I've been toying with an idea of creating an FB group for all the active dayreans so we don't lose contact even if some don't want to continue writing anywhere else.

FB now allows linking of groups (hence subgroups) so we can create beauty, home, brides, mummy groups on the main Dayre group and no matter where we post, Wordpres, Livejournal or even IG we can syndicate the posts into the respective, applicable groups.

Then again, so many things to think about and organized and facilitate.


Might as well…just see where this takes us, organically







I'm not sure if it will work, but you know what, just in case the plans to save it doesn't, maybe we can save the community?

The Facebook group can be assessed here >>


It's a private group for now, but if you want me to set it to public, please let me know in the group!

Also included, a short example on how to use the group functions.

Please try to follow it so everyone can find stuff easily! β™₯️


I know alot of you are uncomfortable with revealing all your FB info to people in a group.

You can circumvent this by creating a secondary FB account to join the groups!

I know it's troublesome, but I think it might be safer if you have a sensitive job πŸ˜…

Everyone gets to join!

No need to thank me!!

Hopefully this works up πŸ˜…

Oh btw those of you that ordered, they are here! But courier services have stopped 😭 so I'll only ship them out after CNY! 😭

But if anyone wants to self collect let me know! I'll be at my Simei home so we can meet at East point!

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