I'm opening a spree again 😂

Daniel says my backside is very itchy cos the last pyjama spree went a little above the amount I wanted to take in 😂

But because I want to get a few sets of the BB facial cleanser for my girlfriends as gifts, I thought I'd open a spree la.

Sensitive air shipping for products with batteries is quite expensive so I thought I would just take in a few more orders to spread out the shipping 😂

I was just talking to @gilliansng about lightening acne scars the other day cos I was so so so frustrated that the spots on my left cheek have been there for like the longest time. 😭

There was a period of time that I kept getting cystic acne on the cheek and it just NEVER GOT BETTER. I even spoke to @sweetpea for help and religiously used Tea Tree Oil to calm those cystics down but they kept coming back.

Plus, I kept getting pimples on my right cheek but they recovered damn quickly and the scars would just go off by themselves.

But the left cheek.

Dear god.

The scars just wouldn't go away 😭

This was taken during October last year and…can you see the horrific brown dot on my cheek?

It was really just very very dark and very big.

I was sad. Even my usual holy grail of bio oil every night didn't work 😭

Not even one bit.

Omg nice lashes,

But wah, look at that scar.

By this time it wasn't even pimples anymore. It was just scarring badly. 😭

I'm not naked ok, I'm just wearing an off shoulder haha.

This photo….depresses me.

Btw, I wanna say that I KNOW that I am still beautiful with or without the scars on my face,

I just didn't like it there cos I feel like I didn't take care of my skin cos when I have cystic acne, I'd squeeze and scratch and try to get all the gunk out and I think that was how my skin got so damaged and the scars got so dark and long lasting.

I'd legit try to break my skin to get the gunk out of the raised bump of acne 😑

Scrolling through my camera feed, I've also realised how the amount of selfies I took lessened because I was so upset with the brown splotches turning up and making me sad.

I legit didn't have any selfies between Dec to Jan (except my wedding ones) cos even with my amateur make up and concealer, the brown shadows still showed.


Even with professional make up, you could still see the little bit of shadowing on my left cheek.


I thought, this is it la. The brown spots and me are gonna be friends forever.

But this is how they look like today!

No filter, no beauty mode, no make up and uh I took this when I just woke up.

They are still there for sure, but I think they are lightening up quite well? Idk la.

Btw because I am so cheapo and refused to spend money on any products (also cos idk where to start 😑 so many scientific stuff to read up on!)

So I just stuck to my usual bio oil. For a period of time I gave up on it cos…it didn't work.

The only thing I changed was adding the facial cleanser to my routine.

I think maybe it helped to exfoliate the surface skin cells or whatever. Or may the scar was made darker cos I never wash my face clean enough (LOL)

But, on the first day I used it, I already told Adele and Daniel that I felt like my skin was instantly brighter and like the scars were lighter la.

Maybe placebo effect. But who knows!

I just wanna say that I really tested this for damn long before doing a thorough review but I really love this darn machine.

I've been reading a lot about the iuiga ones! That are quite popular here on #dayrebeauty also, but apparently that one vibrates 8k times a minute and the blingbelle vibrates 120k times a minute 😂😂

Idk how true la. But just nice I used this and it works so I'll stick to it!

Anyway if you wanna get one, I put it up on Shopee! Under my account also la 😂

I'm getting some for my friends and helping a few others to buy so why not lor.

It's really quite good la. I haven't charged since I got it and I've been using it 2-3 times daily (and Daniel also uses it) so I'm really quite impressed.

Haha, even got the toothbrush wts.

Lol you girls are darn fast!

Just opened the spree and already got notifications from shopee 😂 I don't really like using shopee very much as a merchant (I still shop on it alot) but it's convenient so….😂

Hehe I just used it to wash my face cos I'm headed to OHVOLA to do a restock (lol go to town must wash face 😂) and I wanted to take a video of how I use it but uh I'm damn clumsy and rushing for time so I didn't!

But here's how it looks like from real photos taken by me la! There's a furry top portion and a dashed raised bump bottom portion for massaging.

I don't really use the massage portion cos I'm very chop chop curry pok when I bathe but sometimes when my eyes are damn itchy I use it

Just lightly put on my eyes and let it vibrate for like 5 seconds. Lol.

DK if it helps but you know what, it makes me feel better 😂

My skin feels much cleaner and smoother (legit got difference) after washing.

The difference is so huge that once I left the cleanser at my new house and forgot to bring it make to my maiden home and I got damn sad.

I drove back in the middle of the night just to get it. 😑

I tried to tahan one day but then I couldn't stand it anymore.

Phew, just back from restocking at OHVOLA and came back with 2 gorgeous pieces????

Thank you la @smudgesticks and OHVOLA. So sweet to boring ol chow 😂 I didn't even put on make up to go to town cos…..#notime

Discount code

@sillyblurme found a discount code for shopee if you're joining the spree for the facial cleansers. It's 2018trend and 20% off I think! Capped at $5!

Idk if you'll be able to cancel your orders and place them again, but you can try! Sorry for the late information 😭

Btw! I wanted to add that I did notice that after 1 week of using I had 2-3 tiny little bumps on my LEFT CHEEK (again omg wtf) which might be what someone mentioned as a detox cos the cleaning is so intense.

But the pimples all damn manageable not the cystic kind and went away in 1-2 days.

Idk if it will happen for you, so please don't think it's some super tool or something cos I am not a skincare pro! It just works for me la! And some others who've bought it when I shared the link 🙂


I'm damn efficient! I picked up Joey's parcel just now and I came home to try and take pictures already!

Btw, OHVOLA is very nice to give me clothes to wear, but these opinions are my own hor! #sponsored

Firstly, the last time I chose stuff for myself from the website…I couldn't fit 2 out of the 3 pieces 😂

Ok I could fit 2 la but one was like so weird looking maybe cos it was designed for smaller ladies.

