BKK Day 3: Siam Aquarium

Starting off day 3 with an OOTD that actually has my face in it because haha, Joey dropped off this wonderful dress from Ohvola for me, on the morning I was leaving for BKK!

Saved this dress for Aquarium day cos I wanted to be in ~theme~ with the ocean. πŸ˜…

I really quite like this dress! Apart from the fabric being a little warm because it is thicccccc, it’s actually really wonderful!

Also lined, so when you sweat, it doesn’t show up on the fabric. I give 2 thumbs up!

Every morning, I start off the day by baby sitting this little one while his parents are out gallavanting.

He makes me so freaking mad sometimes, but he’s also super cute so I’m honestly, abit schizo about this whole thing.

Is this how parenting is like all the time? πŸ˜…

We also hobbled over to Siam Paragon for After You because we needed to match baby’s nap time so he would be awake when we went to the aquarium.

I’m no longer blown away by the desserts at After You because I’ve never had a sweet tooth to start, and it seems like their standard has been dropping?

The toasts used to be ccccrispy but now they are just soaked in butter and soggy soggy.

We had 2 tho, because my SIL is a huge dessert monster. I finally got to try the cheddar cheese one and it was not bad!

I’ve always been a fan of salty and sweet combis so this one really worked for me!

Sad thing tho, after this, Husband Ng and Brother Chow both got indigestion and diarrhea, which I suspect is the result of having so much milk fats and oils in one sitting.

Ice cream, cheese, fried toast?????? Damn. Bad for health number 1!

After baby woke from his nap, we went to the Aquarium near 5pm! Time really just disappears when you have a kid.

I’ve always been amazed by how they squeezed a full sized aquarium under a huge shopping complex and man I was really impressed.

The exhibits were really not bad and extensive in their coverage, even tho in scale it was smaller.

They also had 2 storey viewing tanks like in the SEA Aquarium in Singapore, but it wasn’t so wide. The selection of sharks tho!!!!!! Omg I was so amazed!

But it was a little older so it really reminded me of the defunct Underwater World which I really enjoyed β™₯️



They put him in the smallest life jacket, but he was still too small for it. So when YY carried him, he slipped out of the arm hole πŸ˜…

Inter again

By this time, my brother and husband are experiencing mild diarrhea.

But my brother more jialat la cos he was vomitting also. But dude insisted to MUST eat at Inter again, so we went back!

My favourite “Tum Sua!” which is like super sized version of the regular papaya salad. β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️

I usually eat 2 plates of this if I’m not eating any mains haha. There’s rice noodles inside as well!

Something new I tried this time round…rice noodles with hot curry. I’d expected the curry to contain some veggie or meat but uh. It’s really just curry sauce.

Perfect for me la! Cos I love the curry here and I love carbs and usually don’t touch the meats in curry πŸ˜…

Best fried chicken wings, also very easy to eat cos they split up the two bones

My favourite Pad Thai!

And Tom yam soup. Tbh the tomyam isn’t fantastic here, but it’s still pretty good!

Simple fried rice with Veggies which was 10/10 πŸ’›

We were supposed to go to a night market but ended back in the hotel completely pooped πŸ˜…

Daniel says he’s never been so tired doing so little, but you know what, it’s still fun in its own weird way!

BKK Day 2: Plus Sized Shopping, Rod Fai Ratchada

Good morning!

Haha, I have been extremely adventurous with my eye make up recently because I’ve always been wanting to find a good style for spectacles since I live in them.

But I always find that they are not “glam” enough so…but I’ve figured out a way!

  • Put eyeshadow. No matter how crazy the colours, after you put eyeliner and lashes, they will seem more muted.
  • If you wanna put lashes, choose shorter but more voluminous ones. And also must put thick eyeliner and eyeshadow (for my monolidded sisters out there)
  • Nobody understands monolidded eyes more than MEEEEEE. So thick eyeliner is a must. Anyway you open eyes then no more liao

Thats it! I’ve been very happy with my make up this far. I’m using blue eyeshadow btw πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ damn epic.

Also, my #ootd haha. Daniel ask me why I’m going to the office.

Aiya, I just super love this knitted skirt la. It’s damn comfy and stretchy and the material is thick enough so no VPLs! Woosh.

It’s from Taobao, let me just share the link…

γ€ε€ε­£εŠ θ‚₯εŠ ε€§η ι’ˆη»‡εŠθΊ«θ£™aε­—θ£™θƒ–δΊΊηŸ­θ£™θƒ–mm200ζ–€ι«˜θ…°δΈ­ι•ΏεŒ…θ‡€θ£™γ€‘http://m.tb.cn/h.WGlEYVa 点击链ζŽ₯οΌŒε†ι€‰ζ‹©ζ΅θ§ˆε™¨ζ‰“εΌ€οΌ›ζˆ–ε€εˆΆθΏ™ζ‘δΏ‘ζ―οΏ₯3SPu0MfawMtοΏ₯εŽζ‰“εΌ€πŸ‘‰ζ‰‹ζ·˜πŸ‘ˆ

My brother went to Amari Watergate to have his suits tailor made this morning, so Daniel and I volunteered for baby duty πŸ˜‚

I’m always in awe of how much mothers sacrifice just to see their babies happy and well rested.

A mother is like the most unappreciated saikang ever. πŸ˜…

After baby woke up, we headed over to Platinum Mall to walk walk and also to have lunch at the food court.

Plus Sized Shopping

A huge part of shopping in BKK for me, involves listening to shopkeepers tell me “no size” or have them look at me with that dirty look because they know I can’t fit into the stuff they sell.

