Of Anons, Baos and New Shoes

Last night, before I went to bed at a very teenager timing of 2am, I made a huge mistake of idling and scrolling through Dayre.

Because, through the community page, I saw that someone who follows me (and whom I follow back) had liked a post with a weird title.

And so, I went to click on that post.

Worst decision ever.

Or maybe best, considering how reading her post gave me the final push I needed to delete Dayre and remove it from that sweet spot on my phone and replacing it with a work related app.

So now every time I reflexively open the app placed in the spot, I’m reminded that less Dayre, more work which might be a good motto to follow in 2018 (hello! CNY not here yet means it’s not too late for new year resolutions!)

The Power of Anonymity

Anyway, back to the post.

Basically it contained alot of identifying (owner of OBC, and even calling my family name, chow!)

And a lot of name calling (scheming businesswoman, shameless, and even attacking my body positivity angle as well as my poor poor flabby belly).

All because I said I wasn’t sad Dayre was closing down. And because I didn’t give back to Dayre when it gave me so much.

I thought I’d lose sleep after reading the post because it’s mean, she identified me on social media and called me names and spread lies.

But in the end, I fell asleep within minutes of my head hitting the pillow and didn’t wake up till morning light streamed in and my husband sprayed my facial mist on my face 😂

Good job chow!

Sorry, you tried.

I know you tried to rile me up behind your account of anonymity and who knows, you might be lurking on WordPress as someone else, but you know what.

Thank you!

Thank you for reminding me that the fear of cyber bullying is real and that I need to do my part in stopping the name and shame movement.

And also, for reinforcing the fact that despite having a wonderful community, Dayre is also filled with drama and people who like to go back and forth on their opinions and also…name shame.

Anyway, let’s get back to more important things…

Like my favourite bao!

I got mine from Giant so if you’re interested you can try too! It’s got this very exquisite mushroomy taste from the vegetables that frankly is my kryptonite.

I love it. And I want to buy 100 packs of these to keep in my fridge!

Oh and btw! If you’re a home owner, please consider getting this Hitachi multi use oven and microwave thing.

It steams, grills, ovens and microwaves all in one. Really saves alot of space in your kitchen!

New Mules!

Look what came in the mail today! My new mules!

I ordered them the same time as the other yellow pair I got, but these came a little later cos the seller was being a weirdo.

The little wavy details name up for the fact that the thread used is white and that the brand name is ridiculous 😅

But you know what, they are beautiful when worn so I give them a 9/10 rating.

I really like these shoes! Although my mum says they make her look like a witch 😅

Yes she’s been stealing my shoes to wear!


Link to shoes here~