Be your own anchor

Sometimes, we let people creep into our lives. Slowly, day by day, you get so used to the fact that they will always be around. That they are constants and they will always have your back, hold your hand.

You wake up, and you go about your day, expecting everything to be the same. That when you go to sleep that night and wake up tomorrow, the same people are in your lives, the same routines are set in place.

Then you realise one day, you’ll go to sleep and everything will change.

We cannot expect the people in our lives to always stay. And sometimes, no matter how hard you try, or how much you want to give in, they leave anyway.

It’s not that they want to, it’s not that they have to. But they do so any way. And suddenly, you feel like like you’ve been left to float in an endless sea.

Some days, it will make you feel liberated and free. Like you’re able to go anywhere, do anything, without having to think about what someone else might feel.

And on other days, you feel lost, like a light breeze will send you miles toward a direction you’re not ready to head. Lying on your back, you’ll lose sight of goals, milestones and accomplishments.

When those days come, I hope you’ll remember that finding a place to land is as easy as dropping the anchor you carry within yourself. That you’ll no longer need other people to help you figure out where you are in life and where you can be.

Find your own ground, be your own anchor.

5 thoughts on “Be your own anchor

    1. Hey! You’re most welcome. Sometimes we get too caught up in being around others that we forget that it’s actually ok for us to be alone 🙂

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