It’s sad la! It got so bad that during one of my previous trips, I’d get so rejected and feel so fat and upset with my body after walking through the malls and markets.

I was convinced that I was too big for Asian standards and that I was doomed to only see pretty clothes but not own them.

But you know what?

Fuck that shit

Enter plus size shopping haven in BKK πŸŽ‰

This mall doesn’t have a name, but it’s connected to Platinum Mall via a bridge.

What you do is walk to the furthest end of platinum mall on the second floor (away from the end with Starbucks) and you walk onto the link bridge and into the plus sized haven.

The first few stalls don’t look like they are plus sized, but if you go deeper and higher, you’ll realise they are!


My SIL found a shop that made her heart sing (LOL) because it sold Disney printed Lycra leggings. Once she put baby to sleep, we attacked the shop πŸ˜…


Checking out a Disney Villian shirt because………princesses aren’t really my thing haha. I do appreciate them from afar, but I cannot la. I prefer associating myself with the bad guys ahhaha.

Platinum Mall Food Court


Random insertion of the amazing Pork Leg Rice @ Platinum Mall’s Foodcourt.

I generally don’t enjoy eating there cos it is so crowded! I generally don’t like platinum mall cos the store owners are veryΒ chaobinΒ LOL and also because it’s crazy crowded.

But if I go to the food court, here are a few things I eat:

  • Kway Chap

Ya I know you’re thinking. Wtf Chow, come to BKK eat kway chap damn boliao leh! It’s true…but it’s good! The noodles are still rolled (not like the factory cut ones that look like huge kway teow in Singapore) and they have a small portion of all theΒ liao ζ–™…shiok!

  • Pork Leg Rice

Comparable to the famous and overpriced one in the Pratunam Market area. Pls don’t be fooled hor. Most of the PLRs in BKK are nice!

  • Fried Mussel Pancake

This is next to the Kway Chap store, and is like our orh jian except much much crispier. I also like how their mussels are mini so they are not as fishy.

  • Papaya Salad

My usual combination for the salad here is Papaya + Mango mix, add squid, rice noodle and pork rinds. Super shiok! It’s like recreating my favourite Tum Sua! at Inter, but closer to home hehe.

Rod Fai Ratchada Night Market


We abandoned baby and mummy (LOL) to head out to Rod Fai Market behind Esplanade Mall cos baby mummy was too tired. πŸ™ˆ

Rod Fai Ratchada is one of my favourite night markets because it’s closer to the city centre (usually 150 baht by grab) and has a good mix of food and shopping!

They used to have more food than shopping variety, but it has greatly improved over these few years.

Daniel’s holy grail night market is still the Rod Fai @ Srinakarin (near Seacon Square), because it is just HUGE ASS. But it’s not very worth it to travel all the way out (2 hour journey, 200-300baht by Grab during peak hours) because it’s very very tiring to walk through the shops before getting to the main market.

I’ll settle with Ratchada cos we’ve been to Srinakarin so many times already! Plus when you travel with other people…better not to go so far, in case someone needs to poop, is tired or something!

BKK2018-9571 copy.jpg

Buying my favourite coconut shake haha. Always ask for no milk + no syrup! Unless you like milk la! But I don’t like haha.


This market has one of the most extensive food sections I’ve seen. Usually the food section is at the last few rows but this market has as many food rows as they have shopping. Shiok!

What we do is usually reach the market either early at 5+6 to have dinner, then shop and dabao supper home after the food section.


OR, eat dinner + rest, reach the market around 9 and then shop + dabao supper home.




Food I always dabao here:

  • Bacon wrapped enoki sticks (grilled sticks in general)


But I’ve realised that this year, a lot of these bbq stores are using mala sauce instead of their usual sweet and spicy sauce. WALAO. Why ah. Why.


  • Giant Fishballs


This one really my one true love! I buy the large portion every time. Haha, I would like to say that if you like normal bouncy fish balls, then this isn’t for you. It’s the chewy, doughey kind! But I luvvvvem.


  • Coconut Shake


  • MFv4UyWVYQgBLvyRsMw2.jpg

Just buy the XL sized one. Confirm can finish. Daniel and I have 1 XL each. Btw these photos I stole from my old posts haha.


  • Tako Pachi (my brother says is very good)


  • Grilled Squid



  • Flavoured Pork Rinds

New find this trip are these flavoured pork rinds! I bagged Sriracha home and it’s 99 baht for a huge bag! Worth it la. Daniel is saying I’ll finish em before this trip even ends.


We then proceed to dabao the food back to a sleeping baby and mummy. Mummy wakes up and wants to eat, but baby wakes up also, so we have to sneak out of the room (after sneaking in) and adjourn to our room instead. The adult room, where you can eat supper in peace and fart loudly.


Also proceeds to watch Black Mirror at until 1am and regrets everything the next morning HAHA.

BANGKOK, Day 1: Siam + Kid Talk


We’re going to Bangkok again! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

It’s been awhile since we’ve made a trip there, simply because we’ve been super busy and most of the time, we’re dragged on planned holidays with the family, instead of planning one for ourselves.

Actually this time….my brother planned this trip as well and booked the tickets and accomodation for us.

Truth is,

Daniel and I are not travel bugs

We don’t have the urge to travel (which I’ve talked about in my previous post called Wanderlust) and we are very happy being homely people who can spend the entire day being couch potatoes.

But it does feel nice to be travelling once in awhile!

Packing last night tho…I really hate packing and unpacking. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

And we’re here!

Starting off the trip with a cup of rose milk tea…which sucks πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I regret falling prey to the pink cup trap πŸ˜‚ but ok la it is very GAO in rose taste πŸ˜‚

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