Just a little announcement, that the fortune boxes from OBC are restocked!

We try to meet the demand but these have been super hot recently so do head on over to the site if you're interested!

My neighbour (😂) and friend, Hilary @tieponytail is also doing a giveaway for the fortune boxes so you can head over to try your luck if you think you can be double huat!

@themerrymaker also previously did a giveaway so many chances to win these boxes!

Lol I stuffed her box to the max cos I gave some stuff to Laurel also. Like the egg bag hahahahahahaha.

About The Fortune Box

Some people love it, some people hate it.

We've had customers who love the boxes so much, they've bought 4 since its inception.

And we also have girls who buy the box and are extremely disappointed in them.

I'm not going to mince my words when I say that yes, girls have been coming to us with feedback on how the box didn't meet their expectations and could only fit 2 out of the 5 they received or that the designs were similar, only differences in colour.

In all honesty, the fortune box is a fun and novelty product which we describe in the product page as great for customers who have tried and loved bralettes and want a little more excitement in terms of designs.

Or for people who just want some fun in their lingerie cupboard.

Because the sizing is more generic, in S M and L, certain designs won't fit as well and some might not fit at all.

Comparing this with a starter kit is also incomparable cos the starter kit is custom picked!

But yes! It's quite a fun thing to buy and have fun with (considering it's always $9 or less for each bralette) so have fun!

Quality wise, I'd always say that the OBClassics have the best quality in store and are really just different from everything else we've tried.

Btw I've opened up more slots for the cleanser on shopee because some of them came damaged and I'm arranging for replacements to be sent over so might as well la.

For the girls who wanted these, you can now cart them out on my shopee account, braintango!

Happy New Year guys!

My favourite accessory this new year. 😂

Btw, I've found the perfect fake lashes for my spectacles!! They are short enough so my eyes don't look crazy and they don't hit my specs yas!

I've been wearing them every day since Chu Yi and I luvvem.

Nothing beats China lashes and lash glue. Even the ones I used on my wedding day didn't last as long as the ones I get from China.

Ya la maybe my eyes will drop off but……….😅 Till then.


Heh my ootd for chu yi was a last minute purchase from #taobao that I got my dad to lug back for me.

Really my favourite dress from all the hauls!

Midi length, and the two solid chevron lines at the V neck are just ♥️

Plus the material at the V is very solid so it doesn't fold.

Pet peeve tho is that the straps were so short I had to snip them off half way and did a quick DIY to change them.

Lucky for me the strapless bralette straps are in this gorgeous shade of blue that went with the dress!

Didn't even sew, just safety pinned hehe.

My go to huat item for CNY are these earrings from Revelle.co #notsponsored

Hehe I met @joycelynthiang at our last flea and went to shop all the nice earrings!

I've been going for all the big fluffy and absorbent earrings because I like to drop essential oils on them and have them diffuse throughout the day.

I used peppermint when I had allergies and it really helped!

Lemon and ylang ylang also helps with making me less moody and more cheery.

Very useful when socializing 😐😅😂

@ellenxxxo damn spoil market 😅

I told her I wanted some obiang cny decor in the house cos I love obiang and huat stuff, so she went down to taka to get these from her cousin's shop!

So extravagant and so generous la!

If left to me, the house would be seeing plastic red pinapplles instead of these super gorgeous embroidered stuff!

Our chapalang centerpiece in the access balcony.

The duilians from Ellen as well. I'm gonna keep and reuse them every cny.

The zcm was handcarried back by my father haha. It's my favourite! It has a lot a lot a lot of accessories and is super duper cute. ♥️♥️

I feel damn happy seeing it.

We used to have a plant next to the cat that belonged to Daniel but uh, it's dead now.



I've been cooking a lot the past week because bring along at home with a great kitchen….

It's a sin not to cook!

Pressure cooker congee is my specialty and Ellen and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Daniel…not so much. He hates sick people food, but I love it

Shared the recipe on my wordpress because lazy to re-type in chunks 😂

We also hosted on Chu San at our place which were supposed to consist of my immediate family and Dan's immediate family.

But somehow the chows with 3 children and 3 gfs/wives and children exploded the place into 16 people and killed us.

We bought 250$ (5kg!) worth of crabs from Evergreen Seafood and Daniel died cleaning and killing it.

Wah I hate the smell of raw seafood so much.

Pictured is the crab beehoon soup (@baobaosaur I know you cooked this also! Damn also wts I saw your post and I was like 👏👏)

And behind, mala shuizhuyu.

Our family loved seafood but FAKKKK I hate cleaning seafood.

I keep thinking that I smell seafood in the house even tho we washed the sinks with dettol, baking soda and vinegar multiple times,

All the cutlery twice

And washed and microwaved all the cloths.

Also steamed some rabbit fish aka 白肚鱼 🐟

Cos apparently it's what they eat during CNY and the girl at evergreen recommended it so…

Take la!

Wah but seriously, after washing all the fish (plus 3 huge fillets for the shuizhuyu) and crab and clams

Daniel and I didn't touch any of the seafood during dinner.

Really cannot stomach after seeing all the crab guts 😐 🦀


If you girls need anymore cny cookies, my friend @chingzx who bakes these salted egg cookies, has extras of some bakes and is looking to clear them off!

My favourites are the Florentines and the cheese cookies this year!

Last year I ate 100 salted egg cookies 😅

My new mules came!

I shared a little about it on my WordPress as well!

These little waves caught my heart. I had initially wanted the mustard pair.

But I already have another yellow pair!

My mum says it makes my feet like like a witch's feet but she subsequently ordered another pair for herself 😅

I like it!

Daniel's Valentine's present to me today.

It's super rare cos he never gets me presents 😅 only food.

So I accept this offering of high quality chocolate ice cream. I love it.

My present to Daniel?

Freshly washed laundry and a hot meal!

A little bit of junk food for the special day.

Corned beef hash! With uh lentils and rice which are not pictured.

