New year, new beginning they all say.

But I wake up feeling lethargic. The alarm has been ringing since 8am but snoozed till 1030.

Daniel wakes up first. His dedication to pumping iron the only thing to survive the NYE festivities.

Supposed to be in the gym at 9am but I guess better late than never right?

Our first new year resolution for 2018:

Don't procrastinate, don't snooze.

By 11am, I am more human.

I turn on my laptop to do some work, but remember that lunch is in an hour and I should appear more human instead.

You know, new year new beginnings. Another new year resolution for me:

Put in more effort to look human.

I think I succeed.

It took me 3 tries to correct my eyeliner and about 15 minutes to curl my hair.

I end up having no time to do work because I hear the celebrations begin downstairs.

I bring my laptop down with me in a mock attempt to…do work.

Then I remember, that I want to spend less time on work this year. Another new year resolution:

Spend more time with family.

Even if it means being unproductive.

At lunch, I choose diet coke over sprite because I hear Daniel saying

"1 in 3 Singaporeans have diabetes"

And I am worried that that 1 in 3 is me. Another new year resolution added to the list.

I think I'm at 5 now? But who's keeping tabs?

We want to take a nap after lunch, but instead, we argue over work.

What a wonderful afternoon.

Another new year resolution:

Speak nicely, even if you are frustrated.

And also,

Work can always wait, naps cannot.

I shut my eyes for 10 seconds before we make our way to Daniel's grandma's birthday celebration.

Naps cannot wait. Once nap time is over, you can't nap again.

Until tomorrow that is.

We make our way to collect a gigantic cake and coffee.

I had intended to do some work, but realised I left the charger at home and my battery is flat.

Fuck me.

Another to add to the list.

Don't be forgetful.

At this point of time, I'm wondering to myself, what's with new year resolutions anyway?

We're so fond of making them but how many do we actually accomplish?

"If you set out to reach the moon, at least when you fall, you'll land among the stars"

So cliche I'm cringing, but still true anyway.

So what if we plan to go to the gym every weekday, but end up giving up in June? At least we did it for the first 6 months right?

Nobody said you'll have to keep to every resolution. Set out to achieve more, but it's ok to actually finish less.

I particularly love new year resolutions because it gives us the chance to single out the flaws we discover the past year,

And then spinning them into resolutions to do better.

It's like the whole world is coming together in unison to say…ok, we haven't been perfect but seriously, who is?

Then proceed to list down how we can be better together.

There are resolutions that will always be on the list (like wanting to eat healthily……until CNY comes around)

And they seem to be on everyone's list.

As if reminding us that collectively we are weak willed when it comes to things like food….

And waking up early.

I definitely need more than 365 days to achieve my goals.

Maybe a lifetime to kick the habit of loving carbs.

Or maybe 3 lifetimes. Who knows?


In other news, my first dress of the year is the Gingham Tie Back I shared about in my previous #chowbao post!

Previously I complained about how it was a little weirdly cut at the chest, but after wearing it for 2 times, I am quite happy with how it looks.

Both times I wore it with the Lace Up Chicken Cutlets from #obc that were PERFECT. ✨

The tie back is absolutely, super duper cute.

I love it! And the length!

I've realised I'm drawn to short dresses in pictures because they always look so cute and flirty

But I don't like them when I receive them or put them on. Maybe 2018 can be a year of midi dresses only?


In case you missed the link, it's here!

Also, I think 2018 started out with good make up!

I bought a new foundation from Catrice (my make up i my l)ALWAYS so budget) and I'm pleased to announce that I like it!

Idk if it's cos I have zero expectations for foundation after not using a proper one for a year, or because it's legit good la.

2018 might be the year that I properly venture into make up, because I've been watching wayy to many weibo tutorials and videos and have carted out so many guochan (China branded) make up products!

I think there's a lot of flak regarding China quality products but there's actually quite a few brands that are doing pretty ok. *shrugs*

I'm a huge user of affordable make up (Catrice & Essence!) and my only branded palette was a gift from my father.

It's Chanel but I hardly ever used it. I dunno. I am just ok with using non branded stuff on my face I guess….not very picky!

If I ever come around to using the 国产货 / China made make up, I'll definitely let you girls know ✨

Not bad what! Looks pretty legit.

Uhh, but please don't take it from me and go around buying make up from Taobao ok? My skin has been acclimatized thanks to the years I've spent using Taobao products and from the months and months I've lived there.

I mean, they are usually fine, but I don't want to be responsible when your skin explodes. 😅 Although highly unlikely 🤔

Just to let you know how much of a drugstore / affordable make up fan I am. 😅😅😅

I have improved ok! My cc cream used to be from Taobao (it was FUCKING FABULOUS and made my skin GLOWWWWW)

And my blushers, eyeliner, eyebrow pencils were all from dubious brands. Especially when I was on exchange there.

Best thing? My skin was best then. 😑

Then I came back to SG and started buying all the hypoallergenic skincare and my skin broke out like a muthafkr.

Oh btw if you wanted to know (lol) the new foundation I'm trying is this one from Catrice which I definitely purchased because of the dropper bottle.

I'm into essential oils nowadays (omg to prevent us from getting sick 😑) so I'm in love with the dropper tool.

But this is dabomb la. Just that I need to use a brush or sponge so it's quite lechey compared to a cushion. But a cushion does nothing from my spots nowadays 😑

This one tho! Whambam covers up everything and isn't sticky (like the essence one I used to use Jesus)

Prior to this, I was just using my Catrice liquid concealer to cover up the blemished on my cheek. Then one day my uncle said that I looked like I got socked in the face cos my concealer oxidised and it looked like a bruise FML max

So I went shopping for a foundation. And now the foundation + the concealer = wonderful flawlessly me.

So much effort tho 😥

And my new blusher purchase is this cushion thingy from essence that's part of their winter collection.

The only reason I bought this is because I wanted something that didn't require a separate brush to apply (I'm so fkin lazy when it comes to make up) and I wanted to get a cheek tint.

But then just nice essence had this new thingo with a sponge applicator so I got it! $4.50 only!

Only one colour tho, but lucky it was ok. I generally prefer more brownish or orangey blushes.

This was neither but I still pass it. I can live with it.

It's quite lasting tho! More than my other blusher from Catrice and even my Chanel one.

Or maybe I applied too much. or maybe cos of the sponge applicator, I patted it in.

Btw I used the benefit blush tint thingo for a damn long time before deciding I don't want my fingers to be red ALWAYS.

So I quit it. I still miss it. And I even got the 3 pack tint.

But NAH. I will move on.

Wao chow, good job.

From a post on new year resolutions to frivolously ranting about make up and clothes.

I can already tell how my 2018 is going to pan out. 😓

But oh well, a girl's gotta do what a girl's got to do.

I also haven't finished up on my previous selling post. But I promise to continue. After I survive the first work week of 2018.


Peace out! May love fun and joy find me in this brand new year.





Sorry, just realised how selfish that last sentence sounded.


May love, fun and joy find **US** in this brand new year.






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