XNKL! 🍊🍊

I think I overdosed on festive clothing while trying to find the perfect outfit for CNY. 😅

I’m not sure why I’m so commited to wearing red during this festive season, because most of my wardrobe (like the general population) is monochrome.

But it kind of makes me happy to find an excuse to look out for brighter colours and prints.

Gifts From My Toomy

I’ve heard all sorts of horror stories about renting your house out. To strangers to friends, and stories of best pals turning against each other because they live together.

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Just a little announcement, that the fortune boxes from OBC are restocked!

We try to meet the demand but these have been super hot recently so do head on over to the site if you're interested!

My neighbour (😂) and friend, Hilary @tieponytail is also doing a giveaway for the fortune boxes so you can head over to try your luck if you think you can be double huat!

@themerrymaker also previously did a giveaway so many chances to win these boxes!

Lol I stuffed her box to the max cos I gave some stuff to Laurel also. Like the egg bag hahahahahahaha.

About The Fortune Box

Some people love it, some people hate it.

We've had customers who love the boxes so much, they've bought 4 since its inception.

And we also have girls who buy the box and are extremely disappointed in them.

I'm not going to mince my words when I say that yes, girls have been coming to us with feedback on how the box didn't meet their expectations and could only fit 2 out of the 5 they received or that the designs were similar, only differences in colour.

In all honesty, the fortune box is a fun and novelty product which we describe in the product page as great for customers who have tried and loved bralettes and want a little more excitement in terms of designs.

Or for people who just want some fun in their lingerie cupboard.

Because the sizing is more generic, in S M and L, certain designs won't fit as well and some might not fit at all.

Comparing this with a starter kit is also incomparable cos the starter kit is custom picked!

But yes! It's quite a fun thing to buy and have fun with (considering it's always $9 or less for each bralette) so have fun!

Quality wise, I'd always say that the OBClassics have the best quality in store and are really just different from everything else we've tried.

Btw I've opened up more slots for the cleanser on shopee because some of them came damaged and I'm arranging for replacements to be sent over so might as well la.

For the girls who wanted these, you can now cart them out on my shopee account, braintango!

Happy New Year guys!

My favourite accessory this new year. 😂

Btw, I've found the perfect fake lashes for my spectacles!! They are short enough so my eyes don't look crazy and they don't hit my specs yas!

I've been wearing them every day since Chu Yi and I luvvem.

Nothing beats China lashes and lash glue. Even the ones I used on my wedding day didn't last as long as the ones I get from China.

Ya la maybe my eyes will drop off but……….😅 Till then.


Heh my ootd for chu yi was a last minute purchase from #taobao that I got my dad to lug back for me.

Really my favourite dress from all the hauls!

Midi length, and the two solid chevron lines at the V neck are just ♥️

Plus the material at the V is very solid so it doesn't fold.

Pet peeve tho is that the straps were so short I had to snip them off half way and did a quick DIY to change them.

Lucky for me the strapless bralette straps are in this gorgeous shade of blue that went with the dress!

Didn't even sew, just safety pinned hehe.

My go to huat item for CNY are these earrings from Revelle.co #notsponsored

Hehe I met @joycelynthiang at our last flea and went to shop all the nice earrings!

I've been going for all the big fluffy and absorbent earrings because I like to drop essential oils on them and have them diffuse throughout the day.

I used peppermint when I had allergies and it really helped!

Lemon and ylang ylang also helps with making me less moody and more cheery.

Very useful when socializing 😐😅😂

@ellenxxxo damn spoil market 😅

I told her I wanted some obiang cny decor in the house cos I love obiang and huat stuff, so she went down to taka to get these from her cousin's shop!

So extravagant and so generous la!

If left to me, the house would be seeing plastic red pinapplles instead of these super gorgeous embroidered stuff!

Our chapalang centerpiece in the access balcony.

The duilians from Ellen as well. I'm gonna keep and reuse them every cny.

The zcm was handcarried back by my father haha. It's my favourite! It has a lot a lot a lot of accessories and is super duper cute. ♥️♥️

I feel damn happy seeing it.

We used to have a plant next to the cat that belonged to Daniel but uh, it's dead now.



I've been cooking a lot the past week because bring along at home with a great kitchen….

It's a sin not to cook!

