I woke up to an entire bunch of comments on WordPress and my heart broke.

Which is why I'm here to share a completely unpopular opinion.

Sorry Dayre, I won't miss you.

I'll miss the people and the stories and the things that made you so special,

But no I won't miss you.

And guess what? @blog, you don't deserve to have us.

Will I continue to post here if the petition works and Dayre is kept alive for…a year?


But it's definitely not for the square crop, the text limits or the fact that I'll have to change the dates to update an older post.

It's for the people, and the community and that's kind of the saddest part.

But Chow, Dayre gave you everything!

So many of you (who've become my friends + tenantroomie @ellenxxxo) messaged to tell me Dayre is closing down.

Almost as if you were breaking tragic news to someone fragile.

"Sorry, but your loved one is braindead"

I'm not sure what the intended reaction was supposed to be, but I definitely was shocked because I thought the management wouldn't be foolish enough to abandon a user base so fiercely loyal (and easily capitalizable)

But obviously, I was wrong.

To be able to frivolously, out of the blue, declare that

"Oh hey, you didn't give us enough money, so we're shutting this down. Bye!~"

We're putting our faith in the wrong God.

A lot of people think that because OBC was built on Dayre (built ON not built BY), I'd have a lot of attachment to this platform.

Also, because I have 9000 followers, I'd miss the fame (what fame LOL flame more like it).

But last night, when Daniel asked me if I was sad that something I've been using so often was going to cease to exist,

My answer was…no. And I'm happy that I'm not sad.

Let's Not Talk Business

By that, I mean let us PLEASE talk about business.

I don't know a lot about what's happening, I don't analyse financial reports and I don't look at stock prices.

All I know is, if a company cannot fork out 150k to save something with such a huge user database (that's active and LOYAL and profitable), then there's something seriously wrong with it.

Plus, the fact that they sold stickers to try to raise 150k?

And not let us know that their target is 150k?

🙌 <— we were asked to help reach a target we didn't even know exist.

But that aside, I'm happy people care about the community enough to start petitions.


But if you manage to pay for this year's maintainence fees, what about the year after?

What about server upgrades when the user base grows?

What about new features? Bug fixes? New manpower?


It's like the boy who plugged his finger into a hole to save that damned dam.

In a fairytale, it works.

In our messed up reality, the dam comes crumbling down and drowns the boy.

I'm not going to deny that I'm saying it won't work (woo, double negatives),

I'm saying it won't work.

Or at least this outsider thinks it won't work.

Plus, I think the problem goes way beyond Dayre.

Oh, btw, have I also mentioned how long it'd take to even start up a subscription gateway going?

Way too much work for people who have already decided that they don't want to run this app any more.

(Btw, if you want to look at stock prices and financial analysis, look at @fitrikhamis ' post)

The people who mind don't matter and the people who matter don't mind

I'm pretty sure we'll be able to find each other (if we want to la!) somewhere else.

Whether on IG, on weblogit (lol), WordPress (which I'm on!), Facebook, Telegram, whatever other platforms!

And the people who love reading each other's posts enough will definitely be able to hunt you guys down.

It might not be as easy or as convenient as it used to be,

but love is never easy!

To the people who say we're just complaining about management…

Yes I'm complaining.

And seeing how it is already a lost cause (I actually encouraged the sticker sale previously!) I think it's…human for me to complain at this stage?

"Eh Chow, why don't you shut your trap and talk about how we can raise funds to save dayre? Put your marketing skills to good use, you see people like SGBB are going to pitch to investors etc leh, why you just sitting here whining"

Thing is, even if we raise the money, who knows if netccentric is going to take the money?

Omg skali we crowdfund (which I will contribute if there is an official statement from Nuffnang/Netccentric) and then it's a one sided love story and the money just sits there and the person who manages it is STRESSED AF.

And when I said get a rich guy to buy Dayre? That is if they pay enough for something like an unprofitable app that needs awhile to start monetizing.

Oh, and that is IF netccentric wants to sell Dayre.

Idk, don't you think the company would have tried already?

How do you buy something from someone who doesn't want to sell? (ok la I am just speculating I don't know how businesses work, maybe you can forceful takeover or whatever thing it is)

But at the moment, it feels a little too late for that if the deadline given is what…28 Feb?

Also, idk how come they cannot just leave the app up and let it die naturally. Why shut it down?

Aiya, but what do I know right?

I'm just one user…

If dayre stays, yay!

Thank you to all the people who've helped to keep it.

But if not, we got to move on too.

Btw, I really do like @charlottewangwang 's initiative which is to post every day until Feb 28 which I think I might do as well.

Stressful, but you know what, for old time's sake la!

I've started writing on WordPress, as have quite a few others and I'm happy to see that we are making it work 🙂

Instead of hashtags, wordpress searching posts for keywords so if you'd like to # something you still can.

And if you're looking for dayreans, just search Dayre on your reader and you'll find some who've just moved over!

True to our old homely souls, we stayed in the entire day today and felt super happy.

Only time we went out was to buy ingredients for dinner haha.

The toomie (tenant roomie) came back today and we had dinner together and started talking about Dayre.

Seems like with SGBB, our chances of finding a rich guy to buy over Dayre might truly be coming true.

Hopefully it's new owner (if it exists) deserves this loyal pool of users! ♥️

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