Woop! 🍊🍊

We just launched our last (I think?) collection for CNY and done and dusted with the ang gong gong designs!

We might have a mini Valentine piece coming up soon, coupled with some strapless ones that we're trying to squeeze out but the team is really working very hard so I'm just trying to let it be.

Pushing too hard breaks things and I'm not in the mood to have things break just before our cny holiday! πŸ˜…

One of the more unorthodox pieces we've launched for CNY / Valentine's is this Songbird Bralette!

Working with imported lace (French/Italian) is always so pricey and so so stressful cos you try to minimize wastage, but I always just like the experts do the job πŸ˜…

I can be very very naggy when I want things done a certain way, but I've learnt to control myself a lot more when it comes to #obc and running a team.

If you're working with someone because they have certain experties, then you got to trust them to do the best of their abilities.

I always find it so hard to let go because I'm such a huge control freak, but I'm learning!

And I hope that one day I will be better at managing others and myself. 😊

Today, a customer also messaged us on Instagram to let us know that under the influence of her friend, who insists that Brand X has better bralettes than #obc (even though said friend has never tried a bralette from us 😐) bought a >$60 bralette from said brand to try.

She had high hopes for it, because they recently branched out into plus sized bralettes, but apparently, it still didn't feel as sturdy and as well made as ours.

I don't usually like to compare, or share such messages,

But sometimes it really feels nice to be appreciated once in awhile.

We have been constantly improving on our designs and I dare say that we might have some of the best coverage bralettes in town, even tho some girls are a little shocked when they pick up our bralettes and the cups look like they are as big as their faces.

Again, we're hardwired into appreciating mini sized things. Miniature clothes, underwear. So much so that big sized stuff sometimes look extremely vulgar.

But I also dare say that when you put our bralettes on, we will shock you with comfort, coverage and a promise to pay attention not only to aesthetics, but always to practicality and your well-being first.


I sometimes feel like we can do better in terms of aesthetics, or how we choose to show our designs to the world,

But if I have the time now, I'd still dedicate it to customer support and product development.

Marketing is up on my list, but aesthetic appeal isn't. My job to make good feeling and good looking bralettes.

Making them look better on your screens than they look irl isn't my priority, so…sorry lah, you got to bear with my kind of aesthetic πŸ˜…

The Effort To Be Effortless

Since I'm already posting, I thought I'd just share about some of my thoughts this evening. Something that I've been reminding myself about and something I'd constantly want to keep in mind.

A long time ago, Daniel and I used to keep fit and healthy by running around my estate.

We'd gear up, exercise rights and running shoes, and start off on the rough tarred roads outside my house, making a pit stop at the nearest neighbourhood mall about 2km away, then making a trip back home.

Every time we neared the mall, we would pass by a bus stop and every time we did, I would make sure I held my breath so I didn't pant as much, and jogged as if I've been jogging for the past 100 years

Basically, I would put up a strong front and pretend that jogging, to me, was effortless.

Then, on one occasion, while doing up the whole show for my supportive crowd at the bus stop, whom I sure didn't give a rat's ass about me and my graceful running,

I fell.

I fell on my knees right in front of the bus stop and right in front of the strangers I were trying to impress.


It was hilarious. An old uncle even asked if I was ok and needed to go to the clinic 😐

Daniel, the non-teamplayer, had already ran in front of me and only noticed I fell when he turned around and I was still kneeling on the floor.

He asked if I was ok worriedly and even then, I tried to pretend that I was ok, even tho, there were two huge holes in my tights and my skin was horribly shredded.

I think I posted about this before when it happened.

You wanna know what the moral of the story is?

The moral of the story is, sometimes, the more effortless it seems for someone to do something the more effort they put in behind the scenes.

I was just scrolling through Velda's IG today after the whole OSN saga and I was wondering how she's so gorgeous, but not the kind that tries really hard.

You know how like most IG famous people are gorgeous, but you know they really put in effort to look wonderful and beautiful? Like xiaxue, peishi etc.

But V?

She just pulls off that no make up, effortlessly gorgeous look, WHILE looking super down to earth and capable.

