Woohoo! 🍋

Finally done with the photos (uh, sort of?) for a #chowbao #taobao loots review! 😉

But first off let me introduce my body size 😅 and my clothing preference to those of you who are new to my adventures ⛅

This is me.

Haha, almost like revealing all my vital statistics on some matchmaking site 🙃

You must be thinking…

"Chow, how come you tell people your bust and waist measurement! Not insecure meh!"

Uhhh, not really lah. I mean, if my waist measurement seems too big for how I look, it's a good thing right? Means I don't look fat.

But if it seems too small for how I look also good what! Means I measure smaller than I look.

I never lose both ways 😂😂

Anyway, my first loot showcase was for this pleated midi dress with a tied up shoulder strap.

Link is here >> http://ourb.club/shouldertiepleat

I actually really liked this dress, but most shops were selling them in SML only and the PTP for the L wasn't enough for me.

So I looked a little harder and found it in XL to 3XL size (link above)


I didn't understand the shoulder straps at first, but then I realised I needed to tie it myself LOL

I already posted this photo yesterday, but basically this is what it looks like.


I give it a score of


4 eggs upon 5.

Would be better if the neckline cutting was abit better. It was abit narrowly cut haha. BUT STILL GORG.

Price: 60rmb // 12SGD

My next purchase is this Gingham Drop Waist Dress in XL size.

Firstly, on hindsight, I wonder why I bought this dress cos…it's not exactly drop waist cos…there's a waist, then the peplum hem at the bottom…

And I don't generally like low waist dresses so…..

LINK HERE THO: ourb.club/ginghamdropwaist

I wore it out today and had mixed feelings the entire day. 😂

The material is a little like…textured linen?

Haha, and I couldn't decide if it made me look cute in a Korean way or like an aunty.

Not helping that I wore my FAV HEADBAND CURRENTLY (LOL which is huge) which sometimes makes me look like an ah ma 🙃

Went home and took a few more pictures and I still can't decide if it is a YAY or a NAY

I also feel that it makes my boobs look less amazing than it usually does.

What is with linen dresses and their inability to accommodate boobs ah? I think their designer really damn jialat, cannot sew in those pleats at the chest area to accommodate curves.

Or maybe it's supposed to be loose fitting…but it is just FITTING on me HAHAH

Got nicer from another angle? 🙃

I'm still undecided. I let you girls decide if this is a worthy buy!

Price: 55rmb // 11SGD

🍳🍳 2 eggs rating 😂

Next up, one of my fav buys from this particular shipment…

Is this cute baby doll dress!

LINK HERE >> http://ourb.club/redzarainspired

It is SLIGHTLY tight for me at the arms and upper torso cos the material has little to no stretch, but it looks pretty darn cute…

So I guess I can live with being a straw man for the time that I wear it 😂

Heh heh heh.

Do I look ready for XMAS / CNY already?

So tempted to get this in black as well. And then I can get one piece for @tshihhwee too!

But it's cute lah. I admit.


A closer pic!

There's quite a lot of fabric on the bottom of this dress, so it kinda makes me look slightly poofy, but it's poofy in a good way!

I do not appreciate the lack of mobility (due to the lack of stretch), but…….I will compromise for this cutie.

Close up on the deets!

I don't particularly appreciate the sequins (LOL who likes sequins ah?) but I can deal with it.

My fav are the little embroidered dots on the fabric. CUTE MUCH.

Price: 65RMB // 13SGD

#chowbao rating: 🍳🍳🍳🍳

My next purchase is this 2 pc Gingham Wrap Dress that uh, I was intending to wear without the inner t-shirt.

I never liked the whole Korean wave thing, so the layering is not really my thing hahaha.

I know a lot of PPGs have issues with wearing sleeveless or short sleeved shirts, but….idk leh. I've been wearing them all my life (maybe cos I'm damn scared of warm weather) so I don't care if my arms look big etc.

Suibian la! You are you, you are BOOTIFUL!

Link here >> ourb.club/gingham2pc

But errrrrrr.

Hahahha I'm not sure if it is working out for me without the top 😂😂

Idk why no matter how I tie it the top V flaps out very provocatively 🙃

But it perfectly showcases my bralette so….

I also find it a little bit short ah! Is it cos I got a lot of bahbah HAHAHA. So need more cloth to cover????


I think I want to go back to my FITNESS and doing squats cos my ass could be bigger. 🍑

But! It's quite cute la! The material is also thick (but hard 😂) so it holds well together

Just to give you an idea of how….flappy the top wrap portion is 😂

It's like….a perfect way to showcase my bralette. I am legit considering wearing it out like that.

I am also surprised by how well the white midi matched all the dresses! 😍

Hehehe shunbian show off the new midi bralette we are launching soon!

It's modelled after the OBClassic Midi bralette in dusty pink and blue but it comes in the new standardized sizing we have of XS, S/M and L/XL. 🙃

Coverage is 💯 and it'll come in black and white! 😍

Plus the high waisted undies. They have my heart. The new version undies have lining till the crotch so you won't have to pixelise anything 😂😂😂,

Tried it on with the t-shirt provided and Hmmmmmmmmmm

Ok la! Not as bad as I thought! 😂

I never ever found myself liking this kind of layering but I guess I can accept!

But I think the wrap is meant to be paired with an inner top cos there's this hole where the waist straps pass through and the hole is huge. If you don't wear a bralette/high waist undies/inner top, you will see your flesh 🙃

Picture of said hole with the midi bralette peeking through 🙃

Price: 55RMB // 11SGD

Rating: 🍳🍳

My last clothing purchase!

This one is a tie back midi gingham dress!

Link here >> ourb.club/tiebackgingham


And here's what it looks like in real life!

Not bad hor. Except I have some issues with the boob area (again) I think the workmanship wasn't fantastic so there was some issues with the pleating at the chest area.

It doesn't accommodate the roundness and flattens it. Reminds me of the time I made my own top without the chest pleats and it made my chest squashed.

Here's how the back looks like!

Super cute la actually haha! I just wish the front was a little tiny bit more fitting! But for ~$12SGD,


The last thing in this haul is the gorgeous headband I've been wearing in all the try on photos 😂

It was part of a baby Christmas present haul, but I realised it could fit me. 🙃

So I decided to steal it for myself instead 😂😂

Link here >> ourb.club/cuteheadband


💯 worth it 🍳

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