Respect them too much to update your Facebook profile as “In A Relationship with *insert link to their Facebook profile here.*” You want to keep it private. You don’t want your best friend from Kindergarten congratulating you on the good news. You don’t want your nemesis clicking on your significant other’s FB profile and thinking, “LOL, He’s not even that cute…” Keeping your relationship off Facebook feels like the ultimate romantic gesture. You’ll let the Internet have bits and pieces of you but it can’t have this. This is the one thing that reminds you of real life.

Maybe that’s the key to being romantic in 2012: Loving them in a timeless way. Not allowing yourself to be shackled to these modern inventions that can sometimes destroy the sanctity of a relationship. Smart phones, Facebook, and Twitter all breed mistrust. They turn you into an insecure detective who’s convinced that they’re always one keystroke away from being betrayed. It’s best to just will all of this out of your relationship and to protect its privacy. After all, you’re in a relationship with them — not G-chat, texting, or social networking. Stop forgetting that.