I'm pairing my chocolate ice cream with these AMAZING sables from The Pattisier's Muse whom is owned by @seeintear 's lovely friend!

I got to know her store during our previous fleas and I bought 3 packs of her sables cos they are really fucking good.

My favourites are the Hojicha, Chocolate and Noisette (hazelnut) ones.

This is the Noisette and it's so good.

You know how some cookies are like hazelnut flavour but not shiok and not strong.

These are BAM in your face good and the ingredients are damn high quality and damn damn damn good.

Not jelat.

Really good.

I ate the whole bag of hojicha alone.

And refused to share.

Hojicha still my ultimate fav. Abit mroe expensive compared to the chocolate but so good.

Please find her on IG if you wanna buy cookies!


I really love these cookies!

Yesterday, someone sent in a photo with her ultimate fortune box win, with 10 bralettes inside the box 😂😂😂

I was damn shocked even tho I knew there were boxes with 10 bralettes inside, but haha to see them all laid out like that. 😭 I also want to have such a surprise element.

Anyway, if you're looking to try your luck, @themerrymaker is doing a giveaway on her Dayre so you can win an OBC fortune box! 😊

So go go and participate. 😎

I've been updating on WordPress as well, but tbh after the initial wave of anger at the current team behind Dayre, who simply let it go (or let us, the community go), I'm kind of thinking, it's a good way to stop updating so much as well.

I've put up so much of my life here for the short years I've been writing on this platform and while it has given me so much (like my dayre friends who are gems off and online, as well as OBC!) ,

It has also brought quite a lot of heartache and sadness.

So maybe, it's time to retreat back to being the social media recluse I was!

I'm super active on IG but I don't share much cos…I used to really really really treasure my privacy until Dayre came along.

But I have followed most of you on many platforms and will be looking forward to seeing updates!

I spoke to @sgbudgetbabe over WhatsApp yesterday and she's really really really positive (which is so new to pessimist me), so go sign the save Dayre petition if you want to save Dayre!

I know I've said I won't miss Dayre, but I will miss the people and the stories.

Very much actually!

And while I might not come back even if the app is saved, I know of many who love Dayre dearly and would love to see it continue.

I'm actually here to share about my favourite bao, which I found at giant yesterday (it is SUPER elusive) because I am legit excited and when I found it, the first thing I wanted to do was Dayre it 😂

But I had already deleted the app because for some reasons notifications kept coming in non stop (backdated some more like 3 weeks ago) and my battery kept dying.

It was also sad that I was reminded that it's shutting down.

Ok but back to the bao.

It's basically a vegetable bao (荠菜) that isn't found in SG but is very common in China.

When I was on exchange in Shanghai my biggest dreams were to eat jicai dumplings everyday 😂 and I think I did eat it everyday for like a month cos I lived opposite a dumpling shop that had the bomb jicai dumplings.

Anyway, jicai is damn special. It tastes like NO OTHER VEG.

So if you wanna try, giant sells it at the frozen bao section. And I'm already in contact with the distributer to buy

This wholesale cos…

I finished 9 mini baos since I bought it last night.

Ok la @ellenxxxo and Daniel had some last night and I had 1 for breakfast this morning and Daniel had 2 for brunch.

But this shit is good.

I once made my dad dabao them frozen back for me. And he wanted to strangle me. 😂

Sorry it got blurred out cos the bao damn hot after I steamed it in my microwave and I burnt my fingers and my lens fogged up 😭

Hahahaha truly a dayrefatty

Here's the packaging!

It's by yangyang ok and uh 9 mini baos for 4.50 idk if it's cheap or not

And finally


But if anyone want to sponsor me this bao, I'll take it because I TRULY LOVE IT. 🌰🌰 <—– no bao emoji so I use chestnuts!

I've been putting up posts on WordPress (braintango.me) because idk I guess I'm trying out something old-fashioned.

I feel like I'm rebounding. From a bad breakup.

Full of resent and sadness and looking for something else to occupy my time 😅

But then again, it's been pretty fun posting on WordPress because of all the very developed features.

I'm currently putting together a post that will help you use WordPress like Dayre.

Oh my god, I sound like someone who's dating someone new and wants the new someone to be exactly like their ex someone.

What a recipe for disaster.

But so far I'm loving the new someone's added features.

For example

I update wordpress on my phone and on my computer and it's a breeze cos sometimes I edit photos on my phone and sometimes on the laptop.

If I edit on the phone but wanna type on the laptop, all I got to do is upload the photo onto wordpress's gallery first.

Then open my laptop to insert the photo and start typing.

Vice versa if I start on the laptop first.

Thing is when you have multiple drafts and edits without posting, sometimes you end up publishing an older version of the post after the new one is up,

Essentially deleting all your new progress.


WordPress has a history function that lets you see all the edits you've made to your post! So you can retrieve all the older versions aka milestones!

(People who use Google docs for collaborative editing will know how important trackable histories are!)

But yes, for now, I am happy with what WordPress has to offer.

If you're the less chatty type, I'm sure you would have moved to Steller, which I feel is just like IG?


#teamwordpress 😅

Bumping a post up after you update

A few of you have mentioned about how your post doesn't get bumped up in the feed when you update which is Sian cos sometimes you edit it 10 years later and the post just gets lost and nobody reads it.

Well, there's a workaround!

You can send your post back to drafts then publish it again so it moves up the feed!

@chenshiqi was saying my posts don't appear when I update so this helps to refresh posts!

You can also choose to only draft > publish after major updates.

For example doing it once every 10 photos instead of uh, bumping it up once every 1 photo which can be uh, annoying 😅

Tags are the new Hashtag

For every post, you're able to click on the tiny wheel (settings) on the post page (on mobile) to add tags.

Technically, if everyone who moved to Dayre tagged ALL their posts with Dayre, we'd be able to find everyone.

And if they also tag dayrebeauty or WordPress beauty (we gotta choose a hashtag) , it will be easy to filter out the posts that are relevant to us again.