Pressure cooker congee is my specialty and Ellen and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Daniel…not so much. He hates sick people food, but I love it

Shared the recipe on my wordpress because lazy to re-type in chunks 😂

We also hosted on Chu San at our place which were supposed to consist of my immediate family and Dan's immediate family.

But somehow the chows with 3 children and 3 gfs/wives and children exploded the place into 16 people and killed us.

We bought 250$ (5kg!) worth of crabs from Evergreen Seafood and Daniel died cleaning and killing it.

Wah I hate the smell of raw seafood so much.

Pictured is the crab beehoon soup (@baobaosaur I know you cooked this also! Damn also wts I saw your post and I was like 👏👏)

And behind, mala shuizhuyu.

Our family loved seafood but FAKKKK I hate cleaning seafood.

I keep thinking that I smell seafood in the house even tho we washed the sinks with dettol, baking soda and vinegar multiple times,

All the cutlery twice

And washed and microwaved all the cloths.

Also steamed some rabbit fish aka 白肚鱼 🐟

Cos apparently it's what they eat during CNY and the girl at evergreen recommended it so…

Take la!

Wah but seriously, after washing all the fish (plus 3 huge fillets for the shuizhuyu) and crab and clams

Daniel and I didn't touch any of the seafood during dinner.

Really cannot stomach after seeing all the crab guts 😐 🦀

Valentine’s & Reunions

Daniel and I never really celebrate Valentine’s Day. 😅

Our idea of a Valentine’s is to spend it at home, on the couch, watching TV and eating ice cream + home cooked food.

And I think we did that this year. In our own pace nonetheless!

Husband Ng outdid himself this Valentine and came home with not one, but 3 pints of ice cream.

I had to remind him to bring me a surprise cos it’s valentine’s. If not I think he will come home with only smelly gym socks and clothes as a present 😅


Corned Beef Hash

While Daniel was out, I made Corned Beef Hash!

Uh, it’s not healthy despite being home cooked so we only save it for special occasions 😅

Easy to make tho!

You just need:

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If you girls need anymore cny cookies, my friend @chingzx who bakes these salted egg cookies, has extras of some bakes and is looking to clear them off!

My favourites are the Florentines and the cheese cookies this year!

Last year I ate 100 salted egg cookies 😅

My new mules came!

I shared a little about it on my WordPress as well!

These little waves caught my heart. I had initially wanted the mustard pair.

But I already have another yellow pair!

My mum says it makes my feet like like a witch's feet but she subsequently ordered another pair for herself 😅

I like it!

Daniel's Valentine's present to me today.

It's super rare cos he never gets me presents 😅 only food.

So I accept this offering of high quality chocolate ice cream. I love it.

My present to Daniel?

Freshly washed laundry and a hot meal!

A little bit of junk food for the special day.

Corned beef hash! With uh lentils and rice which are not pictured.

I'm pairing my chocolate ice cream with these AMAZING sables from The Pattisier's Muse whom is owned by @seeintear 's lovely friend!

I got to know her store during our previous fleas and I bought 3 packs of her sables cos they are really fucking good.

My favourites are the Hojicha, Chocolate and Noisette (hazelnut) ones.

This is the Noisette and it's so good.

You know how some cookies are like hazelnut flavour but not shiok and not strong.

These are BAM in your face good and the ingredients are damn high quality and damn damn damn good.

Not jelat.

Really good.

I ate the whole bag of hojicha alone.

And refused to share.

Hojicha still my ultimate fav. Abit mroe expensive compared to the chocolate but so good.

Please find her on IG if you wanna buy cookies!


I really love these cookies!

Of Anons, Baos and New Shoes

Last night, before I went to bed at a very teenager timing of 2am, I made a huge mistake of idling and scrolling through Dayre.

Because, through the community page, I saw that someone who follows me (and whom I follow back) had liked a post with a weird title.

And so, I went to click on that post.

Worst decision ever.

Or maybe best, considering how reading her post gave me the final push I needed to delete Dayre and remove it from that sweet spot on my phone and replacing it with a work related app.

So now every time I reflexively open the app placed in the spot, I’m reminded that less Dayre, more work which might be a good motto to follow in 2018 (hello! CNY not here yet means it’s not too late for new year resolutions!)

