Hey guys!

I'm back from our 2 day, 9 hour flea and I'm a little zombified cos we went straight back to work.

My sleep has been so disrupted during the weekends cos the bedsheets/bed in our new home is dusty from the days of moving etc so my sensitive eyes and nose cannot stop running and itching.

I've eaten more antihistamines this weekend than in the past month! I pop 5 before I sleep and another 3 before I wake up 😭

I started with just 2 but then it didn't work at all 😵

Btw! I'd also just like to say that…

My shopee account is back!

So there were some dingdongs and now I have my account back 😅

I think some girls didn't manage to complete the bank transfer so some of the facial cleanser slots are still open (last time I checked there were 3)

So you can go check it out if you are interested!

I've been thinking of sharing and coming up with one item I find each month.

Things I truly loved and found super useful, like the pyjamas last month and the facial cleanser this month!

Could be fun to do since I spend my free time trying out loads of stuff haha. I personally find it super satisfying to find things that work and are also pretty affordable. 😅

In other news…

The first batch of strapless babies came in yesterday and they are drop dead gorgeous?

The blue turned out even better than I expected and the matching detachable shoulder straps we had dyed add a perfect match. 😭

The bralette looks huge before you put them on, but once they are on, they provide the best coverage and support.

We also dyed the anti slip at the top band to match so the whole piece just looks amazing 😭

The Anniversary Strapless Bralette

I am seriously so in love with this, it's so well made and it fits so well (even lightly padded with a consistent one piece padding instead of removable ones) and is so sturdy, and well made.

I gave the team that made this a tiny bonus because, it is seriously, so much effort. You have your usual cool lycra lining and a peekaboo top and a ruffled band trimming.

I've been wearing the old yellow one I got from when we started testing the samples and prototypes.

And I'm still reaching out for them 😅 it's either that or the cutlets which I ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ so much too.

Aiya I'm just in love. It's been a pretty great 2018 for us so far and I'm just counting all my blessings.

They also come with matching detachable straps (wait, did I say that already) so they are more versatile.

As the name states, this is called the anniversary bralette because….we're celebrating our first anniversary and what better way to celebrate than with our first strapless right!

So these are available in blue and yellow. Yellow cos it's our brand colour! And we've never had a yellow one before. 😅

But! The nude/maroon paring is already in the making and so is classic black. ♥️

Here's one with the shoulder straps!

The thing is, when the first sample was made, I was shocked at how huge the bralette looked when I saw it.

But when I put it on it actually fits well and it fits great. Coverage, and it looks good too.

And then I realise that small sized things look aesthetically more pleasing…like baby clothes, and why when you do flatlays you choose XS instead of XL.

Maybe that's why strapless bralettes/cropped tops always look so small.

They also end up providing not enough support and coverage 😅

Specially had these anti slip bands put in and we use only the best so they don't shrivel up and curl into dried up scalloped wings 😅

Btw these anti slip bands really help! For the anniversary bralette, it holds up well even without the band, but with the anti slip it doesn't even budge or move.

The only gripe is that we chose a lace that isn't super stretchy (for better hold) so it's a little bit less flexible and easier to pull over the shoulders. But still ok!

The ruffles get to me every time haha. I love it.

We were discussing whether to add the ruffles cos it might be a little oestentatious. But I was like…it's our anniversary leh!!! Must be SHEEBABOOM


I also love how the padding and lining forms a little sweetheart design and then there's a lace on top of it!

Perfect for layering under the low cut outfits as well (tho I generally like it low cut hehe)

Aiya 😑 I just love it.

The back is completely unlined and sheer, so it doesn't get so warm (I'm really not used to padding it makes me feel so warm!)

The same ruffles can be seen on the back and it goes all the way round the bralette!

Bottom band isn't elasticised and is slightly looser so you don't feel so uncomfortable but because of the anti slip and the top band, the bralette feels secure and sturdy.

We have really limited quantities of this because we rushed out the first batch for cny (😭) so I will most probably have to give the first dibs to the girls in our #obchicks group.

But don't worry! We've already secured ample stock for the lace and will be producing this in more colours so it will definitely be available online as a staple!

Will share purchase details soon! So do stay tuned!

Just took some product photos and…this piece is really, a total, babe. ♥️

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