BKK Day 3: Siam Aquarium

Starting off day 3 with an OOTD that actually has my face in it because haha, Joey dropped off this wonderful dress from Ohvola for me, on the morning I was leaving for BKK!

Saved this dress for Aquarium day cos I wanted to be in ~theme~ with the ocean. 😅

I really quite like this dress! Apart from the fabric being a little warm because it is thicccccc, it’s actually really wonderful!

Also lined, so when you sweat, it doesn’t show up on the fabric. I give 2 thumbs up!

Every morning, I start off the day by baby sitting this little one while his parents are out gallavanting.

He makes me so freaking mad sometimes, but he’s also super cute so I’m honestly, abit schizo about this whole thing.

Is this how parenting is like all the time? 😅

We also hobbled over to Siam Paragon for After You because we needed to match baby’s nap time so he would be awake when we went to the aquarium.

I’m no longer blown away by the desserts at After You because I’ve never had a sweet tooth to start, and it seems like their standard has been dropping?

The toasts used to be ccccrispy but now they are just soaked in butter and soggy soggy.

We had 2 tho, because my SIL is a huge dessert monster. I finally got to try the cheddar cheese one and it was not bad!

I’ve always been a fan of salty and sweet combis so this one really worked for me!

Sad thing tho, after this, Husband Ng and Brother Chow both got indigestion and diarrhea, which I suspect is the result of having so much milk fats and oils in one sitting.

Ice cream, cheese, fried toast?????? Damn. Bad for health number 1!

After baby woke from his nap, we went to the Aquarium near 5pm! Time really just disappears when you have a kid.

I’ve always been amazed by how they squeezed a full sized aquarium under a huge shopping complex and man I was really impressed.

The exhibits were really not bad and extensive in their coverage, even tho in scale it was smaller.

They also had 2 storey viewing tanks like in the SEA Aquarium in Singapore, but it wasn’t so wide. The selection of sharks tho!!!!!! Omg I was so amazed!

But it was a little older so it really reminded me of the defunct Underwater World which I really enjoyed ♥️



They put him in the smallest life jacket, but he was still too small for it. So when YY carried him, he slipped out of the arm hole 😅

Inter again

By this time, my brother and husband are experiencing mild diarrhea.

But my brother more jialat la cos he was vomitting also. But dude insisted to MUST eat at Inter again, so we went back!

My favourite “Tum Sua!” which is like super sized version of the regular papaya salad. ♥️♥️♥️

I usually eat 2 plates of this if I’m not eating any mains haha. There’s rice noodles inside as well!

Something new I tried this time round…rice noodles with hot curry. I’d expected the curry to contain some veggie or meat but uh. It’s really just curry sauce.

Perfect for me la! Cos I love the curry here and I love carbs and usually don’t touch the meats in curry 😅

Best fried chicken wings, also very easy to eat cos they split up the two bones

My favourite Pad Thai!

And Tom yam soup. Tbh the tomyam isn’t fantastic here, but it’s still pretty good!

Simple fried rice with Veggies which was 10/10 💛

We were supposed to go to a night market but ended back in the hotel completely pooped 😅

Daniel says he’s never been so tired doing so little, but you know what, it’s still fun in its own weird way!