Hello peeps!

I think I really felt the shopaholic reality sink in when I opened my most recent #taobao parcel cos…um. It's truly excessive and I half regret everything I bought even though most of them are gorgeous, cos…

I didn't stick to my midi length rule and I'm hesitant about showing my legs (lol insecure).

But we all have those days…so let me share what I bought! 😉

P.S purposely waited past midnight to start this post so I (hopefully) won't have to turn back time.

I've also recently purchased a new camera,so I thought I'd play with it and take some nicer (?) photos.

And also, to @mytypeofrunaway (who recommended the camera), can I just say that I trust you implicitly when it comes to cameras and photos and lighting and basically, just life (you are always so wise and give the best advice)

This is for you! For all the times you've told me I am beautiful, when I felt less than. And for the times you've told me I look gr8 in front of the lens. ♥️

Update: This is gonna be a long ass post 😂

Mustard Ruffle Midi Dress

This mustard dress!

http://www.dwntme.com/h.Z0Krex4 点击链接,再选择浏览器打开;或复制这条信息¥gObB0OhZCP4¥后打开👉手淘👈

As usual, defying the Korean look by abandoning the inner piece and wearing the outer piece as is.

I am sometimes super thankful for the Korean baggy outer spaghetti top layered look cos since the outer layer is made to look baggy,

It fits my bigger frame well. 😂 It's the only way I fit into clothes mass produced for the general petite frame.

This piece tho, I give an 8/10

Not too bad, and soft! But the top ruffles are a little oldish looking?

Not sure…

The colour tho! I like 😍

Mauve Floral Off-shoulder Romper 🐊 (sold!)

http://www.dwntme.com/h.Z0KvdwF 点击链接,再选择浏览器打开;或复制这条信息¥

I bought a ton of pieces from this shop, and I'll denote them with a 🐊 ok! The pieces are generally shit quality but cheap 😂

However, they look decent when worn.

So it's those kind of, buy already look chio but 2 months later you gotta throw away kind.

I dk why I'm in love with off shoulders (omg I have like 100000 in this parcel) but this one and the flare sleeved caught my attention!

Ok la, like I said, the material is those type of shit cheap material (lol) but it somehow looks super nice when worn.

I wear XL and it is slightly snug at the bottoms, and across the torso + arms.

Thinking of letting this go, so if anyone is interested, do comment and I'll list this up on my shopee!

The rust colour tho!♥️

Close up on the florals + bell sleeves!

I rate this a 6/10 LOL cos I'm abit too bahbah to fit into it. And the material is like….3/10

But value for money? 100% la I think this was barely $10 😂 before shipping.

White Off-shoulder Floral Dress 🐊

I dunno what made me buy this, but I think it might have something to do with the affordable price? 😂

Not really my style, but again, this shop makes magic with shitty material.

With the sash it's fab but without it looks like shite. So I am deathly afraid of losing the sash now 😂

http://www.dwntme.com/h.Z0KylQb 点击链接,再选择浏览器打开;或复制这条信息¥QqI90OhgETu¥后打开👉手淘👈

Not too shabby right?

Abit sheer so you can see my bright yellow strapless bralette (from OBC, launching soon) that I LOVE.

Wtf I feel like the only way I could find comfy lingerie is to make and design them myself. I've searched all my life for a good comfy strapless and never found it. Until this yellow one we made.

Seriously, multiple times today I checked to see if my bralette had fallen cos it felt like nothing was there. But the bralette was still there? 😂

Ok back to the dress, like I mentioned, it's gorg with the sash at the waist. But without I just look 100 months pregnant with a giant food baby.

If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll list it.

Btw this is a tad short for me after adding the waist sash and I'm 1.70 😂

The exposed rubber band at the cut out is ??? But idk why this shop just makes all the ??? look 💯 💯💯 and you end up being 😍😍😍

Lol I even told Daniel this piece was nice just now. Except it's short.

And idk why it makes me look very poofy. Maybe it's because…I'm a poofy person?

Black Off-shoulder Romper 🐊

If I could have a dollar for every off-shoulder item I bought this time round, I'd make back my shipping 😂

But ya, another off shoulder piece and another short piece even tho I said I wanted to stay away from short stuff??