So tags.

Tags are the new Hashtag 😅

Building your reader

Everyone has a reader on their wordpress app, which functions like a feed on Dayre.

Except with more features.

On the reader, you can follow sites and users (same thing la) and search for keywords on WordPress as well.

Here you can see my reader set to showing me all the posts that are tagged Dayre!

A great way to find other dayreans!

By setting up a tags to follow page, you're basically setting up a hashtag page (like Dayre) that's curated by yourself la.

So go ahead and follow all the Taobao or dayrebeauty tags!

Thing is, you won't be able to see what dayreverse trending tags are happening so….that's sad.

But if everyone tags Dayre, then you can more or less see all the posts and sieve out new hashtags!

Ultimately I guess it's still best if Dayre can still continue to be Dayre and we don't have to find a wordpress to become a Dayre but you know what?

It's good to be prepared la right?

Hopefully Dayre stays Dayre!

Stop Throwing Shade

"So disappointed with the EPs who decided to leave"

"Stop spreading negativity"


How about stop throwing shade (lol! I'm throwing shade myself 😂 so childish.) Lucky I'm a 25 year old who self proclaims she behaves like a 13 year old so I can do that shit where I push back when people push me back too.

If you want to sit on this unknown future and pretend the rainbows and butterflies are shining out of your butthole and you're vomitting justice, peace and everything great and kind,

Go ahead.

But please don't talk about other people la ok?

Btw, being EP doesn't mean we need to pave the way for a brighter future.

For all I know I was picked because I am a cheapo and loves to Taobao so my only obligation (if any) is to share more cheapo and best deals.

Don't ask me to advocate for anything. Neither should you expect anything from me.

Just like how someone put it, Dayre doesn't owe us anything. And I don't owe you shit. ♥️

I think one of my new year resolutions this year is…

To stop being a social media pushover.

If there's one thing I still regret doing in 2017, it's that I was convinced I should keep my mouth shut in exchange for a pristine online reputation.

Or maybe I should learn how to stand up for myself in the best paggro and cute way like my idol @jojobeans does it. 😊

I've been toying with an idea of creating an FB group for all the active dayreans so we don't lose contact even if some don't want to continue writing anywhere else.

FB now allows linking of groups (hence subgroups) so we can create beauty, home, brides, mummy groups on the main Dayre group and no matter where we post, Wordpres, Livejournal or even IG we can syndicate the posts into the respective, applicable groups.

Then again, so many things to think about and organized and facilitate.


Might as well…just see where this takes us, organically







I'm not sure if it will work, but you know what, just in case the plans to save it doesn't, maybe we can save the community?

The Facebook group can be assessed here >>


It's a private group for now, but if you want me to set it to public, please let me know in the group!

Also included, a short example on how to use the group functions.

Please try to follow it so everyone can find stuff easily! ♥️


I know alot of you are uncomfortable with revealing all your FB info to people in a group.

You can circumvent this by creating a secondary FB account to join the groups!

I know it's troublesome, but I think it might be safer if you have a sensitive job 😅

Everyone gets to join!

No need to thank me!!

Hopefully this works up 😅

Oh btw those of you that ordered, they are here! But courier services have stopped 😭 so I'll only ship them out after CNY! 😭

But if anyone wants to self collect let me know! I'll be at my Simei home so we can meet at East point!

I woke up to an entire bunch of comments on WordPress and my heart broke.

Which is why I'm here to share a completely unpopular opinion.

Sorry Dayre, I won't miss you.

I'll miss the people and the stories and the things that made you so special,

But no I won't miss you.

And guess what? @blog, you don't deserve to have us.

Will I continue to post here if the petition works and Dayre is kept alive for…a year?


But it's definitely not for the square crop, the text limits or the fact that I'll have to change the dates to update an older post.

It's for the people, and the community and that's kind of the saddest part.

But Chow, Dayre gave you everything!

So many of you (who've become my friends + tenantroomie @ellenxxxo) messaged to tell me Dayre is closing down.

Almost as if you were breaking tragic news to someone fragile.

"Sorry, but your loved one is braindead"

I'm not sure what the intended reaction was supposed to be, but I definitely was shocked because I thought the management wouldn't be foolish enough to abandon a user base so fiercely loyal (and easily capitalizable)

But obviously, I was wrong.

To be able to frivolously, out of the blue, declare that

"Oh hey, you didn't give us enough money, so we're shutting this down. Bye!~"

We're putting our faith in the wrong God.

A lot of people think that because OBC was built on Dayre (built ON not built BY), I'd have a lot of attachment to this platform.

Also, because I have 9000 followers, I'd miss the fame (what fame LOL flame more like it).

But last night, when Daniel asked me if I was sad that something I've been using so often was going to cease to exist,

My answer was…no. And I'm happy that I'm not sad.

Let's Not Talk Business

By that, I mean let us PLEASE talk about business.

I don't know a lot about what's happening, I don't analyse financial reports and I don't look at stock prices.

All I know is, if a company cannot fork out 150k to save something with such a huge user database (that's active and LOYAL and profitable), then there's something seriously wrong with it.

Plus, the fact that they sold stickers to try to raise 150k?

And not let us know that their target is 150k?

🙌 <— we were asked to help reach a target we didn't even know exist.

But that aside, I'm happy people care about the community enough to start petitions.


But if you manage to pay for this year's maintainence fees, what about the year after?

What about server upgrades when the user base grows?

What about new features? Bug fixes? New manpower?


It's like the boy who plugged his finger into a hole to save that damned dam.

In a fairytale, it works.

In our messed up reality, the dam comes crumbling down and drowns the boy.

I'm not going to deny that I'm saying it won't work (woo, double negatives),

I'm saying it won't work.

Or at least this outsider thinks it won't work.

Plus, I think the problem goes way beyond Dayre.

Oh, btw, have I also mentioned how long it'd take to even start up a subscription gateway going?

