My #taobao loots are here! 💕

I almost forgot about them and left them in the warehouse 😂 but lucky my forwarder (now friend lol) reminded me and helped to ship it out 😂

I love love love my glasses so much! Got one in transition lenses (lol machiam old person) and another in the blue light filter. Both only $20-30sgd! 👋👋

I want to do a loots ✌️ post but then I'll be at the flea today so I guess I will have to do it abit later!

I have however, already done a quick unboxing thingo on IG Stories so if you want to see how some of my loots turned out, you can find me at the same handle!

I know some of you still have questions about buying your eyewear from TB, so I'll probably do a Taobao AMA soon! 😂

But I'm really happy with the spectacles. Even got one for my aunt 💕

Fully decked out in my Taobao loots today!

I think we're getting much better at events! 😂

The last time at Artbox, we totally overestimated the amount of stock to bring and overpacked like crazy.

This time, fleaing takes about 30 mins to set up and 30 mins to pack 👏

Maybe also because we have so many more helpers now 😂

If you came down, thank you so much for coming! I know the location isn't the best, but it's been gr8 seeing you guys and chatting with all the social enterprises out there!

Our dinner was ordered from one of the booths called My Nonna that works with the intellectually disabled to prepare Italian food. Hehe.

Always love businesses with a story!

And now I'm home!

Feeling very very blessed and happy. Events really tire me out but I really like meeting you girls!

Btw if you're wondering why we don't go for the "cooler" and "bigger" fleas, I think it's because we kind of had a scare at Artbox and now I know what type of fleas we prefer now. 🙃

I like to give customers a nice place to look through the racks and boxes and also the chance to chit chat with us. Popular and cool fleas are wayyy too crowded for that.

Also, we don't really expect to gain new customers from our events, but more to be able to help the girls with sizing issues or bralette questions out.

So I think smaller and obscurer events allows us to really pay attention to everyone.

Artbox was bad, so many of you told me that it was almost impossible to shop cos it was too crowded 😢

Which is why I didn't join the bigger fleas this time!

Oh and if you're wondering, the images I use as headers are from Google and I edit them with Instagram. 😂

There's no special app!

My joke ass ootd attempt today!

Btw links to the dress and bag are here: 👜 👗

I love the dress???? Would be better if it had pockets but I love it already. 👏👏👏

Another try on photo feat chicken hands 🐔🐓

I freaking love the combination of navy and the little wavy hem and pleated bottoms.

*deep breathing*

Just walk they said,

Your #ootd will be fabulous they said.

It's a lie!!!!!!!! @tshihhwee

I'm also freakishly in love with this bag I got off Taobao for $20.

It's real leather and super soft??? There's dubious words on the lining but who cares! Not me! 🙃

It's incredibly well made and the colour is just?????????

I've never liked small bags but recently I've been carrying my small canvas pouch as a crossbody cos my shoulder hurts from all the big bags I've been carrying. 🙃

I have a ton of other dresses and loots to share, and I'm even considering doing up a video on how to shop (if you have more questions let me know…?)

But I'm going to save that for another post cos too tired liao.

Btw, my cart is full again so maybe we can do another shop with me post again! YASSSS.

Year end shopping is such a scarily wonderful time of the year 🙃

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