It's really quite sick how she looks amazing with makeup, amazing without, before the pregnancy weight gain, after the pregnancy weight gain, right before delivery and right after as well.

And as someone who sucks at the whole IG game and ~aesthetic~ life, I just wonder if the effortless thing is truly effortless for her.

Someone else that I feel does this effortless thing very well is sherlynchanwp.

I first knew about her because Daniel was researching the house Reno and mentioned she has a nice place on Dayre. (btw Daniel is the more ~aesthetic~ and hipster person)

She really does the whole IG husband, IG home, IG life thing very well.

Even if it's just the 2 of them at home cooking a meal, they will still have perfect candid photos of both of them in the frame, laughing and posing while stirring pasta.

I on the other hand, will be wiping my sweat on my sleeve and cleaning sauce stains from my countertop and flour nuggets from my fingers

I always ALWAYS always look upon their perfect feeds, perfect photos and perfect lives with SO MUCH ENVY, because it always seems so easy for them.

So effortless.

Wanna look good in a picture? Just throw on some clothes and snap.

Don't even bother with make up and oh? Glasses? They just give that cute nerd hipster look anyway.

I on the other hand, look like smeagle being pulled out of his cave in the morning.

But the thing is, I don't think it's effortless to look so effortless at all.

In fact, when I think about how to recreate the shots logistically speaking, I shudder about how much trouble they've gone through just for it.

Setting up the tripod, setting up the camera, adjusting the angle, the lighting, the focus, the poses, the self timer, the smiles and the laughter.

Then comes post processing, setting up the laptop, transferring files, editing, cropping, posting.

Wah, thinking about it just makes me super tired.

I know people say that IG just puts up an unrealistic picture of what someone's life is like. And so many have stepped up to say that behind those pictures their life is a wreck,

But as someone who sees the pictures and doesn't create them,

It conjures up an image of someone we can never become and something we can never achieve.

And that's dangerous. Because nobody, not even the effortless goddess you see encapsulated in those perfect squares, is that effortlesss.

In other news…

These babies just came into my life!

In a previous post, I talked about trying out some mules cos uh, I realised there are some designs that are really not bad.

And this is one of the designs I picked! Real leather and I LUVVEM!!!

So bright and cheery!

Eeyer, it's so ridiculously happy looking I cannot!

I especially love the woven straps!

Close ups of the woven looking straps!

I'm really quite impressed cos usually the straps are not so well and perfectly put together and start fraying from the very get go,

But these ones are sturdy and gorg! My mum damn naughty she tried them on and asked me to buy one pair for her already πŸ˜…

Helps that it is genuine leather and she has a thing for shoes πŸ˜…

Hello you all very naughty leh. Link to the mules is in this post! @braintango:190118


My only peeve is that they came with this weird brand πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… but you know what, for 30sgd I can live with it.

The leather is a little too smooth so it creases slightly but I generally find it SUPER COMFY and soft and buttery.

Eh hehe.

They make my feet look so happy β™₯️

You can see the slight creasing on the leather already which I'm…so so about (same thing happened with my Emma Yao wallet and bag!) But ok la.

It's a tiny bit short for me πŸ˜… but my mother wants to steal it forself alr.

I'm convinced it will fit well once the leather is stretched hehe.

Also has a tiny tiny bit of heel!

The underside.

I think the grip is not too bad for a pair of pretty shoes!

Hehe you can also see that I got 40 which is the biggest size πŸ˜… I have big feet!

We've been really busy rushing out all the CNY orders and packing fortune boxes is always something that makes me so happy, but so sad at the same time.

Sad because the trial designs we made didn't make it to the final rack and sad because if I were my own customer and I received our fortune box, I'd be mad happy, but now I don't have the chance to experience that organic happiness anymore πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

But yes! They still make me happy!

There are some really really nice pieces in the fortune box, and sometimes I get so sad that they are put into a box and sold at such a low price.

But I think of how happy the recipients are and I feel slightly better hahahahaha. Slightly! But still better.

I cannot get over the business woman kiamsiapness πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Hehe also quite pleased with how the boxes turned out!

I cannot believe I went with millenial pink instead of OBC yellow πŸ˜… disappointed with myself πŸ˜…

But they seem popular enough!

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