Way too much work for people who have already decided that they don't want to run this app any more.

(Btw, if you want to look at stock prices and financial analysis, look at @fitrikhamis ' post)

The people who mind don't matter and the people who matter don't mind

I'm pretty sure we'll be able to find each other (if we want to la!) somewhere else.

Whether on IG, on weblogit (lol), WordPress (which I'm on!), Facebook, Telegram, whatever other platforms!

And the people who love reading each other's posts enough will definitely be able to hunt you guys down.

It might not be as easy or as convenient as it used to be,

but love is never easy!

To the people who say we're just complaining about management…

Yes I'm complaining.

And seeing how it is already a lost cause (I actually encouraged the sticker sale previously!) I think it's…human for me to complain at this stage?

"Eh Chow, why don't you shut your trap and talk about how we can raise funds to save dayre? Put your marketing skills to good use, you see people like SGBB are going to pitch to investors etc leh, why you just sitting here whining"

Thing is, even if we raise the money, who knows if netccentric is going to take the money?

Omg skali we crowdfund (which I will contribute if there is an official statement from Nuffnang/Netccentric) and then it's a one sided love story and the money just sits there and the person who manages it is STRESSED AF.

And when I said get a rich guy to buy Dayre? That is if they pay enough for something like an unprofitable app that needs awhile to start monetizing.

Oh, and that is IF netccentric wants to sell Dayre.

Idk, don't you think the company would have tried already?

How do you buy something from someone who doesn't want to sell? (ok la I am just speculating I don't know how businesses work, maybe you can forceful takeover or whatever thing it is)

But at the moment, it feels a little too late for that if the deadline given is what…28 Feb?

Also, idk how come they cannot just leave the app up and let it die naturally. Why shut it down?

Aiya, but what do I know right?

I'm just one user…

If dayre stays, yay!

Thank you to all the people who've helped to keep it.

But if not, we got to move on too.

Btw, I really do like @charlottewangwang 's initiative which is to post every day until Feb 28 which I think I might do as well.

Stressful, but you know what, for old time's sake la!

I've started writing on WordPress, as have quite a few others and I'm happy to see that we are making it work 🙂

Instead of hashtags, wordpress searching posts for keywords so if you'd like to # something you still can.

And if you're looking for dayreans, just search Dayre on your reader and you'll find some who've just moved over!

True to our old homely souls, we stayed in the entire day today and felt super happy.

Only time we went out was to buy ingredients for dinner haha.

The toomie (tenant roomie) came back today and we had dinner together and started talking about Dayre.

Seems like with SGBB, our chances of finding a rich guy to buy over Dayre might truly be coming true.

Hopefully it's new owner (if it exists) deserves this loyal pool of users! ♥️

I'm not sure whether to be annoyed or to be amused at how quickly the fundraiser started and how quickly they declared it's end.

But I see alot of people jumping over to #weblogit but guess what? It's not available on android and that's like the biggest problem la! 😅 (Sorry I love my Huawei)

I'm not sure where I'll move to if I will! But for now, IG and Facebook seems like a staple in my life. So follow me on IG if you wanna be a part of my future life ♥️

Can some rich person buy over Dayre? 😅

I think everyone is just rushing to move now, because they don't wanna be left behind, but I think that we still have some time and starting on a whole new platform isn't something that you should just….do?

Haha like the whole weblogit thing. Have you tried it enough to know that it's good? It doesn't even have an android app so who knows how frequently the platform will be maintained, bugs will be removed and updates will be released?

My pick? WordPress

Let me just start by saying, I've been blogging on WordPress for a long time, even before Dayre 😅

You can find me there @braintango too!

And here are some of my reasons why I'm probably gonna just move back.

I already see some of you on WordPress!!!

Am so happy to see familiar names there. 🍑🍑🍑

I promise you, even tho wordpress seems excessive for now, it takes decades to build a good site and you know one when you see one.

And wordpress is definitely well built!

A feed

Unlike blogs, wordpress is actually kind of like a social media platform. It comes with a news feed so you know what and when someone you follow updates!

You can also comment, like and chit chat!

I really like the feed feature. 😅

Also, you can see the number of people who liked and commented.

Which I find was a huge part of dayre!

You can post, and then stop, and then update it again

I think what people liked about Dayre was how you could post in chunks…so for example, you have an image, you update it and then add a caption and come back to it later.

Um…you can do it on WordPress too. You just start a post and update it as you go along!

No word limit, insert all the images you want, whenever you want.

Just create a new post…and publish it, even if it's not done yet.

Click on edit when you wanna add a new photo or text update…

And then you can update your post!

A solid mobile app and backing

Ok tbh, after Dayre and getting my life's work (ok la 1 year of posts) being trampled on and then thrown away like it's worth nothing (hello @blog, yes, thank you for the wonderful time, but throwing your users into the firepit is a huge dickmove)

I'm only going with apps that have a good long history and solid financial backing.

WordPress is one of them. They are used by businesses everywhere and they even have WordPress.org for big enough users that have their own servers…so….

They charge

Always feels safer when there's a solid money making plan behind the business right?

Sadly, wordpress only gives us 3gb of storage (which is quite a lot if you don't upload obscenely high Res images) but you can pay about $4 a month to up that 6gb and pay more for more storage.

I'm currently on the $4 a month plan and paid for it for a year! and also paid for themes previously hehe.

You can add links, type in chunks and…not add captions to photos

Which is something that should have been the basic functions of a microblogging app? 😅

But then again, yes, if you're looking forward to these, you will love wordpress. Haha I know I am la!

Replying to comments in a thread that makes logical sense is also possible and much easier,

Plus you can like comments. Sieve out likes and comments so you don't miss out comments.

Comments are also PENDING your approval so JERKS cannot leave asshole remarks on your posts 😅 unless you let them.

Woop! 🍊🍊

We just launched our last (I think?) collection for CNY and done and dusted with the ang gong gong designs!