When I'm shopping I just become another person ok.

http://www.dwntme.com/h.Z0qZ3Fn 点击链接,再选择浏览器打开;或复制这条信息¥Eozf0OhSzyc¥后打开👉手淘👈


I like it! Ok…I more than like it la 😂

I give this a 9/10 (minus 1 point for the still shit material)

But it's gorgeous leh!

I always think that off shoulders with a detachable sleeve (not part of the main body piece) always looks nicer and is more practical.

Downside is that my arms damn bahbah so it's always abit tight for me. Welp.

Yellow Wrap Skorts 🐊

Spot the Chanel hanger 😂

Anyway, this is a fake wrap dress hehe. But then can you tell I cannot resist anything with the fancy sleeves?

http://www.dwntme.com/h.Z0JcKQe 点击链接,再选择浏览器打开;或复制这条信息¥MssP0OSs55T¥后打开👉手淘👈

Haha, the yellow and yellow combi between my bralette and this romper is just ☀️☀️☀️☀️

Literally walking on sunshine.

The romper is slightly loose on me! So the neckline is a little wide and low but I like it!

Trying to show you the sleeves but failed at the focus.

But it's such a cute and happy piece 😂

I realised I can't bring myself to buy loads of red stuff for cny so I'll just buy all the bright coloured shizzle ☀️😍

Without the waist sash it doesn't look as nice.

Maybe cos it wasn't fitted enough, so the sash helps to define the waist.

Botanical Romper 🐊

One of my fav pieces from this haul!

It feels like crepe paper but so flattering when worn 😍 I kenot.

Just a note that all the photos were taken under very bright lights and even tho the material seems very thin, it's actually quite opaque.

http://www.dwntme.com/h.Z0JyUF8 点击链接,再选择浏览器打开;或复制这条信息¥SyMj0O7rnVg¥后打开👉手淘👈

Legit one of my fav pieces. So nice lah!

I have also realised that when I wear stuff that reveals my shoulders, I need to let down my hair. If not I feel very ~exposed~

