What If There’s No Afterlife

I’ve been trying to write more frequently recently. Mainly because I’ve begun to realise that words don’t come as easily to me like they used to, and sometimes I find myself hesitating mid-sentence looking for a word to express my thoughts and emotions, only to have them come out empty.

It’s quite a terrifying feeling actually. To know that there’s a particular adjective lurking somewhere in the depths of your mind, yet when you reach in to look for it, you can’t seem to remember where you’ve placed it. I’m hoping writing will help bring back the familiarity I used to have with words and ease me back into the routine of documenting some of the interesting discussions I encounter.

Just yesterday, Daniel asked me if life as we know it would be vastly different if as humans, we knew with absolute certainty that the possibility of an afterlife did not exist.

My answer was a definite yes.

Not thinking required. It would definitely, 100% change the way I lead my life.

Firstly, I think I wouldn’t be so hung up about being around and alive if I knew there were no consequences to death. And that all it brought about was the cessation of my existence.

I’m afraid to die because I am afraid of the unknown that comes with death. I’m not sure if life after death will be worse than the current life I’m living. And when you assume that the possibility of hell is very real, you generally want to stay away from it as long as possible.

But if hell doesn’t exist, and I struggle with my daily life and feel that there’s no escape from the tortures that life brings, I’ll end it. Simple as that. When a game isn’t worth playing or doesn’t bring you as much pleasure as it does, then you end the game. That’s my first reaction to the thought of having no life after death.

We brought up this discussion again today during game night with some friends. Which led us to the discussion that a lot of what we do as humans are motivated by the concept of accumulating karma and the promise of an afterlife that is equivalent to going to heaven.

We do good deeds most of the time because we fear the punishment and judgement that religion leads us to believe will happen after death. But also because of the promise that good will be rewarded thereafter.

The afterlife gives this life meaning. Which is warped to say, because shouldn’t we just enjoy our life and give it meaning just because we exist?

But I guess sometimes we all need something bigger than ourselves, bigger than our existence to help us believe that there is a bigger plan for everyone. And if we can’t find it in this life, then perhaps our only hope is in the life that comes after.

3 thoughts on “What If There’s No Afterlife

  1. i, for one, am happy you’re writing more as i’ve always enjoyed it since i followed you on dayre a few years back. πŸ™‚
    i’ve the same thinking as you too. i guess people need the concept of afterlife so that they feel less insignificant or small.
    for me, i choose to believe that there’s no afterlife and i simply cease to exist when i die. and so, i will have to maximise the little time i have here now. πŸ™‚ take care chow!

    1. I’m happy I’m writing more too! More to look back on. Such positive thinking hahaha. I’m a pessimist by nature so thinking positively is something I have to constantly remind myself to do. But I find it gets easier with time!

      Happy to connect with you via WordPress too!

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