I kept one! Which I will share here also!

But Joey obv knows me well.

Cos this time she picked 2 for me and both fit and look gr8.


Thanks love, you know my body better than I know myself 😂

The Sherbet Fleur Backless Playsuit

This is the first one Joey picked for me cos it's backless and I've been wearing so many backless stuff ever since the cutlets!

Can I just be very very very honest that the reason I'm saying yes to this sponsored outfits is because I'm working with OHVOLA professionally and OBC's stuff are there on their racks hehe.

But that aside, I also wanted to show that PPGs can buy from local blogshops also.

The last time I purchased from a local brand (blogshop grown) was Love Bonito for my brother's wedding cos I needed a dress last minute.

I splurged on 2 and never wore them again cos they were an XL size but I think I needed an XXL but I squeezed myself inside.

Almost exploded, looked fabulous that night then never wore the dresses again.

I've tried clothes from other brands but they never fit me well and the first try with OHVOLA was disappointing also.

I really felt sad trying on.

Cos I felt like I was so ugly in the clothes. And I couldn't fit.

But with these that Joey picked for me, I'm happier!

(Tbh I wouldn't pay $60 for this on a normal day, but if I needed a nice fancy dress for an event and I couldn't Taobao, then yes. I would buy it. Especially after I tried it 😅)

Hehehehe I like it.

I never pulled off high collared outfits cos my boobs are big and the excess fabric always makes me look like a toad that sucked in too much air.

But this one is actually really flattering!

The size and length and everything fits well and the fabric is firm and sturdy. Confirm not like the Taobao rompers I love but know is of shit quality 😅

Just look at those sleeves? And the perfect length for the shorts?

And the open back?

Thank you heavens for giving me the chicken cutlet bralette so I can wear these outfits.

Ok you know what? If I tried this on in store, I would actually pay for it.

It's really……….berry gorgeous? Idk. I have owned such open backed dresses before but they've never been this flattering.

They usually make my back look damn huge cos it's exposed and then the front look damn poofy. But this one doesn't!

I am already thinking of an excuse to wear this 😅

$64.90 is really one of the pricier pieces they have in store. I think I will think about it for 5 days then buy it 😅

Btw can you see that I left the tag on? Cos I was scared I wouldn't like it then I would return it.

Don't waste ma!

Check out how huge the sleeves are 😅

I love doing these sleeved shots cos they are so fun! I love big sleeves.

I feel like I can hide a bun inside and nobody will know. Emergency food!

Btw this is my favourite piece out of the 3 I received!

Olivia Ruffles Off Shoulder Dress

Second piece Joey picked out for me! It's super cute and flowery and the price is easier on the stomach this time round haha.

I like the little ruffles at the hem and off shoulder la. Joey knows my style cos she reads all my Taobao hauls 😅

I'm not a model la, but this piece is surprisingly so fun to wear!

I'm thinking of whether to wear this to the flea this weekend haha. I need to dress up for fleas cos I think if I saw myself barefaced, I also wouldn't wanna buy anything from myself 😅

Close ups!

Haha it's wrinkly cos I didn't iron it 😅 but the material is not bad!

High stretch too so it doesn't feel like imma explode 😅

Ok last photo of myself in this dress 😅

Hehe what the why are all these pieces so flattering?

I like it!

Malone Drop Hem Dress

This was the dress I eyed the first time Joey told me to take a pick 😅

I'm still attracted to midi drop hem dresses la! And this one looks so yum!

It's actually a little like denim material and I like the little detailing at the hem that's different from the usual!

I've worn this about 7, 8 times since I got this!

Even wore it to the previous flea 😅 the material is thick and sturdy with a slight stretch.

I don't like how it changes colour when wet (most fabrics darken when wet and this one also!) Cos I sweat alot at fleas and uh it's obvious 😅😅

But cos the material is thicker it does make it harder to show sweat stains la.

So I approve.

Wts. I'm judging a dress by how sweat proof it is 😵


Ran out of slots for this yesterday, but I've opened a few more slots today.

These will be the last slots ok! No more then need to wait for a long time already haha. So please if you want it, go get it from shopee (my username is braintango) with the code 2018TREND!

Some girls commented on their experience with it below in the comments and so far it's been great! You can ask them about skin type if you want to! 😍

Back to ohvola….

It has a crossback design with adjustable shoulder straps!

I still find that the cutting is a little high in terms of neckline (I prefer something with lower neckline probably because I have a very long collar area 😅)

But it's comfy enough to wear! I wore it with the OBC cutlets la cos lazy to find a matching bralette. The Strappy bralettes go very well with the V necklines!


Hehe. I quite how the cross back makes the front look a little more halter like!

Hehe my fav part of this which is the hem!

It has a rugged kind of look which makes it look less feminine, more edgey.

Which is rare for this kind of drop waist hem dresses! Plus the denim like material really makes this look more masculine and edgey.

I tend to wear it for work when I need to move a lot cos midi length gives me a lot of freedom when I squat or whatever.

Wore it to restock at OHVOLA yesterday hehe.

Btw! You can score a $5 voucher for OHVOLA if you post a review or any try ons here on Dayre! Just gotta screenshot and send them an email and you'll receive a voucher!

So awesome right? Hehe. I would totally do it cos I wanna save money 😍

Spree updates!

Last I checked, the slots for the BB cleanser spree are full, but sometimes some girls will not complete their bank transfer and there will be some extra stock released so you can keep a lookout!

Uh, but idk why shopee has decided to limit/suspend my account (maybe cos some cancelled to use the discount code 😅) but I'm sorting stuff out with them now!

Will keep you girls updated!

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