Chinese New Year is right around the corner. And to many girls, the days (or weeks) leading up to CNY are the busiest but best days of the year, and outfit planning becomes a huge priority.

I know of girls who plan their 7 day outift down to the earrings to their shoes and swear NEVER to repeat a clothing item or be seen in the same dress as a relative or friend.

Shopping is also a joy. You spend money KNOWING it is RIGHT to buy new clothes during this festive season.

But I never particularly enjoyed CNY shopping.

On two occasions, I was even reduced to tears because it was already the day before CNY day 1 and here I was, with no new clothes to wear.

The fist CNY I cried, my brother had brought me to tampines mall to do last minute shopping when my mum found out I hadn't bought any new clothes.

I went through EVERY store in the mall but didn't find anything I liked, or more fittingly, I couldn't find anything in my size.

I remember standing against the wall, the clock ticking by and the shops closing and bursting into tears because I felt so sorry for myself.

Here's the girl, too fat to find anything to wear during CNY.

On the second ocassion, I had actively decided not to buy any new clothes because Daniel and I had decided to start actively saving and I had no budget to buy ANYTHING.

I was being very gung-ho about it. Until the night before CNY and I realised, even Daniel had new clothes.

Only I didn't.

And then I was overcome with this overwhelming sense of sadness and pity for myself.

And then, yes you guessed it.

I cried again. Over not having new clothes to wear.

So first world, but so legitly sad.

For the past years, I've been ok with wearing the super red dresses I've reserved for CNY or older relative birthdays only.

And so far I've been pretty ok with rewearing them.

But I guess this year, it's really time to add some new red stuff to my ensemble. Especially since my grandmother can identify all the red and more formal outfits I have 😂😂

And I thought I'd want to share them with you guys.

If you're plus sized (but usually the sellers have smaller sized also!) and on a budget this coming CNY,

you can turn to Taobao to look for some clothes as well.

I know a lot of you think that the clothes on Taobao are for smaller petite girls only. And while that is true, if you put in more effort, you'll find quite a number of pieces that cater to plus sized girls as well.

So, in the spirit of wanting no other girl to ever have to cry because they have no money or no sizes during CNY,

Here's what's in my cart for CNY 2018! ✨


If you're plus sized, or just shopping for a certain kind of dresses, then keywords are important in your search.

Of course you can search via image which is usually a total hit or miss, but here are some of the keywords I use:

女装: women clothing
大码:plus sized
胖MM:plus sized
夏:summer (useful now when all the search results show winter wear)
中长款:midi style
木耳边/鱼尾/荷叶边:drop waist peplum style (v popular now)
外贸:for western export
欧美:european style

Usually, combining keywords to form a phrase is best and most accurate.

You will sometimes also need to tweak your keywords to refine search after scrolling for awhile.

For example I'm super into drop waist dresses now, and at first I thought the only description was 荷叶边 but after awhile, I found 木耳边 being mentioned alot as well. So I swapped out the search terms to see how it fared ✨

Some phrases I always use/my holy grail phrases:

大码女装夏 (plus sized summer women clothes)

大码连衣裙夏 (plus sized dresses for summer)

大码半身裙 (plus sized skirts)

It takes scrolling through, maybe 1000 listings for me to find something I like and is reasonably priced. And I can spend hours scrolling ah,

I usually watch TV and scroll when I'm taking breaks from work.

Last night, we watched TV from 11 to midnight and it was non stop scrolling action for me.


I also just wanted to say that everytime someone shares a link with you, it's a link that they've found after tonnes of hardworking and looking and comparing so try to be more appreciative ok!

I've seen people who obviously got the link from someone (cos they bought the entire set of exact same items) but never credited the original poster (OP)

So sad haha.

A tiny shout-out would be amazing already la, a recognition of the OP's hard work 🏆

I also share a lot of my first impressions on my IG stories complete with short tutorials haha. Cos it's just easier to post there so if you'd like to see those, you can find me on IG (@braintango) too!

Dresses / Rompers

Ok let's start with dresses, cos dresses are my favourite haha. So easy to wear and no need to match bottoms 😂

Recently I've been into wrap, drop waist and midi dresses so my finds will reflect those!


Free Sized

59 RMB // 12 SGD


Aiya so sad so many of the dresses I previously carted out have been taken off the racks! 😥

But it's ok let's start with this one! It's poofy so perfect for the big meals! You won't feel uncomfortable and lol look at the cute poofy at the hem.