The Power of Anonymity

Anyway, back to the post.

Basically it contained alot of identifying (owner of OBC, and even calling my family name, chow!)

And a lot of name calling (scheming businesswoman, shameless, and even attacking my body positivity angle as well as my poor poor flabby belly).

All because I said I wasn’t sad Dayre was closing down. And because I didn’t give back to Dayre when it gave me so much.

I thought I’d lose sleep after reading the post because it’s mean, she identified me on social media and called me names and spread lies.

But in the end, I fell asleep within minutes of my head hitting the pillow and didn’t wake up till morning light streamed in and my husband sprayed my facial mist on my face 😂

Good job chow!

Sorry, you tried.

I know you tried to rile me up behind your account of anonymity and who knows, you might be lurking on WordPress as someone else, but you know what.

Thank you!

Thank you for reminding me that the fear of cyber bullying is real and that I need to do my part in stopping the name and shame movement.

And also, for reinforcing the fact that despite having a wonderful community, Dayre is also filled with drama and people who like to go back and forth on their opinions and also…name shame.

Anyway, let’s get back to more important things…

Like my favourite bao!

I got mine from Giant so if you’re interested you can try too! It’s got this very exquisite mushroomy taste from the vegetables that frankly is my kryptonite.

I love it. And I want to buy 100 packs of these to keep in my fridge!

Oh and btw! If you’re a home owner, please consider getting this Hitachi multi use oven and microwave thing.

It steams, grills, ovens and microwaves all in one. Really saves alot of space in your kitchen!

New Mules!

Look what came in the mail today! My new mules!

I ordered them the same time as the other yellow pair I got, but these came a little later cos the seller was being a weirdo.

The little wavy details name up for the fact that the thread used is white and that the brand name is ridiculous 😅

But you know what, they are beautiful when worn so I give them a 9/10 rating.

I really like these shoes! Although my mum says they make her look like a witch 😅

Yes she’s been stealing my shoes to wear!


Link to shoes here~

Yesterday, someone sent in a photo with her ultimate fortune box win, with 10 bralettes inside the box 😂😂😂

I was damn shocked even tho I knew there were boxes with 10 bralettes inside, but haha to see them all laid out like that. 😭 I also want to have such a surprise element.

Anyway, if you're looking to try your luck, @themerrymaker is doing a giveaway on her Dayre so you can win an OBC fortune box! 😊

So go go and participate. 😎

I've been updating on WordPress as well, but tbh after the initial wave of anger at the current team behind Dayre, who simply let it go (or let us, the community go), I'm kind of thinking, it's a good way to stop updating so much as well.

I've put up so much of my life here for the short years I've been writing on this platform and while it has given me so much (like my dayre friends who are gems off and online, as well as OBC!) ,

It has also brought quite a lot of heartache and sadness.

So maybe, it's time to retreat back to being the social media recluse I was!

I'm super active on IG but I don't share much cos…I used to really really really treasure my privacy until Dayre came along.

But I have followed most of you on many platforms and will be looking forward to seeing updates!

I spoke to @sgbudgetbabe over WhatsApp yesterday and she's really really really positive (which is so new to pessimist me), so go sign the save Dayre petition if you want to save Dayre!

I know I've said I won't miss Dayre, but I will miss the people and the stories.

Very much actually!

And while I might not come back even if the app is saved, I know of many who love Dayre dearly and would love to see it continue.

I'm actually here to share about my favourite bao, which I found at giant yesterday (it is SUPER elusive) because I am legit excited and when I found it, the first thing I wanted to do was Dayre it 😂

But I had already deleted the app because for some reasons notifications kept coming in non stop (backdated some more like 3 weeks ago) and my battery kept dying.

It was also sad that I was reminded that it's shutting down.

Ok but back to the bao.

It's basically a vegetable bao (荠菜) that isn't found in SG but is very common in China.

When I was on exchange in Shanghai my biggest dreams were to eat jicai dumplings everyday 😂 and I think I did eat it everyday for like a month cos I lived opposite a dumpling shop that had the bomb jicai dumplings.

Anyway, jicai is damn special. It tastes like NO OTHER VEG.

So if you wanna try, giant sells it at the frozen bao section. And I'm already in contact with the distributer to buy

This wholesale cos…

I finished 9 mini baos since I bought it last night.

