobao like 100 times. 🙃

Uh, I might open an AMA but then lol if you ask questions I don't have answers to, I will reply you with a 🐸

This is the all knowing 🐸 and he will have the answers to your questions 😂

I also got these custom made neon LED lights made for our home (hehehe🍳) from Taobao! Actually my business contacts were the one that initially custom made these for me but after that I had one made for #obc as well 😎

I will try to find the links to share cos I know some of you asked for this, but you'll need to know how to use Adobe illustrator in order to design and vectorize the image for customisation!

Also, not say very cheap about $600-$800sgd excluding shipping!

I don't only buy big ticket items from Taobao, in fact I do a lot of weird random shopping as well 😂

But I've put that in the back seat for awhile because of the wedding and home reno, but like I said just now…


Cos now that everything is over, I can start shopping again!!!! Will share about my cart probably tomorrow! ✨

But yeah, I buy a lot of clothes from Taobao too. 99% of my clothes are from there. ✨

I also run a small business called…






It is my passion and my livelihood but sometimes I also get annoyed by having to work with my Husband 24/7.

Ya I'm his boss 😎

But I'm also the slave to the business. So actually, we are all just factory workers. 🙃

@tshihhwee @chenshiqi @iamboshi and the rest of my bridesmaids (not on Dayre wts guys seriously!) are also part of the gang ✨✨✨

What do I sell? 🙃

If you don't know by now…….




But on a typical day my camera roll kind of looks something like that 👍 I am factory worker, toilet cleaner and also model ✨ #multitask

But yes, we sell lingerie! 🍑

Someone once asked me (anonymously) why I am ok with putting up photos of my tits on the internet.

And I'm like ?

Haha. Idk. Everyone has tits right? But then again, I always joke with my bridesmaids that I don't want them to see my change. Cos the only shred of dignity have are my nipples. So I don't want anyone to see my nipples and I don't want to see anyone's nipples also. 😂

Sometimes when they try on Bralettes in front of me. I freak out and ask them to please hide their nipples.

……but actually I'm kidding la. I believe that everyone should do anything they want (as long as they don't hurt others around them….?) So ya!

Nipples ftw!!! 🍑

Oh and if you're wondering if I cover my face because I'm ashamed and don't want to be associated with photos of me in lingerie….

Not really lah.

It's more of like…I look really cui in the photos cos I cannot multitask and most of the time my face just looks like 😒 which is not a very good look.

I've ever written a post on what it's like to be a lingerie model. Or trying to be…and it's very unlike me, but it was very very very very very heartfelt. And I still mean everything I say.

Post is here >> @braintango:270617

I think through my journey with #ourbraletteclub, it helped me to understand more about how women perceive beauty.

And it's pushed me in the direction of wanting to help everyone see their beauty. Because it exists!

Underneath all the insecurities and self loathing, we are all women who are deserving of love. And I think that is something we need to give ourselves!

That's why our brand motto is to always focus on comfort and to always be body positive 👍

Btw if you haven't noticed, the collages have my face in them. So you don't get to shake me off 😂👍

Oh ya, I became an aunt last year in Dec and it has changed my life 4EVA 😂

I never used to like kids A WHOLE LOT but now that I have a nephew I constantly feel like my heart is about to explode.

I know it's quite unorthodox for aunts to be obsessed (usually it's the mums) but heck I'm obsessed as hell over this little dude. 😂

Halo gugu is it you talking about me? 😂

Dude is freaking kpo sai. If you're talking or eating or doing something without him, he will get freaking angry at you.

Also if you say ring ring, Baobei who looking for you? He will pick up the nearest object and put it against his ear.

Machiam really damn popular and answering phones all day 😂
Also, the kpo face comes with the phone call. 😂

When he was born, I said I won't love him when he starts to crawl. Cos crawling toddlers are annoying.

Then when he started to crawl. I said I wouldn't love him anymore when he started walking.

But somehow….I only seem to love him more each day 😂

It's freaking ridiculous but I guess that's just the way love works ❤️

Dear beibei, gugu has loved you since the day you were born. And I think I will love you 5ever 😢

I'm very blessed to be able to wake up to the sounds of your shrieking (my mum babysits every weekday and I become the secondary baby sitter) and be able to spend a good chunk of my time watching you grow up.

One day you will grow up and want to punch me in my face for posting up all your photos. 🙃

But don't worry your father trained me in WWE well ✨

Hahaha, so lastly, as you guys already know, I'm also a full time wife to my husband, Daniel. 🙃

I shared our origin story (aka How I Met Him) last valentine's day @braintango:140217 and basically…………. we've been together for like 7+8 years ✨

We're actually only 24 and got solemnized last year in July! Haha, a few of you actually asked what it's like getting married so young some time back and….tbh it's actually pretty great!

We actually spend a lot of time together (usually 24 hours a day) because we work…together 🙃

I've expected us to not have lasted (working together) for more than a month. But it's been coming to a year now and somehow, we've been able to keep each other sane.

What's it like being married so young and working together?

It's the best thing ever!!!!!! ✨✨

I don't want to be cliche and say that it's like having a neverending sleepover with your best friend…

But it's been quite enjoyable and I can be myself and truly myself 24 hours a day.

It's not very sociable (we only had a combined total of 16 friends at the wedding) but it's enough for us. 🙃

I'm very lucky to have found someone who understands and tolerates ALL my quirks, because I can be very very very very not-socialble at times.

He understands that I don't want to do it and not that I cannot do it. And most of the time leaves me alone 🙃

We've been married for about a year and a half now, but sometimes I look back at some of his old photos and I can't believe that I married this guy?

Haha uh btw it's not in that kind of romantic and heart eyes kind of way whereby I think about how lucky I am to have married him and how unbelievable it feels like.

It's more of like a…it's so impossible and ridiculous and weird and funny and so not compatible

But somehow so perfect all the same.

And it gives me these weird feelings

Which I think some people might describe as butterflies in your tummy. 🙃

But yeah, we're here now. And as much as sometimes I still don't understand how or why we got together.

We did.

And I think I'm pretty happy with where life has taken me so far.

On some days, I smile to myself and thank the universe for all the bountiful blessings I've been bestowed upon.

Hehe sometimes it's just easier to focus on the good things in your life with your best friend by your side ❤️

Omg I'm damn tired of talking about me….😂

But that's about it la. I'm damn boring. I mean I could go on about more stuff but I don't want to be a drag (lol not saying that the rest of the intros by the other EPs are)

Btw can I just say that I looked through the thick stack of printouts from the photobooth and it feels DAMN SHIOK.

It's like. Unlimited crazy photobooth photos and we took like a hundred.

I love it.

I already plan to engage Dat Boothie again for my 30th birthday. EVERYONE LOVES PHOTOBOOTHS.

Everyone including my grandma. 😂🙃


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