I received the backup photos from our vendor (Dat Boothie) a few days back, but never got to looking through them cos I've been swarmed with work.

But now, scrolling through all the photos, I'm suddenly really really really glad that I hired them for our wedding and both Husband Ng and I feel that it was worth every penny.

This isn't sponsored and the photobooth is the 3rd most expensive thing we spent on for the wedding (1st: banquet, 2nd: Photog) but here's why it's worth my money.

Daniel and I are a hugely awkward couple by nature and every time we take photos (lol after the ROM and Banquet, we're still noobs 😂) the photog (who btw is our friend) will ask us to RELAX…

Haha the thing I hear most from him is always, CHOWDAN, TRY TO RELAX OK.

He says our family members are naturals at posing, but Husband Ng and I……..not so much 😂


Our selfie game is damn strong. 🙃

We're awkward around humans but perform beyond expectations in front of a giant screen, camera and wonderful lights.

I am the queen of candid poses and I love spontaneous ugly photos.

Which is why the photobooth was the favourite part of my wedding. 🙃✨

Just look at the last photo….it was supposed to be…….

A renactment of a classic romance scene in the Titanic……

But somehow gone terribly wrong 🙃

I would have never ever done this in front of a photog (ok I'm kidding I would have done this in front of a photog) but doing it in an enclosed photo booth with a screen I could look at and adjust my position, was infinitely easier.

I love you photobooths 🙃

Btw you can see how blue my neck is too 😂😂😂

I was very very insistent on getting a photobooth that was really actually a booth because I never liked those companies that set up a backdrop and a camera in front….

With someone to man the camera and take photos. 🙃

I've just felt that the photobooth experience is a completely different one and sort of ruined when you take away the privacy of a booth.

I think a lot of our guests were able to let go and be really goofy and cute in the booths because there was a semblance of privacy.

I also like how you could see yourself in the screen and adjust your poses before the photo was taken. Really like photo booth style la!

A lot of times in those pseudo-photobooths which is actually just a dude with camera on tripod taking photos I feel like people are not as at ease?

For example, check out this photo of my Ah Ma and her friend.

My ah ma is the fire because she's HOT AS HELL 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🙃😂

But basically when I received the back up photos, I saw so many super cute photos of old people having fun in the photobooth with CUTE POSES WTSSSSS.

My grandma is the most proper photo model ever but look at her!!! With the ✌️✌️ so cute!!! And my grand aunt next to her with the 👍

Too cute 🙃

I'm pretty sure you guys are also not ready for Daniel's Ah Ma's (⭐) thug life peace out sign ✌️

Hahaha wts I literally looked at this photo and laughed so hard cos she's so cute!

I don't think they would ever have done this in front of a backdrop and in front of somebody's camera.

Plus, they took a lot of photos! I think it's also cos when you're in a booth you don't feel like you're troubling anyone to take your photos. It's more self service ✨

And I'm very glad that my our grandparents enjoyed themselves (Daniel and I are only left with our maternal grandmothers 😭😭😭 so we really want them to be happy)

I think they had loads of fun in the photobooth la!!! And my fav has got to be old people photos. They really learn very fast and when they realised it's 4 photos in one shot, you can see them transit into another pose for the next shot 😂😂 so cute.

So shot 1 is serious, shot 2 and 3 are candid cos transiting into next pose 😂

And then shot 4 is the next pose. It's always SO CUTE and shot 2/3 is always my fav cos it's so so candid and natural. Really can only achieve with times shots in a photobooth so I'm so glad I didn't scrimp on this aspect. 👍👍

I also think that photobooths are perfect for babies??????

HAHA WTS this GIF cracks me up everytime 😂 Can you tell that baby was like "mama pls stop kissing me" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


Basically, I love all the outtakes that a photographer would have binned haha cos those are my favourite kind of photos 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Oh btw there will be people stationed outside the booth (from Dat Boothie btw!) to help you if you're confused.

But once you're settled they will stand away and not peep at you la! Hence privacy! Hehe.

The very very cute staff were helping to distract baby so he would look at the camera 😂

Sorry mega close up haha but I don't think I've ever seen my mum so candid and happy in photos before. And holding props 😭😭😭

This photo alone is worth the money we paid for the photobooth ✨

I also had quite a number of relatives who took solo shots, which were tbh a little weird but super cute also?????

The lighting was perfect and because you could angle yourself properly, I think a lot of them used the photos as Facebook profile pictures 😂😂

But tbh, it was just insane looking through the photos as well 🙃

Anyway, if any of you #dayrebrides are interested, we engaged Dat Boothie for our wedding photobooth and they were AMAZING.

Didn't cause us any worry at all and they independently liased with our banquet coordinator regarding set up and arrived promptly for the event!

The customized photostrips are also super cute and we paid $880 for a 3 hour block! Totally worth it la in my opinion 🙃

This is #notsponsored in any way ok! I just hope they will stay in business because

I think they are having a $100 promo (which I used hehe) for events and weddings so if you are intending to engage them, let them know Chow sent you! ✨

Not many other vendors stay true to the essence of a photobooth, cos of the additional work needed to set up the 2x2m photobooth on set.

And they are really really dedicated to making your event a great one.

I want to hire them for my 30th birthday so please support them ok! ✨

I think I already mentioned previously that Daniel and I already sort of had our dream wedding during our solemnization last year in July,

So the banquet this time round was sort of like a customary celebration we wanted to have in honour of our parents and also to thank them for their care throughout our lives.

I had a very bochap attitude throughout most of the planning, because if D and I could have had it our way, there would have been no banquet at all 🙃

But I guess throughout the entire wedding day, I have seen how happy our parents were to finally have their dream wedding for their children come true.

So I'm glad I put in the effort to chiong wedding stuff the last minute and to make most of their wants a reality.

I think a lot of us have the same sentiments on wedding planning and how at some point of us, during the wedding, it feels like we're doing it for someone other than ourselves.

But like what everyone always says, a wedding is always more than just about 2 people. And if you can do a little tiny bit to make the people you love so happy?

I guess it's worth it right?

I have been very very grumpy throughout my entire wedding prep (haha I'm such a horrible bride) but now, looking at the people I know/did not know who had the time of their lives in the photobooth, I am filled with 1000 different kinds of happiness.

Who knew so much happiness could radiate from a tiny little box?

Definitely not me.

But sometimes when you think about it, happiness comes from the most unexpected of places and when you least expect it ✨

For so long, I've thought about what I wanted from the wedding without thinking about the amount of joy and happiness I had the ability of bringing to others.

And now…

I think I know why weddings are so damn precious and why people can attend one after another.

Without getting tired. 🙃






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