I'm generally ok-ok with off shoulder dresses. Sometimes they make me look so fab. ✨


Size I chose: L or XL

88 RMB // 14 SGD


Tbh the modelled picture was the one that caught my eye. I think the model is super pretty hahaha. When seen alone the romper looks ok, but then I really like how it's festive without being too OTT.

The review photos also look pretty good! Like…resort style and abit casual and effortless.

This one goes up to 5XL!

And from the same shop…


Size L

128 RMB // 26 SGD


This one is a little pricier, but I've come to realise that most of the plus sized shops have pricier pieces.

Thing is tho, the quality for the pieces are almost always value for the money. I think maybe cos they don't have access to the mass manufacturers who make the S/M clothes so they have to charge more anyway.

Personally, I'm not getting this dress because the V is a little too high for me (I prefer deeper Vs, not because I like to show off my boobs, but because it has a slimming effect on bustier girls)

But I think the print is super festive la! I like it.


Free Sized

66 RMB // 14 SGD


Homg these 2 😱 😱

I almost carted out both colours on an impulse session, then cancelled it cos it wouldn't reach my dad in time for him to bring them back.

Till today, they sit in my cart and I keep thinking of carting them out.

SHOULD I? I love the whole drop waist midi style and the colours!!!!!

P.S they are super oversized


Free Sized

59 RMB // 12 SGD


I am super excessive and carted this out in navy and cream, but now looking at the measurements…I don't think I'll be able to wear it 😂 😂 😅

There's an inner slip that measures 92cm ptp and an outer sheer layer that goes up to 100cm ptp.

I probably can squeeze into the outer sheer part but not the inner slip so idk how….

Haha, anyone interested?

But in all honesty, the dress is FKING GORG. I want to fit in it so badly sigh.

Here's the other colour I got!


Free Sized

39 RMB // 8 SGD


From the same shop, I also got a few of these off shoulder dresses (LOL COS SG$8 ONLY 💃) in various colours.

I'm hoping they uh, turn out well, because I think I was a little excessive but then……


cannot resist.

Hehe, got it in yellow also…cos…OBC haha.

I think my theme colour this CNY is….yellow 🌝


L size

66.90 RMB // 14 SGD


Still conflicted about this till now, because it's knitted and thick, but ORANGE! With the cute contrast pink pleats at the bottom?

But it's knitted so I'm not sure if it will be too warm.

Not intending to wear it with the inner piece so it should be fine la….hor?


Tops & Bottoms

Ok! Moving on to tops and bottoms haha, I always over buy tops and end up having no matching bottoms and it drives me nuts.


So here's me trying to balance the purchases a little.


Size L

39 RMB / 8 SGD


I previously got this top in my previous haul and I quite liked it! The PTP measurements on the site were 92 but then since it's a tie back, the PTP doesn't really count? Haha

It's cute as a crop top but abit revealing hehe perfect with the chicken cutlets tho!

No straps showing anywhere.

Got it in yellow previously and now I'm thinking of getting it in teracotta.

Very nice right!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️


Size XL

39 RMB // 8 SGD


In another episode of….chow is damn excessive, I'm also thinking of carting this out in both colours.

But I'm generally more inclined towards the white than the black because I feel it's more unique? I have so many black pieces nowadays haha.

The PTP for XL goes up to 100 so that's gr8!

P.SL: Are you guys bored yet? 😂


Size XL

99 RMB // 20 SGD



Scalloped edges and a camisole? A girl can never have too many camisoles.

But the price tho ahha. $20SGD for a camisole is like a no-no, but this is like a yes-yes????

My heart is going badump badump but I think my husband (who is eyeing me as I write this post) is going no-no.

If anyone buys this, please give me a shoutout so I can read your post and weep. 😭 😭

I know $20 is not very expensive, but haha, I cannot justify it. 🙈 It's just me.


Size XL

49 RMB // 10 SGD



Getting this festive looking skirt that I'll most probably only wear once. Thinking of pairing this with the yellow tie back crop top, but I can already imagine my muffin top spilling out of it and onto the floor.

I have huge issues with my lower belly (and my upper belly, ok, my whole belly) so I'm super insecure.

I find that high waisted bottoms help me a lot, but if the fabric is too thin, and it crumples easily, it really eccentuates the lumps on my body.

I know I know, you're thinking, just previously, I mentioned lumps are normal and good. And here I am talking about lumps like they are a bad thing.

I don't hate my lumps la! I just want to dress my lumps up well you know? 😉 😏


Free Sized

89 RMB / 18 SGD


There a bunch of links on TB for much cheaper accordion skirts, but the material and colour of this one really is different.

