Who am I?


A stunning blend of imagination, wit and sarcasm — with an unabashed love for romance. I’m a writer (or wannabe) hailing from the sunny islands with Singapore where the seasons vary between scorching hot and suffocatingly wet.

With hopefully enough experience in the real world to tackle on editorial conquests like a dwarf hiding beneath shiny armour, I write for Poached Mag, CATALOG and RøMP.

Sometimes words fail me and instead of resorting to clawing at my laptop screen like a cat deprived of its favourite toy, I resort to the digital equivalent of striking pen on paper and whip out my Wacom Bamboo instead. Illustrating isn’t my forte, but it brings me unrivalled joy so The Little Great Realizations was created to document the whimsical nature of my thoughts and epiphanies.

Bitter about the successes of others and then subsequently developing an inferior complex that’ll give Piglet a run for his money, I conclude that I’m only human.

A human that can be contacted via email, facebook, twitter, tumblr and instagram. If you have an insatiable curiosity that only can be fulfilled when I answer your million and four questions, ask me one on ask.fm.

One thought on “Who am I?

  1. Hi chow, I have been reading ur blog since dayre days and know u r a pro at Taobao.. I’m also looking at importing some furnitures from Taobao for my new home, and was wondering if I can get some advice from u regarding shipping? I’m trying to figure out how to do sea shipping and which shipper to use…. Will be great to hear from u! Thanks in advance and hope u r feeling better! 🙂

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