We might have a mini Valentine piece coming up soon, coupled with some strapless ones that we're trying to squeeze out but the team is really working very hard so I'm just trying to let it be.

Pushing too hard breaks things and I'm not in the mood to have things break just before our cny holiday! 😅

One of the more unorthodox pieces we've launched for CNY / Valentine's is this Songbird Bralette!

Working with imported lace (French/Italian) is always so pricey and so so stressful cos you try to minimize wastage, but I always just like the experts do the job 😅

I can be very very naggy when I want things done a certain way, but I've learnt to control myself a lot more when it comes to #obc and running a team.

If you're working with someone because they have certain experties, then you got to trust them to do the best of their abilities.

I always find it so hard to let go because I'm such a huge control freak, but I'm learning!

And I hope that one day I will be better at managing others and myself. 😊

Today, a customer also messaged us on Instagram to let us know that under the influence of her friend, who insists that Brand X has better bralettes than #obc (even though said friend has never tried a bralette from us 😐) bought a >$60 bralette from said brand to try.

She had high hopes for it, because they recently branched out into plus sized bralettes, but apparently, it still didn't feel as sturdy and as well made as ours.

I don't usually like to compare, or share such messages,

But sometimes it really feels nice to be appreciated once in awhile.

We have been constantly improving on our designs and I dare say that we might have some of the best coverage bralettes in town, even tho some girls are a little shocked when they pick up our bralettes and the cups look like they are as big as their faces.

Again, we're hardwired into appreciating mini sized things. Miniature clothes, underwear. So much so that big sized stuff sometimes look extremely vulgar.

But I also dare say that when you put our bralettes on, we will shock you with comfort, coverage and a promise to pay attention not only to aesthetics, but always to practicality and your well-being first.


I sometimes feel like we can do better in terms of aesthetics, or how we choose to show our designs to the world,

But if I have the time now, I'd still dedicate it to customer support and product development.

Marketing is up on my list, but aesthetic appeal isn't. My job to make good feeling and good looking bralettes.

Making them look better on your screens than they look irl isn't my priority, so…sorry lah, you got to bear with my kind of aesthetic 😅

The Effort To Be Effortless

Since I'm already posting, I thought I'd just share about some of my thoughts this evening. Something that I've been reminding myself about and something I'd constantly want to keep in mind.

A long time ago, Daniel and I used to keep fit and healthy by running around my estate.

We'd gear up, exercise rights and running shoes, and start off on the rough tarred roads outside my house, making a pit stop at the nearest neighbourhood mall about 2km away, then making a trip back home.

Every time we neared the mall, we would pass by a bus stop and every time we did, I would make sure I held my breath so I didn't pant as much, and jogged as if I've been jogging for the past 100 years

Basically, I would put up a strong front and pretend that jogging, to me, was effortless.

Then, on one occasion, while doing up the whole show for my supportive crowd at the bus stop, whom I sure didn't give a rat's ass about me and my graceful running,

I fell.

I fell on my knees right in front of the bus stop and right in front of the strangers I were trying to impress.


It was hilarious. An old uncle even asked if I was ok and needed to go to the clinic 😐

Daniel, the non-teamplayer, had already ran in front of me and only noticed I fell when he turned around and I was still kneeling on the floor.

He asked if I was ok worriedly and even then, I tried to pretend that I was ok, even tho, there were two huge holes in my tights and my skin was horribly shredded.

I think I posted about this before when it happened.

You wanna know what the moral of the story is?

The moral of the story is, sometimes, the more effortless it seems for someone to do something the more effort they put in behind the scenes.

I was just scrolling through Velda's IG today after the whole OSN saga and I was wondering how she's so gorgeous, but not the kind that tries really hard.

You know how like most IG famous people are gorgeous, but you know they really put in effort to look wonderful and beautiful? Like xiaxue, peishi etc.

But V?

She just pulls off that no make up, effortlessly gorgeous look, WHILE looking super down to earth and capable.

It's really quite sick how she looks amazing with makeup, amazing without, before the pregnancy weight gain, after the pregnancy weight gain, right before delivery and right after as well.

And as someone who sucks at the whole IG game and ~aesthetic~ life, I just wonder if the effortless thing is truly effortless for her.

Someone else that I feel does this effortless thing very well is sherlynchanwp.

I first knew about her because Daniel was researching the house Reno and mentioned she has a nice place on Dayre. (btw Daniel is the more ~aesthetic~ and hipster person)

She really does the whole IG husband, IG home, IG life thing very well.

Even if it's just the 2 of them at home cooking a meal, they will still have perfect candid photos of both of them in the frame, laughing and posing while stirring pasta.

I on the other hand, will be wiping my sweat on my sleeve and cleaning sauce stains from my countertop and flour nuggets from my fingers

I always ALWAYS always look upon their perfect feeds, perfect photos and perfect lives with SO MUCH ENVY, because it always seems so easy for them.

So effortless.

Wanna look good in a picture? Just throw on some clothes and snap.

Don't even bother with make up and oh? Glasses? They just give that cute nerd hipster look anyway.

I on the other hand, look like smeagle being pulled out of his cave in the morning.

But the thing is, I don't think it's effortless to look so effortless at all.

In fact, when I think about how to recreate the shots logistically speaking, I shudder about how much trouble they've gone through just for it.

Setting up the tripod, setting up the camera, adjusting the angle, the lighting, the focus, the poses, the self timer, the smiles and the laughter.

Then comes post processing, setting up the laptop, transferring files, editing, cropping, posting.

Wah, thinking about it just makes me super tired.

I know people say that IG just puts up an unrealistic picture of what someone's life is like. And so many have stepped up to say that behind those pictures their life is a wreck,

But as someone who sees the pictures and doesn't create them,

It conjures up an image of someone we can never become and something we can never achieve.

And that's dangerous. Because nobody, not even the effortless goddess you see encapsulated in those perfect squares, is that effortlesss.

In other news…

These babies just came into my life!