Ok la @ellenxxxo and Daniel had some last night and I had 1 for breakfast this morning and Daniel had 2 for brunch.

But this shit is good.

I once made my dad dabao them frozen back for me. And he wanted to strangle me. 😂

Sorry it got blurred out cos the bao damn hot after I steamed it in my microwave and I burnt my fingers and my lens fogged up 😭

Hahahaha truly a dayrefatty

Here's the packaging!

It's by yangyang ok and uh 9 mini baos for 4.50 idk if it's cheap or not

And finally


But if anyone want to sponsor me this bao, I'll take it because I TRULY LOVE IT. 🌰🌰 <—– no bao emoji so I use chestnuts!

I've been putting up posts on WordPress (braintango.me) because idk I guess I'm trying out something old-fashioned.

I feel like I'm rebounding. From a bad breakup.

Full of resent and sadness and looking for something else to occupy my time 😅

But then again, it's been pretty fun posting on WordPress because of all the very developed features.

I'm currently putting together a post that will help you use WordPress like Dayre.

Oh my god, I sound like someone who's dating someone new and wants the new someone to be exactly like their ex someone.

What a recipe for disaster.

But so far I'm loving the new someone's added features.

For example

I update wordpress on my phone and on my computer and it's a breeze cos sometimes I edit photos on my phone and sometimes on the laptop.

If I edit on the phone but wanna type on the laptop, all I got to do is upload the photo onto wordpress's gallery first.

Then open my laptop to insert the photo and start typing.

Vice versa if I start on the laptop first.

Thing is when you have multiple drafts and edits without posting, sometimes you end up publishing an older version of the post after the new one is up,

Essentially deleting all your new progress.


WordPress has a history function that lets you see all the edits you've made to your post! So you can retrieve all the older versions aka milestones!

(People who use Google docs for collaborative editing will know how important trackable histories are!)

But yes, for now, I am happy with what WordPress has to offer.

If you're the less chatty type, I'm sure you would have moved to Steller, which I feel is just like IG?


#teamwordpress 😅

Bumping a post up after you update

A few of you have mentioned about how your post doesn't get bumped up in the feed when you update which is Sian cos sometimes you edit it 10 years later and the post just gets lost and nobody reads it.

Well, there's a workaround!

You can send your post back to drafts then publish it again so it moves up the feed!

@chenshiqi was saying my posts don't appear when I update so this helps to refresh posts!

You can also choose to only draft > publish after major updates.

For example doing it once every 10 photos instead of uh, bumping it up once every 1 photo which can be uh, annoying 😅

Tags are the new Hashtag

For every post, you're able to click on the tiny wheel (settings) on the post page (on mobile) to add tags.

Technically, if everyone who moved to Dayre tagged ALL their posts with Dayre, we'd be able to find everyone.

And if they also tag dayrebeauty or WordPress beauty (we gotta choose a hashtag) , it will be easy to filter out the posts that are relevant to us again.

So tags.

Tags are the new Hashtag 😅

Building your reader

Everyone has a reader on their wordpress app, which functions like a feed on Dayre.

Except with more features.

On the reader, you can follow sites and users (same thing la) and search for keywords on WordPress as well.

Here you can see my reader set to showing me all the posts that are tagged Dayre!

A great way to find other dayreans!

By setting up a tags to follow page, you're basically setting up a hashtag page (like Dayre) that's curated by yourself la.

So go ahead and follow all the Taobao or dayrebeauty tags!

Thing is, you won't be able to see what dayreverse trending tags are happening so….that's sad.

But if everyone tags Dayre, then you can more or less see all the posts and sieve out new hashtags!

Ultimately I guess it's still best if Dayre can still continue to be Dayre and we don't have to find a wordpress to become a Dayre but you know what?

It's good to be prepared la right?

Hopefully Dayre stays Dayre!

Stop Throwing Shade

"So disappointed with the EPs who decided to leave"

"Stop spreading negativity"


How about stop throwing shade (lol! I'm throwing shade myself 😂 so childish.) Lucky I'm a 25 year old who self proclaims she behaves like a 13 year old so I can do that shit where I push back when people push me back too.

If you want to sit on this unknown future and pretend the rainbows and butterflies are shining out of your butthole and you're vomitting justice, peace and everything great and kind,

Go ahead.

