My desk is a mess 🙃

As is my life. 🙃

Ok I kid. I'm just a little overwhelmed right now because it seems like no matter how much I pack my table, things seem to find their way there??? 😅

But I think it's also cos there are a ton of things I refuse to remove from this desk. Aka, my lucky cat coin bank (good fortune yo) and my mountain of samples on the right and a freaking unwound measuring tape I never keep properly.

What's the point of rolling it up if I use it every 10 mins!!!

I also made a huge booboo cos I am getting a new macbook but wanted one with a faster 3.2 GHz processor instead of the standard 2.5 GHz one but made a huge mistake in sending in my order.

And now I have to annoy @chowchowsheep to see if I can have it exchanged.

If I can't, I highly doubt I'll actually use it cos it's considered a downgrade from the mac I'm currently using. Which has its specs more or less upgraded to the max.


I'm just damn annoyed cos a standard Mac is not an option for me considering how I have BOTH AI and PS open all the time and also very often edit videos.

So my laptop needs to have like transformer level capabilities.

Get a desktop you say? PLS NO I need the mobility. I work from my bed (in the child pose LOL) then teleport to my desk maybe 15 times a day. No joke.

But ya…I'm just rambling. 🙃 And being very sad that my own stupidity caused everyone trouble.

Btw I need some #dayrehome recommendations

I'm still looking for a main gate 😅 for my home and I want to spend as little money as possible.

And also, a digital lock for both my gate and my main door.

So if you have any lobangs I will really appreciate!

I sent these epicly ugly pictures to a carouseller just now 😅 but basically I'm looking for those abit retro looking gates!

And I'm thinking of having them in OBC yellow 🙃

More keen on the middle design tho! 😅

Fuck me. We have been sitting on this gate thing for so long we are both convinced we don't actually need a gate but…….

FOMO you know. Everybody have but I don't have 🙃 kidding la.

I just think we should get one so we don't have to leave our main open to invaders when we try to air the house 😓

Oh and I also wanted to share before I forget that we will be joining the SIP at their flea at Punggol this weekend! 🎉

Haha, I was searching far and wide for a flea that isn't too…hipsterish and hopefully had a cause and decided to join this one instead!

As usual, we will bringing our discounted bralettes over, so bralettes at $3 and $5! 💕

This time we will also be featuring something special called the Fortune Box!

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