In a previous post, I talked about trying out some mules cos uh, I realised there are some designs that are really not bad.

And this is one of the designs I picked! Real leather and I LUVVEM!!!

So bright and cheery!

Eeyer, it's so ridiculously happy looking I cannot!

I especially love the woven straps!

Close ups of the woven looking straps!

I'm really quite impressed cos usually the straps are not so well and perfectly put together and start fraying from the very get go,

But these ones are sturdy and gorg! My mum damn naughty she tried them on and asked me to buy one pair for her already 😅

Helps that it is genuine leather and she has a thing for shoes 😅

Hello you all very naughty leh. Link to the mules is in this post! @braintango:190118


My only peeve is that they came with this weird brand 😅😅😅 but you know what, for 30sgd I can live with it.

The leather is a little too smooth so it creases slightly but I generally find it SUPER COMFY and soft and buttery.

Eh hehe.

They make my feet look so happy ♥️

You can see the slight creasing on the leather already which I'm…so so about (same thing happened with my Emma Yao wallet and bag!) But ok la.

It's a tiny bit short for me 😅 but my mother wants to steal it forself alr.

I'm convinced it will fit well once the leather is stretched hehe.

Also has a tiny tiny bit of heel!

The underside.

I think the grip is not too bad for a pair of pretty shoes!

Hehe you can also see that I got 40 which is the biggest size 😅 I have big feet!

We've been really busy rushing out all the CNY orders and packing fortune boxes is always something that makes me so happy, but so sad at the same time.

Sad because the trial designs we made didn't make it to the final rack and sad because if I were my own customer and I received our fortune box, I'd be mad happy, but now I don't have the chance to experience that organic happiness anymore 😅😅

But yes! They still make me happy!

There are some really really nice pieces in the fortune box, and sometimes I get so sad that they are put into a box and sold at such a low price.

But I think of how happy the recipients are and I feel slightly better hahahahaha. Slightly! But still better.

I cannot get over the business woman kiamsiapness 😅😅

Hehe also quite pleased with how the boxes turned out!

I cannot believe I went with millenial pink instead of OBC yellow 😅 disappointed with myself 😅

But they seem popular enough!

Hey guys!

I'm back from our 2 day, 9 hour flea and I'm a little zombified cos we went straight back to work.

My sleep has been so disrupted during the weekends cos the bedsheets/bed in our new home is dusty from the days of moving etc so my sensitive eyes and nose cannot stop running and itching.

I've eaten more antihistamines this weekend than in the past month! I pop 5 before I sleep and another 3 before I wake up 😭

I started with just 2 but then it didn't work at all 😵

Btw! I'd also just like to say that…

My shopee account is back!

So there were some dingdongs and now I have my account back 😅

I think some girls didn't manage to complete the bank transfer so some of the facial cleanser slots are still open (last time I checked there were 3)

So you can go check it out if you are interested!

I've been thinking of sharing and coming up with one item I find each month.

Things I truly loved and found super useful, like the pyjamas last month and the facial cleanser this month!

Could be fun to do since I spend my free time trying out loads of stuff haha. I personally find it super satisfying to find things that work and are also pretty affordable. 😅

In other news…

The first batch of strapless babies came in yesterday and they are drop dead gorgeous?

The blue turned out even better than I expected and the matching detachable shoulder straps we had dyed add a perfect match. 😭

The bralette looks huge before you put them on, but once they are on, they provide the best coverage and support.

We also dyed the anti slip at the top band to match so the whole piece just looks amazing 😭

The Anniversary Strapless Bralette

I am seriously so in love with this, it's so well made and it fits so well (even lightly padded with a consistent one piece padding instead of removable ones) and is so sturdy, and well made.

I gave the team that made this a tiny bonus because, it is seriously, so much effort. You have your usual cool lycra lining and a peekaboo top and a ruffled band trimming.

I've been wearing the old yellow one I got from when we started testing the samples and prototypes.

And I'm still reaching out for them 😅 it's either that or the cutlets which I ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ so much too.

Aiya I'm just in love. It's been a pretty great 2018 for us so far and I'm just counting all my blessings.

They also come with matching detachable straps (wait, did I say that already) so they are more versatile.

As the name states, this is called the anniversary bralette because….we're celebrating our first anniversary and what better way to celebrate than with our first strapless right!

So these are available in blue and yellow. Yellow cos it's our brand colour! And we've never had a yellow one before. 😅

But! The nude/maroon paring is already in the making and so is classic black. ♥️

Here's one with the shoulder straps!

The thing is, when the first sample was made, I was shocked at how huge the bralette looked when I saw it.

But when I put it on it actually fits well and it fits great. Coverage, and it looks good too.

And then I realise that small sized things look aesthetically more pleasing…like baby clothes, and why when you do flatlays you choose XS instead of XL.

Maybe that's why strapless bralettes/cropped tops always look so small.

They also end up providing not enough support and coverage 😅

Specially had these anti slip bands put in and we use only the best so they don't shrivel up and curl into dried up scalloped wings 😅

Btw these anti slip bands really help! For the anniversary bralette, it holds up well even without the band, but with the anti slip it doesn't even budge or move.

The only gripe is that we chose a lace that isn't super stretchy (for better hold) so it's a little bit less flexible and easier to pull over the shoulders. But still ok!

The ruffles get to me every time haha. I love it.

We were discussing whether to add the ruffles cos it might be a little oestentatious. But I was like…it's our anniversary leh!!! Must be SHEEBABOOM


I also love how the padding and lining forms a little sweetheart design and then there's a lace on top of it!

Perfect for layering under the low cut outfits as well (tho I generally like it low cut hehe)

Aiya 😑 I just love it.

The back is completely unlined and sheer, so it doesn't get so warm (I'm really not used to padding it makes me feel so warm!)

The same ruffles can be seen on the back and it goes all the way round the bralette!

Bottom band isn't elasticised and is slightly looser so you don't feel so uncomfortable but because of the anti slip and the top band, the bralette feels secure and sturdy.

