Hello yellow bellow!

I'm in a chirpy mood because my Dad is back home and also because along with him came some of my purchases that were too big/fragile to ship over.

Not done with unboxing yet, but I've already shared some of the first peeks on my IG (same username) stories!

But wait a minute. I thought I'd just share about our chicken cutlets launching tomorrow since quite a lot of you girls have been messaging with questions!

What's the chicken cutlet?

It's basically a stick on bra (like the nubra) that's for backless dresses or strapless dresses.

I never intended to bring this in because it isn't exactly a bralette, but I needed one for my wedding and my manufacturer was like…let me gift you one.

I had been complaining NON STOP about the existing stick on bras in the market because they usually only go up to a C / D cup and I'm wearing a D or DD.

And the one I tried on with my gown lasted 20 seconds before it fell to the floor. 😓

So Mr 🌵, my manufacturer made one for me that's extremely adhesive and comes in big sizes.

I love it.

The night I received it I was super skeptical but ended up raving about it on IG stories because it was SO STICKY.

Which gave rise to the most rachet video ever taken for a bralette.


But seriously, this shit is sticky. But it's made of a medical grade adhesive gel that's hypoallergenic (apparently, according to Mr 🌵) so idk how they do it la!

Personally, I've ever used medical tape to tape up my boobs for special occasions, because nubras never work.

Also, thanks Kim K for suggesting using tape which gave me blisters FML.

Yeap, my skin is allergic to maybe 1000 things and the last time I used medical tape for 8 hours it gave me blisters.

Like big angry blisters where the tape sat.

But for this LUSO (lace up stick on) I've used it multiple times and always for long hours at a time and it has not caused me any blisters or rashes.

It gets itchy sometimes but that's cos your skin isn't getting the ventilation la. There will definitely be some discomfort cos…it's sticking to your skin ma!

So basically, this design is touted for its abilities to give you cleavage, but we don't market it or sell this point because what I feel really makes this different is the support and the adhesiveness.

Some of you girls have mentioned that this makes your boobs look weird but that's sometimes cos the laces are over tightened!

Don't need to pull to the max so you force out the cleavage! Whatever is comfortable for you should be the best.

The first day after I received it, I wore it for about 8 hours and it lasted pretty well!

I got to say tho, if you're wearing a fitted dress it will definitely have zero problems.

But if you're wearing a looser tank top or dress then you'll really need to take note of application. Putting it in properly really helps in keeping it on.

We made a video tutorial for it so if you get it, just watch the video!

Reviews from the beta round

Previously, we took in a few beta orders just to get more feedback.

Generally, the feedback was pretty darn encouraging. Except some mentioned that the adhesiveness didn't work as well when they sweat alot.

Personally, I'm sweaty, but I didn't feel like it was going to fall off. But @chenshiqi wore it during the gate crash for my wedding and she said the edges were coming off

But she really sweat alot la. 😂

The reviews have legit been really encouraging and I think this was the first product that was sold out in our OHVOLA spot.

So many girls have been messaging to tell us that they love it and I personally have been wearing this so often!

I used to shun all the bareback dresses but now I actually actively pick them up to wear.

Hehe the gingham with the cutlet on the left and the bralette on the right ✌️

I was surprised when I read that alot of you girls actually wore the cutlets out for an entire day!

One even went out dancing Hahahaha. So cute.

Each purchase of the cutlet will also come with free registered courier mail within SG and a protective storage box!

The box is legit good quality. I was shocked by it also 😂 but yes, keep your cutlets safe!

Damn tragic.

I asked if it's ok for me to carry the OBC box out as a clutch.

And everyone said no.



The box fits the cutlet perfectly with some leeway, so you can use it to store other things as well la!

I cannot stress enough, the importance of knowing how to apply the cutlet properly.

It is legit the most important thing keeping the cutlets on your tits and away from the ground.

No joke.

Haha, not the most flattering video, but very very useful ok!

You can also access it via this link: ourb.club/cutletvideo

For dresses that are more low cut….

What you can do is only lace up the lower eyelets of the cutlets and leave the top 2 undone.

Then tuck the excess lace under the adhesive if the cutlet so it doesn't show up.

But tbh this design is not ideal for super low cut dresses. But perfect for bareback and strapless designs.

We're launching another design end of the month that's perfect for all your super low cut dresses. And it's what I wore for my dinner banquet!

Remember this super low cut red gown I wore for my dinner banquet?

Yep, wearing the Low U Chicken Cutlet Bralette underneath it.

It doesn't offer as much support, but it's really an occasion piece for the bras you need to wear under the dresses that you need to look like you're not wearing a bra but still look like you are wearing a bra.


Both my gowns came with paddings attached but holy shit the paddings were SO FUGLY OMG.

My problem was completely solved with these wonderful wonderful inner wear.

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