But please don't talk about other people la ok?

Btw, being EP doesn't mean we need to pave the way for a brighter future.

For all I know I was picked because I am a cheapo and loves to Taobao so my only obligation (if any) is to share more cheapo and best deals.

Don't ask me to advocate for anything. Neither should you expect anything from me.

Just like how someone put it, Dayre doesn't owe us anything. And I don't owe you shit. ♥️

I think one of my new year resolutions this year is…

To stop being a social media pushover.

If there's one thing I still regret doing in 2017, it's that I was convinced I should keep my mouth shut in exchange for a pristine online reputation.

Or maybe I should learn how to stand up for myself in the best paggro and cute way like my idol @jojobeans does it. 😊

$2 Make Up For My Other Home

I am not a make up junkie.

Oh no no no

Heck I don’t even know how to apply eyeshadow properly so I don’t look like I got punched in the face.

So a beauty type post is completely out of my league…

Unless of course, you tie it in with being a #cheapochow


Yes, that sounds more like me now.

Nonetheless, living in 2 places now means I lug a lot of things with me when we’re deciding to spend a night at the new place.

One of them is my skincare and make up bag.

I’ve successfully duplicated most of the essential oils I frequently use by decanting them into smaller bottles, but the make up, idk how to duplicate.

So while heading over to Daiso to search for my eyebrow pencil (cos I ran out), I decided to try out some stuff to create a duplicate make up pouch for my other home. 😅

Excessive but hello? Fun!

Eyebrow Pencils

The first item I needed to get was an eyebrow pencil cos I’ve used up mine, but the old one I used to use from daiso was nowhere to be seen so I tried this one instead.

God knows what flat eyebrow means but God this is good!

Shiqi, Ellen and I had a little try of these last night and it turned out creamy, easy to apply and super blendable???



This is how much product you get for $2. Which is a lot hor.

More than my Etude House one, which is not expensive, but only left like half.

It’s even better than my old pencil and I think I love it already! Gonna go back to hoard a few more in case they decide to pull them off the shelves 😅


Ellen took out her HOLY GRAIL eyeliner which she has been using since she was 13 (or is it 14) because she wanted to challenge the Daiso one and hiak hiak.

Sorry, Daiso one won.

But here’s a comparison just for recording purposes.


Here’s the Daiso one, which I got cos my cousin recommended it on her IG Stories and HALO, I trust this cousin 100% LOL. Even though we’re not close.


I think it has a pretty usual kind of tip for a liquid liner, but since I’ve been using my hilarious NYN one from BKK, I’m more used to felt tipped marker type liners instead.


Not bad leh, it’s very dark, thick and precise.


It’s an egg, not a flower 🍳

The Rival – From Mustafa


This is the one that @ellenxxxo gifted me. From Mustafa for $4.50!

They are actually very very similar!



Except that this formula is a little thinner so it took about 3-4 times to get a solid line.


After some SUPER intense rubbing (I not kidding wan).

The mustafa one on top and Daiso below. Daiso held up better!

Both were equally easy to remove as well!


I've been toying with an idea of creating an FB group for all the active dayreans so we don't lose contact even if some don't want to continue writing anywhere else.

FB now allows linking of groups (hence subgroups) so we can create beauty, home, brides, mummy groups on the main Dayre group and no matter where we post, Wordpres, Livejournal or even IG we can syndicate the posts into the respective, applicable groups.

Then again, so many things to think about and organized and facilitate.


Might as well…just see where this takes us, organically







I'm not sure if it will work, but you know what, just in case the plans to save it doesn't, maybe we can save the community?

The Facebook group can be assessed here >>


It's a private group for now, but if you want me to set it to public, please let me know in the group!

Also included, a short example on how to use the group functions.

Please try to follow it so everyone can find stuff easily! ♥️


I know alot of you are uncomfortable with revealing all your FB info to people in a group.

You can circumvent this by creating a secondary FB account to join the groups!

I know it's troublesome, but I think it might be safer if you have a sensitive job 😅

Everyone gets to join!

No need to thank me!!

Hopefully this works up 😅

Oh btw those of you that ordered, they are here! But courier services have stopped 😭 so I'll only ship them out after CNY! 😭

But if anyone wants to self collect let me know! I'll be at my Simei home so we can meet at East point!