But spaghetti straps are ok? #girllogic = #nologic

Love this piece btw.


~~~~~ I am beautifooollll no matter what you sayyyyyyyy ~~~~~~

Seriously in my own world.

I give this 9.8/10

Minus 0.2 because of the weird shitty fabric but still turns out looking nice on the body?


Buttoned Fish Tail Floral Skirt 🐊

High hopes for this skirt ah! Haha it looks really soft in the photo and I imagined it to be another material but it's the same weird material as the rest haha.

The buttons on this are fully functional and can be unbuttoned till it opens up fully like a butterflied chicken cutlet.

http://www.dwntme.com/h.Z0rothl 点击链接,再选择浏览器打开;或复制这条信息¥itHJ0OiOyYs¥后打开👉手淘👈

It's abit unforgiving ah haha cos the material is soft so it creases easily.

Can u see my belly lines.

Also, I paired it with an off shoulder I got from my haul so the colours very uh unique.

Daniel said…"wow, the colour pairing…very interesting ah" 😐

Say hello to my butt.

It's actually quite tight fitting but the buttons are stretchy so you don't have obvious stretch lines. Like the buttons gonna pop like that.

The bottom of the skirt has no buttons so there's sort of a slit at the fish tail portion!

Bell Sleeved Top 🐊

I don't particularly fancy tops with that stretchy stretchy material cos I always feel that they look very cheap 😂

But wait a minute. This top IS CHEAP.

So ok, I don't mind. Plus the bell sleeves negate the fact that there are scrunchiness all around.

http://www.dwntme.com/h.Z0IC5Fw 点击链接,再选择浏览器打开;或复制这条信息¥YIB50O82Ijb¥后打开👉手淘👈

Lol I lazy to match the top so I just wore it over the romper 😂😂😂 #lazyass

But hey! The colour not bad hor

2 tiered bell sleeves for $10?

Ok la take my money bah

Showing you the bell 🔔

Another Off-shoulder top 🐊

Is it got obsession with off shoulder? And funny sleeves?

I think yes.

http://www.dwntme.com/h.Z0H5ulb 点击链接,再选择浏览器打开;或复制这条信息¥n6n20OjIIem¥后打开👉手淘👈

I almost got this in yellow (again omg) but instead got it in this burnt orange shade which is gorg!

I like it! It's more forgiving than the red one I posted previously cos this one has flutters at the tummy and is loose fitting.

I got it in 2 colours, orange and blue.


I think I went a little overboard.

The sleeves tho.

I cannot decide if they look fab or they just look like the Michelin man.

Crochet Lace Dress 🐊 (sold!)

Omg I had so many takers for this dress when I said I couldn't fit.

So now's the time to take it off my hands hahah.

The material is not fantastic (but for that price lol it's damn good alr) but stretchy!

I was afraid the inner slip wasn't stretchy but it is.

http://www.dwntme.com/h.Z0Hmddi 点击链接,再选择浏览器打开;或复制这条信息¥7QmX0OQZtnJ¥后打开👉手淘👈

So it turns out that I fit!

But I still don't like it very much 😐😂

Cos the bodice is a little too short for me (it's meant for more petite girls) and I'm not used to wearing high necked stuff.

It is, very gorgeous tho!

The lace at the front is 😍

I want to love you, but you don't love me back 😐

So please hit me up on Telegram if you'd like to take this off my hands! Going for $14 inclsv of normal mail!

I also have this in cream 😐

Update! Both are sold!

Botanical Camisole 🐊

I had to control myself when getting this cos…I have the romper in the same print in black…

So I got this in white instead! 😉

http://www.dwntme.com/h.Z0FYoAP 点击链接,再选择浏览器打开;或复制这条信息¥OZ2a0OlWQSI¥后打开👉手淘👈

Sorry worst photo ever. Hahahahah I was getting tired towards the end #lazy.

But this top is ok! Not bad lor. Like not bad not good, I have a lot of this emotions during this haul 😂

The prints are nice! The cutting is a little weird tho! And their inner lining for the top stops mid bust which is just ?????????????

What were you thinking? 😂

Off-shoulder dress 🐊

One of my fav buys this time round as well! 😅

My mum says I'm very into this kind of loose loose dresses recently. Well….it's comfy what!

http://www.dwntme.com/h.Z0FFSja 点击链接,再选择浏览器打开;或复制这条信息¥eHue0OOYdmG¥后打开👉手淘👈

I got this in 2 colours and I already wore this 😅

It's abit short so I consider it as a top for me 😂 but if you're more petite it will be perfect as a tiny oversized dress. You know…that style?

But hor cos the elastic Criss cross.

Sometimes your flesh will be revealed, I even took a photo of the hole that appears 😅

When the top rides up your shoulders, the hole appears also.

Maybe that means….I'm too big for the dress? 😐

Also got it in blinding yellow.

Good for my husband to find me in a crowded mall!

Hehe. I love this top/dress thingy

I also got a few more non clothes items from this haul and I thought I'd just share them all!

Btw RMB I bought the blingbelle facial cleanser? Haha I really loved it so much, so I bought the tooth brush as well 😅

Blingbelle Sillicon Toothbrush

This baby has been really good to me! I've been looking forward to washing and scrubbing my face recent hahaha and now I look forward to brushing too!

It feels very different from a regular toothbrush and instead of brushing you feel like your teeth are being uh wiped haha. Got the squeak squeak squeak kind of sound.

And I've been feeling like my teeth are very clean!

Close up on the bristles!

I always have a phobia of mould growing on my toothbrush haha cos it's so damp and full of bacteria.

And once upon a time Daniel changed his toothbrush so regularly cos he had tonsillitis very often.

So this is anti bacterial Sillicon, and makes me feel safer even tho…idk what it is made of 😐

The battery lasts quite well! Longer than Daniel's electric toothbrush that costs 100$

Essential Oil Bottles

Bought a ton of amber glass bottles for super duper cheap this time round because I've been using essential oils for awhile now and I wanna get more bottles for all my mixtures.

This tiny dropper is darn cute??? I use it to store tea tree and bio oil at my bed side cos I always find having to pour out from a bottle very troublesome (either too much or need to touch the opening, very not hygeinic ah)

I think it's like $1 for like 5? I also got bigger dropper bottles for my hair oil

And also spray bottles!

But this mini dropper size is really my fav.

I've been wanting to share about the oils I use, but uh, I don't wanna open a world of pain to myself cos I know alot of people are buying oils from YL and Dottera which are MLM and quite pricey.

I buy all my oils off iherb so I don't wanna be seen as…not respecting the "gurus" haha.

I Google all the benefits of the different oils and blend my own to my needs so….😐

I just like using them cos they smell good!

Oh, one last dress I bought.

Haha which I didn't like 😅😅😅

It looks cool here but it made me look like a giant peach.

The peach in James and the giant peach.

Not a good look 😐

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