If you girls need anymore cny cookies, my friend @chingzx who bakes these salted egg cookies, has extras of some bakes and is looking to clear them off!

My favourites are the Florentines and the cheese cookies this year!

Last year I ate 100 salted egg cookies ๐Ÿ˜…

My new mules came!

I shared a little about it on my WordPress as well!

These little waves caught my heart. I had initially wanted the mustard pair.

But I already have another yellow pair!

My mum says it makes my feet like like a witch's feet but she subsequently ordered another pair for herself ๐Ÿ˜…

I like it!

Daniel's Valentine's present to me today.

It's super rare cos he never gets me presents ๐Ÿ˜… only food.

So I accept this offering of high quality chocolate ice cream. I love it.

My present to Daniel?

Freshly washed laundry and a hot meal!

A little bit of junk food for the special day.

Corned beef hash! With uh lentils and rice which are not pictured.

I'm pairing my chocolate ice cream with these AMAZING sables from The Pattisier's Muse whom is owned by @seeintear 's lovely friend!

I got to know her store during our previous fleas and I bought 3 packs of her sables cos they are really fucking good.

My favourites are the Hojicha, Chocolate and Noisette (hazelnut) ones.

This is the Noisette and it's so good.

You know how some cookies are like hazelnut flavour but not shiok and not strong.

These are BAM in your face good and the ingredients are damn high quality and damn damn damn good.

Not jelat.

Really good.

I ate the whole bag of hojicha alone.

And refused to share.

Hojicha still my ultimate fav. Abit mroe expensive compared to the chocolate but so good.

Please find her on IG if you wanna buy cookies!


I really love these cookies!

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