A Weekend At Another Home

Daniel and I have started this new routine of going back to our own apartment on Friday nights and spending the weekend there.
It’s been tiring the first few times (because not used to the bed and we are glued to Netflix on our TV in the room) but I’ve grown to look forward to having these times alone, as adults.

I’m also always thanking the heavens that our house is literally 5 mins walk from East point and how eastpoint is so great 😅

I’m going to be cooking tonight so be prepared for some amazing food photos (LOL WTF) and maybe a recipe!

On the menu tonight

  • Bolognese Baked Rice
  • Calamari

I’m hungry already 😅

Lucky it’s lunch time! Today’s lunch choice is umisushi. I don’t like sushiz but Daniel does. He LOVES Jap food.

And burgers of course, as evidently as the burger he has on his t-shirt 😅

I chose umi over Pontian and Fishball Noodles! Man I must really love this dude.

My choice: Fish

I actually really like Fish and seafood as protein!

My favourite meat is Chicken, and like beef cooked western style and finally pork.

I’m very very picky about my pork because I cannot stand the porky smell that comes with Australian pork.

I dunno why the pigs eat cleaner things like grains but they smell so bad.

Indonesian pork on the other hand, pigs eat swill and taste clean 😅

I’ve moved WP to the first page of my apps list

That’s how serious I am about moving. I also actually really like this platform!

I know some of you are new to this, so I’ll definitely try to do up a guide on how to use it, chowster style 😅

It might not be like expert level, but it’s how I’ve been finding some of you!

Btw! Some new stuff in the house!

My dad handcarried this back for me because I COULDN’T RESIST!!!

I really like how having @ellenxxxo around makes me want to come home more 😅😅

We are the weirdest toomies (tenant roomie) ever 😅

More fortune cats! I have a thing for fortune cats ♥️

And a Gargoyle my friend brought back from Europe! It’s supposed to protect the house but my mum says it’s damn ugly 😅

Dinner time!

My Bolognese features the same ratio of carrot to mince cos I cannot tahan not eating enough veg in one meal 😅

Mince the onions and the carrots.

Looks like I’m slicing my fingers off but uh no. I really hate dicing carrots but they really taste damn good in Bolognese so I guaiguai just cut.

Really a lot of carrots!

In the meantime, while you’re dicing, instruct your husband to go and clean and cut the squid 😅 For calamari.

Cut into small rings cos got more pieces so it feels like there’s more to eat!

And then start frying the onions!

While you’re waiting for the onions to soften, cook rice (lol anyone still uses the finger to measure water? Works leh? And cut your canned straw mushrooms worth a scissors cos you don’t wanna dirty your cutting board. 😅

I push my onions aside and then brown the mince first!

And then I mix them all up!

Adding in the carrots…I mean it when I say I eat alot of carrots 😅 it’s a healthy dish!


I usually use canned tomatoes instead of pasta sauce…but I forgot to buy it this time haha, so I stole some from the loomie @ellenxxxo 🙈

Easy lah, open a jar, pour everything in and then stir. I also added a cube of chicken stock for extra oomph. I add chicken stock to everything.

It’s the modern day culinary miracle!

While the bolognese lays simmering, I prep the squid for frying.


I put plain flour, salt, parsley leaves (so so important!) and chilli pepper into a leftover bag of flour. I had very little left, so I just mixed everything in the bag.

Otherwise, you can use a plastic bag, paper bag or bowl! Doesn’t matter.


This recipe doesn’t have a batter so all you do is put the wet squid (must be wet so the flour will stick) into the flour mixture and shake!


Obviously super easy. I agarate all the measurements of salt, chilli pepper and parsley flakes.

I usually test fry one piece first just to see if it’s salty enough.

Lol damn rachet got no sieve at my house so I use…a slotted spatula to let the oil drip.

Btw putting freshly fried stuff on kitchen towels makes it soggy 😅

So simple and so good la!

To finish off the baked rice, scoop out rice into 2 oven safe bowls or plates and put some olive oil uh because we like it 😅

And prevents too much sticking. Rice sticks. 😅

And then you layer on the meat sauce and cheese!

Put them into the oven

And voila! You’re done!

It’s really easier than it seems 😅