What Up Saturday? / Goobycakes

Bestfriend Chen and I spent the entire night (6 hours!) chatting away yesterday, over some Desperados and Tequila shots last night and it was such a soul fulfilling night.

I was showered with a lot of cat love (rare, but very real) because bestfriend Chen isn’t the most affectionate of people, but once in a while she shows the most genuine of affections and it makes me feel very very loved and appreciated.

Ahhhh. Nights like this.

Oh, the picture above? That’s my breakfast today. Leftover congee I cooked for Ellen before I left home. It is super easy and super yummy.

Just throw a bunch of dried scallops, ikan billis, goji berries, oyster sauce and some seafood soy sauce into the pressure cooker, along with rice to water ratio of 1:7.

Keep pressure time of about 30 minutes and then you’re done! Don’t even need to look at it 😂

Easy to cook, good to store in the fridge (although my mum insists that you can’t keep porridge 😂) and easy to reheat for a warm easy meal whenever you want it ♥️

Putting the Fun in Chee Cheong Fun

I messaged Missgoob to reserve some of the cheese buns she’s making this weekend so I thought we’d head down to my favourite CCF place at Holland Drive Food Centre to grab the Tobiko Roe Smoked Salmon CCF for her too hehe ♥️

This is my absolute favourite CCF place. The rolls are so smooth and soft and the sauce is sweet and slightly salty. I love it!

The Tobiko and Smoked Salmon one costs $5 for 2 rolls which are handmade on the spot. Abit pricey but it’s so shiok! The little bursts of Tobiko Roe and the cooked smoked salmon (I don’t like raw ones) are sweet and savoury and tastes like the sea.

Paired with the soft cheong fun and it’s HEAVEN.

A new flavour I tried today was the Chang wrapped Chang haha which is liver sausage inside the Cheong fun.

I was surprised by how creamy and tasty the liver sausage was and how it wasn’t too overpowering because they put just the right amount. 😭

This was $6 for 2 rolls which is…also pricey! But if you don’t like these fancy things, you can go for the regular charsiew and prawn!


We dropped by Goobycakes after breakfast to collect these gorgeous Brazilian Cheese Baked Buns that were the specials this weekend!

I first fell in love with these cheese balls when they served them piping hot at the Carnivore buffet. Fuck, I loved these buns more than the meat itself.

So when Missgoob put up a post for these, I immediately messaged her 😂

The buns are really good! Not the usual fluffy buns, it’s really just Brazilian style and super chewy and salty and great ♥️♥️

Thank you Missgoob!!!!!!!!!! 😭

She also gave me a cheesekek brownie which is 😚😚😚😚😚 omg we finished half of it in a night. Paired with ice cream, warmed up in the microwave, so…freaking good.

I warmed mine up in the microwave so it was soft and slightly gooey and so frickin delicious!

Paired with my all time favourite Valhorna ice cream and I just want to cry with happiness. Food really just makes me really happy ♥️

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