We have really limited quantities of this because we rushed out the first batch for cny (😭) so I will most probably have to give the first dibs to the girls in our #obchicks group.

But don't worry! We've already secured ample stock for the lace and will be producing this in more colours so it will definitely be available online as a staple!

Will share purchase details soon! So do stay tuned!

Just took some product photos and…this piece is really, a total, babe. ♥️


I'm opening a spree again 😂

Daniel says my backside is very itchy cos the last pyjama spree went a little above the amount I wanted to take in 😂

But because I want to get a few sets of the BB facial cleanser for my girlfriends as gifts, I thought I'd open a spree la.

Sensitive air shipping for products with batteries is quite expensive so I thought I would just take in a few more orders to spread out the shipping 😂

I was just talking to @gilliansng about lightening acne scars the other day cos I was so so so frustrated that the spots on my left cheek have been there for like the longest time. 😭

There was a period of time that I kept getting cystic acne on the cheek and it just NEVER GOT BETTER. I even spoke to @sweetpea for help and religiously used Tea Tree Oil to calm those cystics down but they kept coming back.

Plus, I kept getting pimples on my right cheek but they recovered damn quickly and the scars would just go off by themselves.

But the left cheek.

Dear god.

The scars just wouldn't go away 😭

This was taken during October last year and…can you see the horrific brown dot on my cheek?

It was really just very very dark and very big.

I was sad. Even my usual holy grail of bio oil every night didn't work 😭

Not even one bit.

Omg nice lashes,

But wah, look at that scar.

By this time it wasn't even pimples anymore. It was just scarring badly. 😭

I'm not naked ok, I'm just wearing an off shoulder haha.

This photo….depresses me.

Btw, I wanna say that I KNOW that I am still beautiful with or without the scars on my face,

I just didn't like it there cos I feel like I didn't take care of my skin cos when I have cystic acne, I'd squeeze and scratch and try to get all the gunk out and I think that was how my skin got so damaged and the scars got so dark and long lasting.

I'd legit try to break my skin to get the gunk out of the raised bump of acne 😑

Scrolling through my camera feed, I've also realised how the amount of selfies I took lessened because I was so upset with the brown splotches turning up and making me sad.

I legit didn't have any selfies between Dec to Jan (except my wedding ones) cos even with my amateur make up and concealer, the brown shadows still showed.


Even with professional make up, you could still see the little bit of shadowing on my left cheek.


I thought, this is it la. The brown spots and me are gonna be friends forever.

But this is how they look like today!

No filter, no beauty mode, no make up and uh I took this when I just woke up.

They are still there for sure, but I think they are lightening up quite well? Idk la.

Btw because I am so cheapo and refused to spend money on any products (also cos idk where to start 😑 so many scientific stuff to read up on!)

So I just stuck to my usual bio oil. For a period of time I gave up on it cos…it didn't work.

The only thing I changed was adding the facial cleanser to my routine.

I think maybe it helped to exfoliate the surface skin cells or whatever. Or may the scar was made darker cos I never wash my face clean enough (LOL)

But, on the first day I used it, I already told Adele and Daniel that I felt like my skin was instantly brighter and like the scars were lighter la.

Maybe placebo effect. But who knows!

I just wanna say that I really tested this for damn long before doing a thorough review but I really love this darn machine.

I've been reading a lot about the iuiga ones! That are quite popular here on #dayrebeauty also, but apparently that one vibrates 8k times a minute and the blingbelle vibrates 120k times a minute 😂😂

Idk how true la. But just nice I used this and it works so I'll stick to it!

Anyway if you wanna get one, I put it up on Shopee! Under my account also la 😂

I'm getting some for my friends and helping a few others to buy so why not lor.

It's really quite good la. I haven't charged since I got it and I've been using it 2-3 times daily (and Daniel also uses it) so I'm really quite impressed.

Haha, even got the toothbrush wts.

Lol you girls are darn fast!

Just opened the spree and already got notifications from shopee 😂 I don't really like using shopee very much as a merchant (I still shop on it alot) but it's convenient so….😂

Hehe I just used it to wash my face cos I'm headed to OHVOLA to do a restock (lol go to town must wash face 😂) and I wanted to take a video of how I use it but uh I'm damn clumsy and rushing for time so I didn't!

But here's how it looks like from real photos taken by me la! There's a furry top portion and a dashed raised bump bottom portion for massaging.

I don't really use the massage portion cos I'm very chop chop curry pok when I bathe but sometimes when my eyes are damn itchy I use it

Just lightly put on my eyes and let it vibrate for like 5 seconds. Lol.

DK if it helps but you know what, it makes me feel better 😂

My skin feels much cleaner and smoother (legit got difference) after washing.

The difference is so huge that once I left the cleanser at my new house and forgot to bring it make to my maiden home and I got damn sad.

I drove back in the middle of the night just to get it. 😑

I tried to tahan one day but then I couldn't stand it anymore.

Phew, just back from restocking at OHVOLA and came back with 2 gorgeous pieces????

Thank you la @smudgesticks and OHVOLA. So sweet to boring ol chow 😂 I didn't even put on make up to go to town cos…..#notime

Discount code

@sillyblurme found a discount code for shopee if you're joining the spree for the facial cleansers. It's 2018trend and 20% off I think! Capped at $5!

Idk if you'll be able to cancel your orders and place them again, but you can try! Sorry for the late information 😭

Btw! I wanted to add that I did notice that after 1 week of using I had 2-3 tiny little bumps on my LEFT CHEEK (again omg wtf) which might be what someone mentioned as a detox cos the cleaning is so intense.

But the pimples all damn manageable not the cystic kind and went away in 1-2 days.

Idk if it will happen for you, so please don't think it's some super tool or something cos I am not a skincare pro! It just works for me la! And some others who've bought it when I shared the link 🙂


I'm damn efficient! I picked up Joey's parcel just now and I came home to try and take pictures already!