I love how TB continuosly improves la! And now they encourage sellers to include a video for every item and it provides a whole new experience for us buyers.

But yes, accordion skirts, super flattering no matter your size.

Also never really goes out of style! My first pleated accordion skirt belonged to my mother…it was super duper old but still worked it's charm hehe. 🍀


28 RMB // 6 SGD

Size XL


I know I said I only wanna wear midi stuff from now on but omgggggg. I cannot help it haha. Midi skirts in mermaid form are like legit inconvenient (need to walk small steps) so, short skirts it is!

Plus, so rare to see these kind of skirts stocked in big sizes!

If you're a PPG like me for life, you'll learn to spot designs you KNOW only come in XS

I used to be so enamoured with all the designs from BKK and would buy them even if I needed to squeeze into them, then realise I never wore them again cos it was so uncomfortable.

All the skorts, little frilly tank tops, off shoulder etc. So gorgeous but one look and I know it only caters to the smaller sizes cos the factories only target the local market.

I even have like a radar now. If I see a similar design on TB I know for sure it's gonna be free sized LOL.


Size XL

28.4 RMB // 6 SGD


From the same shop, I also got this simple A line skirt which is a style I used to LOVE back in the days.

The price is really…unmatched, but now I'm a little bit worried about quality. Will let you guys know when I receive the parcel la hor!

But this is a bottom I'd usually match with all the flared tops! Can't do bodycon bottoms cos…my belly needs space hahha.

The End?

I have a lot more to share actually! As I go along, I kept adding pieces to my cart because omg the shoppaholic in me is going insane.

But it's been really fun sharing these picks with you girls and I hope you've enjoyed it too 😉

I told Daniel that this CNY, everyone will be wearing the same outfits as me hahah. But I guess…it's ok! The joy is in sharing right? If you see me in the same dress/top as you, pls say hi 👋 👋

But before I go I just wanted to share one last thing…

I am crazy in love with this BlingBelle (LOL WHAT A NAME) facial cleansing thingo I bought from TB and got my dad to bring back for me.

Haha, it all started when @chenshiqi mentioned she got a Foreo and out of FOMO I wanted to get one also, but obv I'm damn cheapo so I wanted to try out the Taobao dupe first.

SO MANY of the chinese girls were raving over this, and they own both the Foreo and the BB, and they say there's no diff.

So I was like…110RMB, is like 25SGD only, ok la I will give it a try.

So I bought it and my dad brough it back (if not you need to ship via sensitive air shipping which is more expensive cos it contains batteries)

It comes with wireless charging and I've been using it daily for 2 weeks so far and there's no need to charge at all. Apparently it's supposed to last 2 months or about 120 uses (oops Andrea I was wrong haha). 😅

I didn't wanna do a review immediately cos…who knows whether it works after 1 use right?

After first wash, my face really felt super duper soft la. But then might just be a placeabo effect LOL.

Anyway Daniel also uses it (ya we damn gross we share 1) and he says it's damn good also. Cos he used to have a lot of blackheads and bumps but now it is smooooooth.

And after 1-2weeks, can I just say. I look forward to washing my face everyday.

Dunno is it because for my whole life I never wash my face properly or what, but I really feel the difference….I even feel like after I wash my face and I use my bio oil and moisturizer, the effectiveness is better????

idk la maybe it's just me. And placebo effects.

But if you want it! Link is here >>

If it explodes, don't come and find me ok. I don't know anything. I just use it and so far it's been wonderful. No explosions and 100% waterproof.

With that same note, can I also just say that I bought the Moist Diane Grapefruit shampoo (dk what is the exact name LOL the blue one?) after seeing so many rave reviews but….

LOL it destroyed my 1year+ no dandruff streak.

I've had a long ass battle with dandruff all my life, and even resorted to the no-poo method for a good 6-8 months to cleanse my hair of all the product build up and restore it's natural state,

and then, just 3 uses of the shampoo brought it back…

And it was worse than it has ever been in like 1.5 years wts.

It smells really good but…I'm not using it anymore -_- gave it to Daniel to use instead.

I had to bust out my last bottle of Selsun Blue shampoo (LEGIT WORKS) to use and stop my scalp from flaking. I've only had small flakes recently when I'm freaking stressed out but omg the relapse after using the shampoo is INSANE.

But after using selsun my hair is back to normal alr la, I feel so happy.

I promise not to frivolously buy shampoos again.

Sorry to my scalp. I definitely do not want to go back to my no-shampoo days again. Apple Cider Vinegar as conditioner is definitely not my thing. 🍎 🙅 🙅

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