Visible Not

I can almost feel it before a friendship sours. Almost as though there were alert signals beeping at maximum volume trying to get me to do something about it before the relationship breaks down. More often than not, I ask myself if I’m the problem. If I possess such a repulsive character that my friends scurry away from me after they discover my flaws. Sometimes, you just cannot help it when what used to be sheepish but adoring remarks become insanely annoying and irritating and everything else said just becomes a spark for disaster. We used to be great friends, but now? I don’t even know any more. Perhaps not seeing each other for a while would be the best remedy for the situation right now.

On a lighter note, university replies have proven to positive so far, and I cross my fingers in hope that the rest will be as optimistic as well. Oh, and the interview I talked about the previous time? Totally blew it. Not that I wasn’t eloquent enough or that my balancing acts were a disaster, but the hours were long and the pay unsatisfactory. Maybe it was quite a good job, but I set too high a standard for the F&B industry. Whatever the case, my mother prefers me to waste my life away gallivanting with my friends or being cooped up at home. But well, there’s always a balance in life right? Perhaps my loss in work is paving my success in education. Ok, who am I kidding man.

I also successfully survived Valentine’s, which was an extremely hectic but really fun day. Hired by my brother to cook up a storm at his house for Valentine’s, so I dragged Gui and Jem along to be my assistants. I thoroughly underestimated the pains of a restaurant owner. From table placements to ingredient chopping, cooking and dessert making, I am really glad I have such awesome friends. In the end, the mission turned out a success and both my brother and his wife were pleased by our professionalism. Gorgeous table set up (in photo) by Gui, delicious mussels and an amazing Tiramisu dessert made by Jeremy. I guess Valentine’s isn’t all about spending it with a significant other, but rather making the day better for others as well right? Nah. Left the couple after they came home and headed down to Clarke Quay for a night of relaxation and drinks with some other single people and got sucked into the vortex of Bar Cocoon,  or what the others would term as The Foribidden City. I say if you’re not interested in their signature cocktails and the giant Terracottas freakishly gracing the club, don’t go there. Drinks were expensive and while waiting for the crowd to get in (granted there wasn’t going to be that much of a crowd considering the fact that it was a Tuesday), we were so bored. Service at the door sucked as well, as we were greeted by glum faces and condescending tones, also didn’t help that they proceeded to check our IDs. Shifted to Shuffle shortly because we were hungry and someone requested for Mandopop. The live band wasn’t so bad, and food wasn’t expensive, drinks were great too, considering the fact that they had a tap with the Eiffel Tower on top of it.

Sigh, life is always great until you think of how much it costs to have a good life. The irony.