Part of my previous Taobao purchases arrived! ✨✨

After the heavy topic in the previous post, nothing like abit of retail therapy to lighten things up! 😚 #taobao

Most links can be found in my previous post —> @braintango:080118

But first of all, can I just say that I am IN LOVE with this the back top that I shared previously?

I chucked it into my cupboard cos I thought it wouldn't be flattering, but omg. Paired it with a midi skirt and it's 😍😍

Wearing the LUSO cutlet from OBC underneath and I really gotta say that having a good, reliable stick on bralette (I own 3 tho I wear them so much!) opens up my wardrobe choices by infinite times πŸ˜…

And the back!

So cute la! And the colour? I'm going to get this in ALL the colours πŸ˜…

So super cute.

Btw, howdya like my crazy background edit? Hides all the mess πŸ‘Œ

Remember this skirt?

I got these in pale pink and they fit really darn well! Hehe I know I said I'm off short skirts from now on, but these tho, haiyoh! 😬 This is making it so difficult to quit.

Should I….get these in another colour? πŸ˜… So excessive!

Hehe. The little waves at the fish tail are really cute lah. I was already worried that my tummy would be poofy. And maybe it is but it's too cute la.

The material isn't too thick and the lining isn't fantastic. But for the price????? Get it girls, get it. Even if it means I'll be seeing all of you in the same skirt next time πŸ˜…

Say hello to my little belly. This is so cute πŸ˜…

And from the same shop, this navy faux wrap skorts.

Is it me or is it super flattering ah? 😚

The nude version looks like this!



Price: 159RMB / 35SGD

Genuine Leather

Forgot to mention this in the previous post, but I also bought 2 things from this ~designer~? On Taobao haha. I think one thing about TB is that sometimes you find great quality stuff but they have really weird brand names (like literally weird FASHIUN printed on the bag) so that kinda sucks.

This bag tho! So cute! The colour and the hassles and the shape!?

It turned out a lot smaller than I am used to so….😬 Hoping the small bag gods will bless me with getting some mileage out of this 😬

I used to only carry big bags (omg my bags were so big it was ridiculous) but I started having problems with my shoulders and back so I reduced the amount of things in my bag.

But the thing about big bags is that things always find their way into it???? At my peak I had like 3 bottles and like 3 wallets or something.

And then I realised that when you have a big bag, people (or yourself) will just keep subconsciously putting stuff inside it because…it's good to have you know?

Since I've downsized to the green bag I also previously bought from Taobao, I feel like life is slightly easier. I still have a lot of big bags which I truly LOVE and still use.

But for the daily errand running, small bags also have my heart hehe.

Also got a small tiny wallet to match since I already have a long wallet.

Also, yellow! I am loving the yellow in my life now 😏

My expectations for this were really low, that's why I didn't share it in my previous post, but it turned out ok!!!

I thought the peplum bottom was a little too narrow, but it ended up looking quite ok. Material is ok too!

I'm considering…other colours also…but…let's see how often I wear this first 😬,

Oops, the original shop I purchased this from is no longer selling the dress (wts so fast out of stock nowadays!)

But I found a replacement!

And next…is the dress that Daniel hilariously calls….the tent.

I was like..omg this dress.

And then Daniel was like

" it's what you wear when you go for a buffet…or dinner when someone else is paying "


It is truly, a very, tentish dress.

I'm gonna wear it when I just need to be comfy and don't care about life anymore.

Pompoms are cute tho!

The sleeves on this dress makes me look like I have lotus roots for arms πŸ˜“

I dunno whether to love it…or to hate it πŸ˜…

To think @ $10 dress could make me think so much ✨

For honourary mentions…this off shoulder dress that neither impressed me in material or design.

So idk what I was thinking when I cart this out.

But I think I'm going to wear it for dinner tomorrow so….

Why do I end up wearing the not nice dresses most?????!!!!!!


Why do the good die young.

Why do the nice dresses not fit at the ptp.


It is a mystery.

I squashed myself into this and my chest got flattened but it was beautiful. Not sure if I'm ever gonna wear it cos….

Crushed chests.

Probably got to put it up on shopee or something πŸ˜“

Lets just take another look at this dress that got away.

Star crossed lovers.

So beautiful. This love story.

Ok stop πŸ˜“

I can't wait for my second parcel to come alr!!!!!!!! I guess it's not too bad hor? No complete miss. Most are like a 8/10 except the tent dress which I'm just confused about.

If it sounds like I'm rushing through this post, uh maybe I am haha. Cos I wanna talk about shoes.


Mules actually. I never found them attractive but I wanna give it a try.

And then I started searching and……

We all know how this story ends.






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