$2 Make Up For My Other Home

I am not a make up junkie.

Oh no no no

Heck I don’t even know how to apply eyeshadow properly so I don’t look like I got punched in the face.

So a beauty type post is completely out of my league…

Unless of course, you tie it in with being a #cheapochow


Yes, that sounds more like me now.

Nonetheless, living in 2 places now means I lug a lot of things with me when we’re deciding to spend a night at the new place.

One of them is my skincare and make up bag.

I’ve successfully duplicated most of the essential oils I frequently use by decanting them into smaller bottles, but the make up, idk how to duplicate.

So while heading over to Daiso to search for my eyebrow pencil (cos I ran out), I decided to try out some stuff to create a duplicate make up pouch for my other home. πŸ˜…

Excessive but hello? Fun!

Eyebrow Pencils

The first item I needed to get was an eyebrow pencil cos I’ve used up mine, but the old one I used to use from daiso was nowhere to be seen so I tried this one instead.

God knows what flat eyebrow means but God this is good!

Shiqi, Ellen and I had a little try of these last night and it turned out creamy, easy to apply and super blendable???



This is how much product you get for $2. Which is a lot hor.

More than my Etude House one, which is not expensive, but only left like half.

It’s even better than my old pencil and I think I love it already! Gonna go back to hoard a few more in case they decide to pull them off the shelves πŸ˜…


Ellen took out her HOLY GRAIL eyeliner which she has been using since she was 13 (or is it 14) because she wanted to challenge the Daiso one and hiak hiak.

Sorry, Daiso one won.

But here’s a comparison just for recording purposes.


Here’s the Daiso one, which I got cos my cousin recommended it on her IG Stories and HALO, I trust this cousin 100% LOL. Even though we’re not close.


I think it has a pretty usual kind of tip for a liquid liner, but since I’ve been using my hilarious NYN one from BKK, I’m more used to felt tipped marker type liners instead.


Not bad leh, it’s very dark, thick and precise.


It’s an egg, not a flower 🍳

The Rival – From Mustafa


This is the one that @ellenxxxo gifted me. From Mustafa for $4.50!

They are actually very very similar!



Except that this formula is a little thinner so it took about 3-4 times to get a solid line.


After some SUPER intense rubbing (I not kidding wan).

The mustafa one on top and Daiso below. Daiso held up better!

Both were equally easy to remove as well!


16 thoughts on “$2 Make Up For My Other Home

  1. Which brush cleaner??? Please share! I bought all the products that you gave thumbs up to (if I can find them) πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜† Love all your products sharing!

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