Btw, OHVOLA is very nice to give me clothes to wear, but these opinions are my own hor! #sponsored

Firstly, the last time I chose stuff for myself from the website…I couldn't fit 2 out of the 3 pieces 😂

Ok I could fit 2 la but one was like so weird looking maybe cos it was designed for smaller ladies.

I kept one! Which I will share here also!

But Joey obv knows me well.

Cos this time she picked 2 for me and both fit and look gr8.


Thanks love, you know my body better than I know myself 😂

The Sherbet Fleur Backless Playsuit

This is the first one Joey picked for me cos it's backless and I've been wearing so many backless stuff ever since the cutlets!

Can I just be very very very honest that the reason I'm saying yes to this sponsored outfits is because I'm working with OHVOLA professionally and OBC's stuff are there on their racks hehe.

But that aside, I also wanted to show that PPGs can buy from local blogshops also.

The last time I purchased from a local brand (blogshop grown) was Love Bonito for my brother's wedding cos I needed a dress last minute.

I splurged on 2 and never wore them again cos they were an XL size but I think I needed an XXL but I squeezed myself inside.

Almost exploded, looked fabulous that night then never wore the dresses again.

I've tried clothes from other brands but they never fit me well and the first try with OHVOLA was disappointing also.

I really felt sad trying on.

Cos I felt like I was so ugly in the clothes. And I couldn't fit.

But with these that Joey picked for me, I'm happier!

(Tbh I wouldn't pay $60 for this on a normal day, but if I needed a nice fancy dress for an event and I couldn't Taobao, then yes. I would buy it. Especially after I tried it 😅)

Hehehehe I like it.

I never pulled off high collared outfits cos my boobs are big and the excess fabric always makes me look like a toad that sucked in too much air.

But this one is actually really flattering!

The size and length and everything fits well and the fabric is firm and sturdy. Confirm not like the Taobao rompers I love but know is of shit quality 😅

Just look at those sleeves? And the perfect length for the shorts?

And the open back?

Thank you heavens for giving me the chicken cutlet bralette so I can wear these outfits.

Ok you know what? If I tried this on in store, I would actually pay for it.

It's really……….berry gorgeous? Idk. I have owned such open backed dresses before but they've never been this flattering.

They usually make my back look damn huge cos it's exposed and then the front look damn poofy. But this one doesn't!

I am already thinking of an excuse to wear this 😅

$64.90 is really one of the pricier pieces they have in store. I think I will think about it for 5 days then buy it 😅

Btw can you see that I left the tag on? Cos I was scared I wouldn't like it then I would return it.

Don't waste ma!

Check out how huge the sleeves are 😅

I love doing these sleeved shots cos they are so fun! I love big sleeves.

I feel like I can hide a bun inside and nobody will know. Emergency food!

Btw this is my favourite piece out of the 3 I received!

Olivia Ruffles Off Shoulder Dress

Second piece Joey picked out for me! It's super cute and flowery and the price is easier on the stomach this time round haha.

I like the little ruffles at the hem and off shoulder la. Joey knows my style cos she reads all my Taobao hauls 😅

I'm not a model la, but this piece is surprisingly so fun to wear!

I'm thinking of whether to wear this to the flea this weekend haha. I need to dress up for fleas cos I think if I saw myself barefaced, I also wouldn't wanna buy anything from myself 😅

Close ups!

Haha it's wrinkly cos I didn't iron it 😅 but the material is not bad!

High stretch too so it doesn't feel like imma explode 😅

Ok last photo of myself in this dress 😅

Hehe what the why are all these pieces so flattering?

I like it!

Malone Drop Hem Dress

This was the dress I eyed the first time Joey told me to take a pick 😅

I'm still attracted to midi drop hem dresses la! And this one looks so yum!

It's actually a little like denim material and I like the little detailing at the hem that's different from the usual!

I've worn this about 7, 8 times since I got this!

Even wore it to the previous flea 😅 the material is thick and sturdy with a slight stretch.

I don't like how it changes colour when wet (most fabrics darken when wet and this one also!) Cos I sweat alot at fleas and uh it's obvious 😅😅

But cos the material is thicker it does make it harder to show sweat stains la.

So I approve.

Wts. I'm judging a dress by how sweat proof it is 😵


Ran out of slots for this yesterday, but I've opened a few more slots today.

These will be the last slots ok! No more then need to wait for a long time already haha. So please if you want it, go get it from shopee (my username is braintango) with the code 2018TREND!

Some girls commented on their experience with it below in the comments and so far it's been great! You can ask them about skin type if you want to! 😍

Back to ohvola….

It has a crossback design with adjustable shoulder straps!

I still find that the cutting is a little high in terms of neckline (I prefer something with lower neckline probably because I have a very long collar area 😅)

But it's comfy enough to wear! I wore it with the OBC cutlets la cos lazy to find a matching bralette. The Strappy bralettes go very well with the V necklines!


Hehe. I quite how the cross back makes the front look a little more halter like!

Hehe my fav part of this which is the hem!

It has a rugged kind of look which makes it look less feminine, more edgey.

Which is rare for this kind of drop waist hem dresses! Plus the denim like material really makes this look more masculine and edgey.

I tend to wear it for work when I need to move a lot cos midi length gives me a lot of freedom when I squat or whatever.

Wore it to restock at OHVOLA yesterday hehe.

Btw! You can score a $5 voucher for OHVOLA if you post a review or any try ons here on Dayre! Just gotta screenshot and send them an email and you'll receive a voucher!

So awesome right? Hehe. I would totally do it cos I wanna save money 😍

Spree updates!

Last I checked, the slots for the BB cleanser spree are full, but sometimes some girls will not complete their bank transfer and there will be some extra stock released so you can keep a lookout!

Uh, but idk why shopee has decided to limit/suspend my account (maybe cos some cancelled to use the discount code 😅) but I'm sorting stuff out with them now!

Will keep you girls updated!