New Beginnings


Greetings from the office. While waiting for work to end at 530pm, there are a bunch of wordpress sites loading on my desktop and a myraid of thoughts buzzing through my head.

For one, I definitely need to bring my own stash of black coffee tomorrow before I fall face flat onto my desk after the attack of sleeping gas that is lunch and a brolly to protect me from the sun when I walk to Changi City Point.

Work has been interesting. Phoned up Singtel thrice today, Starhub twice. The internet is so painfully slow, I feel like I’m killing myself with a butter knife whenever I try to load a webpage or send out an email. But otherwise, things are pretty interesting and I just learnt how to scan 100 pages of receipts and claims in under 30 minutes.

I am really sleepy now despite having stolen half a pack of coffee and this is the only reason this post exists.

Ciao from an office lady glued to her chair.