Just a little announcement, that the fortune boxes from OBC are restocked!

We try to meet the demand but these have been super hot recently so do head on over to the site if you're interested!

My neighbour (😂) and friend, Hilary @tieponytail is also doing a giveaway for the fortune boxes so you can head over to try your luck if you think you can be double huat!

@themerrymaker also previously did a giveaway so many chances to win these boxes!

Lol I stuffed her box to the max cos I gave some stuff to Laurel also. Like the egg bag hahahahahahaha.

About The Fortune Box

Some people love it, some people hate it.

We've had customers who love the boxes so much, they've bought 4 since its inception.

And we also have girls who buy the box and are extremely disappointed in them.

I'm not going to mince my words when I say that yes, girls have been coming to us with feedback on how the box didn't meet their expectations and could only fit 2 out of the 5 they received or that the designs were similar, only differences in colour.

In all honesty, the fortune box is a fun and novelty product which we describe in the product page as great for customers who have tried and loved bralettes and want a little more excitement in terms of designs.

Or for people who just want some fun in their lingerie cupboard.

Because the sizing is more generic, in S M and L, certain designs won't fit as well and some might not fit at all.

Comparing this with a starter kit is also incomparable cos the starter kit is custom picked!

But yes! It's quite a fun thing to buy and have fun with (considering it's always $9 or less for each bralette) so have fun!

Quality wise, I'd always say that the OBClassics have the best quality in store and are really just different from everything else we've tried.

Btw I've opened up more slots for the cleanser on shopee because some of them came damaged and I'm arranging for replacements to be sent over so might as well la.

For the girls who wanted these, you can now cart them out on my shopee account, braintango!

Happy New Year guys!

My favourite accessory this new year. 😂

Btw, I've found the perfect fake lashes for my spectacles!! They are short enough so my eyes don't look crazy and they don't hit my specs yas!

I've been wearing them every day since Chu Yi and I luvvem.

Nothing beats China lashes and lash glue. Even the ones I used on my wedding day didn't last as long as the ones I get from China.

Ya la maybe my eyes will drop off but……….😅 Till then.


Heh my ootd for chu yi was a last minute purchase from #taobao that I got my dad to lug back for me.

Really my favourite dress from all the hauls!

Midi length, and the two solid chevron lines at the V neck are just ♥️

Plus the material at the V is very solid so it doesn't fold.

Pet peeve tho is that the straps were so short I had to snip them off half way and did a quick DIY to change them.

Lucky for me the strapless bralette straps are in this gorgeous shade of blue that went with the dress!

Didn't even sew, just safety pinned hehe.

My go to huat item for CNY are these earrings from Revelle.co #notsponsored

Hehe I met @joycelynthiang at our last flea and went to shop all the nice earrings!

I've been going for all the big fluffy and absorbent earrings because I like to drop essential oils on them and have them diffuse throughout the day.

I used peppermint when I had allergies and it really helped!

Lemon and ylang ylang also helps with making me less moody and more cheery.

Very useful when socializing 😐😅😂

@ellenxxxo damn spoil market 😅

I told her I wanted some obiang cny decor in the house cos I love obiang and huat stuff, so she went down to taka to get these from her cousin's shop!

So extravagant and so generous la!

If left to me, the house would be seeing plastic red pinapplles instead of these super gorgeous embroidered stuff!

Our chapalang centerpiece in the access balcony.

The duilians from Ellen as well. I'm gonna keep and reuse them every cny.

The zcm was handcarried back by my father haha. It's my favourite! It has a lot a lot a lot of accessories and is super duper cute. ♥️♥️

I feel damn happy seeing it.

We used to have a plant next to the cat that belonged to Daniel but uh, it's dead now.



I've been cooking a lot the past week because bring along at home with a great kitchen….

It's a sin not to cook!

Pressure cooker congee is my specialty and Ellen and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Daniel…not so much. He hates sick people food, but I love it

Shared the recipe on my wordpress because lazy to re-type in chunks 😂

We also hosted on Chu San at our place which were supposed to consist of my immediate family and Dan's immediate family.

But somehow the chows with 3 children and 3 gfs/wives and children exploded the place into 16 people and killed us.

We bought 250$ (5kg!) worth of crabs from Evergreen Seafood and Daniel died cleaning and killing it.

Wah I hate the smell of raw seafood so much.

Pictured is the crab beehoon soup (@baobaosaur I know you cooked this also! Damn also wts I saw your post and I was like 👏👏)

And behind, mala shuizhuyu.

Our family loved seafood but FAKKKK I hate cleaning seafood.

I keep thinking that I smell seafood in the house even tho we washed the sinks with dettol, baking soda and vinegar multiple times,

All the cutlery twice

And washed and microwaved all the cloths.

Also steamed some rabbit fish aka 白肚鱼 🐟

Cos apparently it's what they eat during CNY and the girl at evergreen recommended it so…

Take la!

Wah but seriously, after washing all the fish (plus 3 huge fillets for the shuizhuyu) and crab and clams

Daniel and I didn't touch any of the seafood during dinner.

Really cannot stomach after seeing all the crab guts 😐 🦀

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